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Nigeria is a better nation with Ndigbo, says Gowon


GowonFORMER Head of State and founder of Nigeria Prays, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd) has said that, “Nigerians are better off with the Igbo.”

He made the assertion in his eulogy at the burial service of the late Chief Mrs. Chinyere Asika, wife of the former Sole Administrator of the defunct East Central State, Ajie Ukpabi Asika at the All Saints Anglican Cathedral, Onitsha Anambra State.

Just as Anambra State Governor, Chief Willie Obiano described the late Asika as a woman who exemplified the virtue of patience, charity and humility.

Gowon’s view was borne out of a deep appreciation of the commitment and sacrifice of Ukpabi Asika and his wife to the survival of Nigeria as one entity especially during the most difficult times of the nation’s history.

He recalled that when he proposed the position of sole administrator of East Central State, Asika told him, “I prefer to do this for the good of Igbo people.”

“I was struggling to get an administrator for the newly created East Central State when the name of the late Ukpabi Asika came up. He was then a lecturer at Ibadan. When we met, I do not know which one of us was younger. But he exuded strength of character and understanding, and wanted to start work immediately. Though I cautioned him to think about it. I told him, you must consult your brothers, and your wife who was there to know if you would accept, I was convinced that this is the man I needed,” Gowon stated.

“I did not know how to place his wife, Chinyere, but when she arrived from Kenya, she plunged head-on into the idea. She was a courageous woman, caring and humble. I remember her efforts in ‘Otu Olu Obodo’ – a public service initiative which she used as a tool of empowerment for her Igbo kinsmen and women.”

In the same vein, Governor Obiano told Asika’s children and family to imbibe the virtues of patience, charity and humility from the late Mrs. Asika, whilst urging the congregation and Ndi Anambra to remember “her good deeds and pray for the repose of her soul.”

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  • Support Mr President

    Onye ube ruru ya rachaa


    Seems like they have no clue why they went to War to bring Igbos back to live with them in the same Jungle.

    • James T

      God will forgive your bad belle and acid mouth. What has Yoruba got to do with this.



        • Bello Barriga

          Yes indeed, your thinking process is align
          with your name. Have a nice day.


            WHAT AN ARGUMENT.

        • James T

          Then let us hear your everything that you have against Yoruba now! That will really be very interesting.


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            Dr. Adeniran Abraham Ariyo MD called for the massacre of Igbos in Nigeria the way Nigerians are being killed in South Africa.

            Dr. Abraham Ariyo wrote on Facebook:

            “You see how they (the Igbos) are being slaughtered in South Africa. That’s what’s going to happen to them in Lagos…When are they (the Igbos) not going to be slaughtered in Abuja?…God might have put a curse on them (the Igbos)…We will continue to bus them (the Igbos) to Onitsha.” – Dr. Abraham Ariyo

            OBAFEMI AWOLOWO STARVED IGBO CHILDREN to death after OJUKWU bailed him out of Prison where Hausa /Fulani dumped him, came out and betrayed his rescuers

            Oba Of Lagos (Rilwan Akiolu) Threatens To Kill Igbos And …
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          • James T

            Aww! I can see that you are truly hurting, with those allegation you raked together against my tribe. Some of them may be true but most of them are not true – they are mere misquoted personal opinions – not as originally expressed though. Besides Igbo also have their own faults as they are not Angels. Besides; it will be interesting to let you know that I grew up with IGBOs and they are best of boyhood friends that I had then. They have beautiful hearts and I have never heard anything bad about Yorubas from their mouth. They were fully integrated to my culture as they bear Yoruba names such as Bunmi, Dele, Biodun and Dupe. You will never believe these People are not Yorubas, with those names. Hence it will be very difficult for me to have animosity against the Igbos – though like other human beings they are not perfect, but they are not bad either. And I believe in my own life time; an Igbo man will rule Nigeria as a President with full co-operations of Yoruba People. So try and move on from here Brother.

  • amador kester

    If so then lets integrate and rehabilitate them rather than degrade and marginalize them