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Bishop Urges NASS, APC Leadership To Eschew Ego For Nigeria’s Sake




AS the leadership crisis in the National Assembly deepens, the Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos Mainland and Archbishop of the Province of Lagos, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), The Most Rev. Adebayo Dada Akinde has advised members of the 8th National Assembly and the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to exhibit humility and bring the situation to an end for the sake of the country.

In an interview with The Guardian, Akinde deplored the negative attitude of the lawmakers and called on them to show decorum in their dealings.

He said: “Nigerians, I am sure, are disturbed at the attitude of our legislators. We expect much better decorum from them. They need to appreciate the fact that they were not elected to serve their personal interests but rather national interest. The earlier they purge themselves of this egocentric attitude the better. We are fed up with politicians who believe in the take it or leave it attitude. If they are not prepared to serve the national interest, the Nigerian electorate will kick them out ultimately. They need to appreciate the responsibility on them to ensure that this nation is in peace and the serious issue of national development is addressed. The way they are getting on, they may not likely get much done.”

Akinde called on the legislators and the political parties to get their acts together and stop toying with the future of the country.

On the APC ’s face-off with the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Akinde noted: “Every politician has been elected on the platform of a party and there is need for the political parties to do their homework. Every political party has an agenda and whatever that agenda is the way they present and prosecute the agenda has to be decent. They must take into consideration the national interest and not their personal interests. Politics is not about personal interest but national interest. So, the party and the politicians need to get these things right.

“The National Chairman of the APC doesn’t have any locus standi to start sending instructions to the Senate and of course, the Senate officials must realise that they belong to a party and should seek the mandate of their party. The parties came out and presented their programmes to the Nigerian electorate. Now that they have gotten into power, they are not going to jettison all that and start this infighting. It is nauseating; it is offensive to the sensibility of an average Nigerian and they need to note that we cannot continue this way. They both need to correct themselves if not the Nigerian electorate knows what to do. But if they are not prepared to settle down to the serious issues of governance then let them do the honourable thing and get out. I don’t think the Nigerian electorate is afraid of going back to another set of elections.”

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