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Nightmare! Motorists lament abandoned roads at Oshodi-Apapa highway, Ilupeju bypass


The sharp edge linking the service lane to the main carriageway on Oshodi-Apapa expressway<br />

For weeks now, motorists plying the Oshodi-Apapa expressway en route Iyana-Isolo have been subjected to avoidable trauma occasioned by gridlock caused by a bad portion of the service lane between Iyana-Isolo and Five Star Bus Stop.
The sharp edge of the spot linking the service lane to the reconstructed highway in front of Rutam House, head-office of The Guardian newspaper, and at Toyota Bus Stop is also damaging vehicles and inflicting pains on road users.

Yesterday, the bad portions worsened on the route, causing severe gridlock. Motorists driving sedans and low vehicles were left gnashing their teeth as they maneuvered through the area to continue their journey to Oshodi/Airport Road.
Some have even started contemplating using alternative routes along Mushin road in the coming days to avoid losing tires to the bad spot.
A civil servant, whose place of work is not far from the spot, Layi Taiyelolu, described the situation as unfortunate. “One would expect that a busy highway of this magnitude would be free of any hitch to free ride. But little problems are not fixed until it becomes a major nightmare,” he said.
A roadside mechanic along the route, one Onyemechi, revealed that container-laden trucks fall regularly due to the poor road construction which has not been levelled to match the same height at the interchange leading to Airport Road.
“Few days ago, a container fell on a car at the same spot. The saving grace was that there was nobody inside the vehicle. This one now has been causing go-slow (sic), especially on market days. Also, the fact that there are no road signs has made motorists miss their way. The situation spoils vehicles and has made many not to ply this route again,” he said.
Another worried road user, Solomon Ajayi, said construction companies should be compelled when rehabilitating roads to make their projects safe for road users. “HiTech that is doing this road for Dangote has been nonchalant about the safety of motorists. They just mount their barriers without road markings or warning leading to confusion for drivers who are regular users of the route.
“Also, the spot where the service lane links the main carriageway is so high and sharp that it can pierce through tyres and puncture it. Something needs to be done, as these danger spots can’t be left unattended to until when the company finished the project. The pedestrian bridges on the airport road have been abandoned since Ambode left office and it is killing a lot of pedestrians making a quick dash across the expressway.”
The situation is the same at the Ilupeju bypass railway crossing where since August, tracks had been laid along the level crossing. The spot was left uncovered since then, causing gridlock and damage to users’ vehicles.
Last week, a motorist, Bola Olatunde, wrote: “I was on a bolt trip going home. While heading towards Ilupeju bypass, at the bad spot of the service lane, someone came out of the dark, dressed in black, I froze for a moment.
“He put his hand through the window. I wanted to scream because the driver wasn’t even looking in my direction, but my voice just couldn’t come out because I was so scared, wondering if he had a gun. I quickly moved from the back seat and held his hand.
“I prevented him from taking my driver’s phone. That jolted my driver, who immediately sped off not minding the damage to his car at the bad spot. Other drivers would not be so lucky, they would naturally slow down to navigate through the bypass and become victims of traffic robbers.”


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