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Why Buhari may not be President, by ex-don


A FORMER university lecturer, Dr. Abdullahi Yusuf Maikaba, has urged Gen. Muhammadu Buhari to drop his presidential ambition and give way to a new breed leader with national acceptance.

Maikaba, who was a staunch Buhari supporter, told journalists that it would take more than electoral reform for Buhari to win a presidential election in Nigeria, arguing that the former Head of State’s support base is sectional.

He said: “His support base is regional and of a partisan affiliation. Winning election in Nigeria is not child’s play. To be President, you need national acceptance and reach. It is not just a question of resources but useful contacts.

“Even when the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members rig votes, they at least field candidates with some national appeal. As long as Buhari is surrounded by The Buhari Organisation (TBO) members only, he will never become anything more than a former Head of State with a strong regional clout.

“His spread is thin and several groups outside the North who suspected his intentions, especially during his time as executive chairman of PTF, never supported him”.

Maikaba advised that rather than contest in the 2011 presidential election, Buhari should throw his weight behind Kano State Governor, Ibrahim Shekarau.

He added: “As governor, Shekarau has been exceptional. He is a presidential material any day. I am not from Kano but most people have been commending his developmental strides and frugality in resources management. He is acquiring more visibility, nationally and internationally.

“Buhari carries a heavy baggage which PDP propaganda machine will capitalise on but Shekarau comes clean as a younger, visionary person who can be trusted with power at the centre”.

He added: “I know it is a tough decision for the general to make, especially against the backdrop of highly ambitious persons who want to ride to fame and fortune on his back. But Gen. Buhari should make this important sacrifice for the love of the country.

“Shekarau is also his creation, in some ways, and he can take some credit for his rise to national power and from what is known to Shekarau, he will always have the humility to continue the General’s legacy”.

“Anything short of this will return PDP to power in 2011. The handwriting is on the wall”.

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