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Earth without biodiversity: What could have been the fate of man? (3)


Mr. Vice-Chancellor sir, Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope that within the limited time allotted to this lecture, I have been able to provide some insights to what biodiversity is and its contributions to man on the planet.

I have tried to elucidate the various contributions of biodiversity to the peaceful and harmonious existence of man on the planet. I have equally highlighted the contributions of biodiversity to the development of man in the areas of food, health care, shelter, communication, textile, recreation and tourism.

I have emphasized the importance of biodiversity to the shape and integrity of the earth and the implication of its irrational destruction on the planet.

I have also been able to elucidate my modest contribution to conservation of biodiversity in a sustainable basis to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable existence of man here on Earth.

Mr. Vice Chancellor sir, ladies and gentlemen the aim of this lecture is not to preach a non utilization of biodiversity at all but advocating its judicious and rational utilization on sustainable basis.

It is apparent that the evergreen forest is fast becoming savannah while the savannah is becoming desert. The ozone layer is being destroyed daily thereby exposing the earth to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and leading to the global warming.

Rainfall patterns have changed, crop do not bring out their fruits at the appointed time anymore, new and strange diseases are increasing.

Erosion and leaching are rapidly depleting the topsoil of its futility. Consequently, the ability of the soil to support food production and other biodiversity benefits to man is reducing.

Therefore, from the above, it is clear that the modern man is the most destructive of all races of man, and if not cautioned now, he may be heading seriously to self destruction.

Since earth is the only planet in the universe that can conveniently accommodate him now, and if he continues to destroy the biodiversity which is the source of his sustenance and existence on earth he is doomed.

Where else will he go? Mr. Vice Chancellor Sir, when we look back at the various contributions of biodiversity to the peaceful and harmonious existence of man on Earth.

What would have been the fate of man if this earth has been without biodiversity? How long can man live on earth without this very important biological entity? How would man have survived from diseases and other ailments? The answer is that life on earth cannot be possible for man.

Biodiversity is life without which no single man can survive the various demands of life. I therefore, wish to emphasize that rational utilization of biodiversity and careful planning of its sustainable renewal is the only way that can make life possible for man.

I submit therefore, that Earth without biodiversity on the planet would have been dull, lifeless, frustrating, uninteresting, shapeless, and impossible.

RECOMMENDATIONS The following are my recommendations; Government policies must be geared towards conservation and preservation of the natural resources at all times.

Conservation of natural resources should not be subjected to political considerations. Government should separate the implementation of conservation policies from political consideration.

In other words, changes in Government should not lead to changes in government policies. The forestry research institutes must be properly funded to encourage them to carry out their functions effectively.

Qualified personnel should be employed to carry out research on how to improve the forest resources. • CONCLUDED • Prof. Adeyemo is of Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State

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