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Oby Aboyade-Cole (Angelo’s Dessert)


ObyYou are a lawyer and a dessert maker. You’re also a wife and mom of two children; do you have to be much disciplined in managing your time?

Yes, I have to be in order for one not to suffer the other. Most especially since my husband is not always around due to the nature of his job.

What is the best time of the day for you?

5am to 6.30am. When I’m exercising.

What have you found to be the motivations, inspirations and benefits for women that compensate for the extra stress and time crunch of combining work and family?

For me, the feeling of fulfillment I get when I see my children doing well and realize I’m not doing badly.

What is your definition of having it all?

Contentment. I am at peace and very content. I mean no one has it all but I have all I need so I’m fine.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever had? You make creating desserts/corporate job look so easy!

I remember one time where I arrived late to a ceremony because my driver had an accident and the main cake and some desserts were ruined. The client was so upset, I felt the ground should just open up and swallow me! In the end I had to refund the client’s money in full. The funny thing was my client later calmed down and bought some of the dessert off me! I was so crushed; I vowed not to take on another job again! I’ve come a long way since then though, I’ve learnt to take things in stride and have learnt that things can’t always go the right way!

If you could share one lesson on motherhood with us, what would it be?

As a mother, you need to know when to be firm and when to let go. But most importantly be your child’s mother first and then friend.

What kitchen gadget could you not live without?

My oven. Definitely my oven!!

When did you decide to become a dessert maker and what are you known for?

Well, to be honest, I was born into it. My father is a trained chef, just watching him and noticed the joy baking brought to him inspired a love of baking in me. So far I have trained over ten people, one of whom is currently in the United Kingdom making her daily earnings from this. I am best known for gourmet carrot, red velvet and chocolate cakes. Here in Ibadan, children call me

“Aunty Cake” while adults call me “Oby cake “.

How are you able to cope with juggling your day job and dessert making?

Well, I am a legal practitioner by day and dessert maker at night. I don’t take my annual leave all at once so when I have a big event to cater for, I can use those days to plan and prepare.

It is hard for women to combine 2 jobs and family life what has been the secret of your success?

I must say I’ve been truly blessed with huge support from my family really. My husband is my “chief taster” and the children bake too so they assist whenever they are around.

What’s your signature cake/dessert?

That would be my gourmet chocolate cake. It’s richer, darker and fluffier than any regular chocolate cake. You just have to try it!

With all you have going how do you get to stay fabulous?

I was born fabulous!! From my trainer assists me with my exercise. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits too.

How did you start Angelo’s desserts? And how has Ibadan embraced it?

I started in Lagos, then we moved to Ibadan because of my husband’s job. In Ibadan, it took a while before I eventually built a client base, because I was new to the environment. I got clients mostly on referrals after people tasted my work.

Do you offer your services only in Ibadan?

I offer services outside Ibadan, I’ve done jobs in Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Warri, Abuja and Kwara state.

How do people get to place their order? 

They can place an order via mobile phone, twitter: dessert maker@Angelosdessert or simply walk into Angelo’s Dessert shop Ibadan

How long have you been in the business for?

Well, it’s been on for 22yrs. I started in 1994 then moved to Ibadan in 1997 and started the business again in 1998. Then went back to school to study law, then law school.  The business was always there in the shadows while I did other things like raising a family, moving around with my husband for work and schooling!

Who are your favorite local and international designers?

For clothes I’d say “Extravaganza” and ‘’ODEVA’’. For shoes, I love “Faith” and “Manolos”. For bags, “Kate Spade” and “Lana Marks”.

What’s your favorite fashion accessory?

A nice pair of shoes.

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