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Not enough to give up


Text: Genesis 37: 1-9
There is virtually no place on earth, where there are no challenges. Those who are truly desirous of success must come face-to-face with difficulties at some point on their way to the top. The saying that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown remains valid until today. Take it or leave it, we must all pass through discouraging and disheartening phases of life, Job 14: 1. And if there is anything that we have to learn as believers, irrespective of how life is threatening us – it is knowing that no matter how rough and hard the time is, we have to stand strong and never give up.

Discouraging and disheartening phases of life are mere distractions; they do not have what it takes to bring us down. There is no force that has what it takes to truncate our destinies if we do not permit it. Standing firm and standing up is what is expected of us as believers. The scripture is filled with countless examples of those who did not give up, even when everything worked against them. They remained resolute and did not look back and at the end of the day, songs of victory emanated from them.


A very good example is Joseph, who, despite being sold into slavery, did not lose focus of his dream. As a slave, he was offered an unfortunate opportunity by his master’s wife, but he blatantly refused to yield to what the devil offered him and stayed put on God. His action cost him his place in his master’s house and landed him in prison; yet, he was not discouraged nor was he confused about where God was taking him. At the end, God made a way where there was none for him and he was made the Prime Minister in a foreign land. In the face of hopelessness, Joseph did not despair. Giving up was not enough for him to abandon his vision. He pursued his dream and ended up becoming great.

No matter how life is threatening you now, giving up should never be an option. I believe that you must have heard of the saying, ‘Quitters are losers.’ Whoever wants to make an impact in life should not look at what is happening to him, but should rather focus his attention on where he is going. The Bible says, ‘He who has begun a good thing in you, will surely perfect it,’ Philippians 1: 6. And don’t forget that ‘in all things God works for the good of those who love him,’ Romans 8: 28. On the face of the earth, you need to understand that it is not every pat on the back that is aimed at encouraging you, every smile does not mean friendship, and not all promises are fulfilled. All you must have at the back of your mind is – ‘I will remain resolute, no matter what, because what lies ahead or behind me are nothing to be compared with what lies inside of me.’ Brethren, no matter what it is, GIVING UP IS NOT ENOUGH. DON’T EVER GIVE UP, KEEP GOING! God bless you.


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