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Group seeks protection for women, children

By Guardian Nigeria
10 May 2022   |   5:37 pm
A group, Stand Up for Women Society, has called for the protection of women and children's rights as well as the scaling up of efforts at the inclusion of women in governance in the country.

A group, Stand Up for Women Society, has called for the protection of women and children’s rights as well as the scaling up of efforts at the inclusion of women in governance in the country.

The group’s National President, Mrs Deborah Ijadele Adetona, said women had contributed tremendously to the growth and development of the country and should be given significant opportunities in leadership positions.

Adetona, who bemoaned incessant violence in homes, said the group would continue to engage in the campaigns on gender-based violence against the women and children in Nigeria.

She spoke, yesterday, in Lagos to announce the group’s forthcoming national conference and summit tagged ‘Women in Leadership: Balancing societal obligation with marital and parental responsibilities,’ billed to hold on in June in Lagos.

She said: “We at Stand Up for Women Society are out to defend and advocate the rights of women. Women and children bear the brunt of violence and killings that are prevalent all over the country. We cannot fold our arms. We need to stand up and defend the cause by ourselves, to see that women, as well as children, are well-protected because we are a gender-based organisation that champions the responsibility, welfare and equality of the womenfolk. Our aim is to bring women up, empower them and defend their cause.”

While speaking on the importance of the theme, Adenota urged parents not to abandon their primary responsibilities of child building, stressing that the event would educate women on their role in the home front as well as in leadership.

She said, “The responsibility for raising children belongs to both parents. The truth is women have to play a big part. While we believe that we need to support our men in providing for the family, we shouldn’t neglect our own responsibilities. Our responsibility is to take care of the children.

“For women neglecting their primary assignment, the result is what we are seeing these days in this country. Women must not forget that we have a primary assignment to attend to in taking care of the home. A career should not be the barrier that will put our homes in shambles. When you are thinking of a career, you must look inwards and see that the home must be adequately cared for.”

Speaking on the consequences of abandoning family responsibilities, Adetona said:
“Part of the societal problem we have in the country today is because we abandoned our responsibilities to the young ones. The children we are bringing up today, you see what is now becoming of them. When you abandon children for the sake of your career or business, society bears the brunt.

“There is an adage that says that a child we fail to train will dispossess us of all our acquisitions. Some parents, both father and mother, do not know how their children are faring, and that’s part of the problem. When we don’t have time for them, they will want to fend for themselves and they will indulge in all kinds of unsavoury acts. Everything is not the fault of the government. Governments will play their own part; parents too have a role to play. When all is well with home, it will be well with the whole nation.

She urged the government to also stand up to his responsibilities by providing needed amenities to aid family development.

She said: “The government has failed us. Recently, I watched students on TV carrying placards urging the government to end the ASUU strike. Most of our children now are engaged in internet fraud due to bad governance.

“No good education, no protection, no security. The other time, I was kidnapped with my daughter and other people, we suffered a lot. Why then do we have a government? They should let us enjoy basic amenities.”

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