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Oodua Youth group seeks healthy Yoruba Nation, cleans cities for Yuletide

By Eniola Daniel
20 December 2021   |   2:41 am
Ilana Ọmọ Oòdúà International Youth Wing has organised a community-building programme meant to clean up cities across eight Yoruba states for Yuletide.

Members of Oodua youth group during the cleanup exercise

Ilana Ọmọ Oòdúà International Youth Wing has organised a community-building programme meant to clean up cities across eight Yoruba states for Yuletide.
The exercise was part of its strategic mobilisation and progressive movement towards the re-orientation of young Yorubas on the need for self-preservation.     

The programme tagged Imototo ile Yoruba is the largest environmental community-based project by the Ilana Ọmọ Oòdúà International Youths to round off the year 2021 and took place across Osun, Lagos, Kogi, Kwara, Ekiti, Ondo, Oyo and Ogun.
According to the statement issued by the organisers and signed by its coordinator, Comrade Samuel Muyiwa the exercise was to create awareness for the need for a clean environment as a precursor to a healthy Yoruba Nation.
He stressed that the purpose of this programme was to inspire millions of Yoruba people across the world to love, respect, clean up and conserve their Nation. 

According to the group, it is a nation-building exercise aimed at awakening the consciousness of the Yoruba people towards their environment.
The statement reads: “The aim of this programme is to encourage self-preservation rooted in egalitarianism and the determination to break imperialistic barriers while we advance our own civilisation as Yoruba Nationals. At this event, we met many young Yorubas across Yoruba land and encouraged them to join us in the fight for self-determination for the Yoruba people.
“Encourage the habit of healthy living, preach the gospel of self-preservation, nation-building, community service and patriotism to young Yorubas globally.
Promote community engagement, emphasise that the nation-building exercise is the responsibility of all Yoruba youths globally.
“At Ilana Ọmọ Oòdúà Intern’l Youth wing, we are creating a global community of Yorubas with the view of driving and sustaining social change for the Yoruba people through nation-building. The ultimate goal is to give rise to a population of exemplary young Yoruba nationalists on a global stage. 
“As demonstrated during today’s community service programme, the Yoruba people occupy a clear territory and have their own distinct nation. When Nigeria became an independent country, little consideration was given to the Yoruba people’s distinctiveness and separateness from the other peoples of Nigeria. As a part of Nigeria, the Yoruba people have suffered under governments that are fundamentally hostile towards the Yorubas, and which have allowed countless attacks on the Yoruba people to happen with impunity.

The Yoruba region is the wealthiest in Nigeria and is extremely rich in natural resources, the exploitation of which makes up the largest part of the economy of Nigeria, yet Nigeria which currently includes Yoruba land is tagged the poverty capital of the world.

“The development of Yoruba land has been stunted for many decades under Nigeria, and now the Yoruba people want to be allowed to exercise their right to self-determination.  An independent Yoruba Nation will allow Yorubas to determine how they want to be governed, manage their resources and secure themselves.”