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LSG to launch annual internship program



Liam, Sachwell and Galahad better known as “LSG” has shared its plans to kick off an annual internship and mentoring program for aspiring financial advisers, fund and investment managers. Informing our correspondent, CEO of LSG, Jordan Adler said this has become necessary to ensure that top talent and professionals are headhunted and recruited. He said a lot of people are interested in financial services, investment funding and asset management but do not know the first thing about the business.

“It has become imperative that we recruit and train top talent who will be millennium compliant and able to adapt with the changing times” Jordan said. He further reiterated that with this program LSG hopes to revive the culture of professionalism and financial responsibility in business in the upcoming generation.


Adler said beginning August 2021 LSG will begin a paid internship and mentoring program. He said this is aimed at helping young men/women who are passionate and interested in a career in the financial and investment sector to kick start their career. “Human investment is always better than material investment. You could buy 20 houses, but can only live in one at a time. But when you mentor people, they will in turn invest in others too thereby paying it forward”, he said.

Also this internship will be a paid one giving the participants the chance to earn income while helping them learn how to become financially responsible individuals.


Mr. Adler said the program, was initially slated to begin in November 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic it was postponed till 2021 so logistical challenges can be sorted out to ensure the safety of the interns before the program can kick off. He said, “with the rising rate of infections and deaths caused by covid 19 it wasn’t wise to start the program without making adequate arrangements to safeguard every intern”. He also pointed out they considered having the event virtually but cancelled the idea due to covid 19 because having remotely online will defeat the in person mentorship advantage of such initiatives.

Liam, Sachwell and Galahad aka “LSG” is a Financial Services, Asset Management & Portfolio Management firm, with headquarters in the British Virgin Islands and branches in Singapore and Brazil.


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