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Pastor fails to resurrect after telling people to bury him alive



Self-professed-Prophet-Shamiso-KanyamaFive members of the same family were charged with the murder of a prophet who had been called to their their home in the village of Mazonde, Zimbabwe to help them cleanse their house of evil spirits.

According to local newspaper, Zed 24 News, the accused family identified as Leanmore Mutero, Tonderai Muswere, Michael Muchengeti, Manasa Mutero and Nicholas Mutero, appeared at the High Court in Harare facing a murder charge for participating in the death of self-professed Prophet Shamiso Kanyama, who accidentally died during a healing ceremony.

Pastor Kanyama had reportedly asked his followers to bury him alive so that he could summon more cleansing powers to heal the family that had been plagued by mysterious deaths.

Zed 24 News reports that High Court Justice Owen Tagu heard how on that day, the late pastor had been invited to attend the home in the Muzarabani district, which is situated along the Mozambique-Zimbabwe border, by their priest, Zvidzai Muchengeti.

The five men had requested the priest to help them clean their home of evil spirits, because it was causing mysterious deaths in their family.

Responding to their request to perform a healing ceremony, Kanyama had ordered his followers to dig a grave and bury him alive because that was the way he summoned more healing powers to ward off evil spirits. However, the plan backfired on the prophet when instead of being resurrected as he supposed, the men dug up the grave again to find him dead.

Kanyama helped to dig his own grave before praying and jumping inside, Father Zvidzai, who has turned State witness, told the High Court. He continued that after laying face down in the grave, he ordered his followers to start covering him with soil.

He pegged a grave-shaped pit in front of my hut and asked for help to dig the pit,” Zvidzai continued. “Deceased requested to be buried alive so that he would gain power to drive away the evil forces.”

Fearing for the life of the prophet as the men were in the process of filling the grave, he requested the men to stop what they were doing, Joseph Taderera told Justice Tagu.

However, they ignored his pleas when Kanyama urged them to continue the process of burying him alive, stating that he would rise from the grave unharmed.

“I warned the men about the danger of their actions, but my advice fell on deaf ears because Kanyama shouted, telling me that I am disturbing his angels, and urged them to continue filling the grave, saying that he would later come out alive,” Taderera said.

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  • Olakante


    • taiwo

      Not interesting, its tragic….

  • wilsongaga

    This one is more than Jesus of Onyigbo……………………………..!!!

  • OshyLike

    The pastor must have elements of mental disorder, which may have been unknown to the people.

    • ade

      true, as he was not in touch with reality.

      • Harry McNicholas

        Yes and now he is buried in 6 feet of it.

    • taiwo

      And then it was ok for them to be this stupid and senseless?

    • Rectangle

      Kind of like the original messiah!

    • Curti Uwuigbe

      I agree.

  • Eze Epraim


    • grateful mortal


    • Harry McNicholas

      Damn Eze we are all ears. We need another very funny joke so tell us.

  • Joseph

    This is double fraud on the part of the fake pastor and the person attributing this story with a byline.

  • IskaCountryman

    death by misadventure…

  • Benbella

    what a fool ? Fake Pastor, very stupid, you that holy laugh laugh laugh , trust me he his the most stupid man I ever heard from ?

  • Bobby

    This should be on “1000 ways to die”

    • ade

      i agree

    • This may come as a surprise but 1000 ways to die is a fictional series.

      • Brian Carson

        Right, just like religion.

        • Jt

          Atheism is fictional, son. It’s outright ignorant.

          • rw

            You know when someone pays to go to church on Sundays to have a man in a robe tell you that you are evil? Atheism is when you don’t do that. End of story.

          • Alta Saunders

            No atheism is DENYING that there IS a GOD. Well my friend, I wish I could see your face when you get to the OTHER SIDE

          • That’s not your business.

          • Alta Saunders

            I. Suppose so, but it is stll going to make good entertainment

          • U can haz phun!

          • Hal Barbour

            Atheism is the position that until any credible evidence can be found that proves the existence of a god, any god, then the atheists holds that subscription on hold. I am an atheists, and in being one I hold there is no credible evidence that any god exists, if anyone wants to change my mind, then show me credible proof. Same kind of proof anyone would have to have to prove anything exists, simple.

          • James Onyemauwa Onyeani

            That you can breath in and out, is a proof that there is God.(Ps 24:1-4, Ps 95:3-5) Get yourself a Bible and the Truth will mesmerize you.

          • lol that seriously ends any debate doesn’t it?

          • rw

            Good luck with that! Bwuhahahahahahaha!!!!!

          • David Doobie Doo

            okey now its my turn. How Idiotic to call atheism, the way of logical thinking fictional, you have no proof of your god therefore you cant go around claiming there is one. That there is an old book that states that there is IS NO PROOF, the book is filled with fallacies, things that are considered now veery morally wrong like stoning, rape, murder ETC. You following that book my boy? then i only feel sorry for you and its just amousing you waste your life with it. If you would have been born in irak or something you would have been a muslim. If you were smart enough you would get the point. Religion is man made to control the people from the old times. But i guess you havent thought that one through have ya! Now, have a good day :)!

          • Elijah

            Why do you seek to equate God and Religion? I won’t explain the difference here as you will only take it as embarrassment. Yet, I suggest you be clear about what you are against, is it God or Religion? A reader could interpret that you are endorsing one religion over another based on your suggestion that he becomes Muslim. Maybe the you are okay with the man made institution, as long as it suits your needs. But, if so who makes you judge over others? Isn’t everyone doing the same in their religious/non religious choices?
            As for proof that God exists, I offer you as my proof. The Bible declares that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14). Do you know any scientific writing that can prove differently? Have you considered you workings of the brain for example? Go ahead research the brain versus the best microprocessor today. One is made by intelligent human designers, the other by a cosmic accidental big bang right?

          • Teresa

            I offer proof that trolls exist The book “Three Billy Goats Gruff” says: On the way up was a bridge over a cascading stream they had to cross; and under the bridge lived a great ugly troll , with eyes as big as saucers, and a nose as long as a poker.
            You cannot quote a book as proof… hahahahahahaha

          • Elijah

            I hope you are not still at the same level as the book you are quoting. It is not a problem if you are, I just prefer if you are not. But let me break it down further, forgive me for not being clear.
            I did not offer the book as proof, I offered the human body, specifically I pointed to the human brain. I challenged the author to dispute using any scientific article/journal, the biblical quote that the body is wonderfully made. Note the clear distinction, the body being the evidence that you can see, touch, hold and/or appreciate. The bible states it position on the human body, I only want to know if science or any one thinks differently. How about you? What is your opinion of the human body? Note how the evidence, again for clarity, being the human brain is carefully juxtaposed against the beauty of the microchip/microprocessor. Can anyone argue against the intelligent designers behind the production of the ‘brain’ of the modern day computer/smartphone or any electronic device? Is the human brain less impressive than the microprocessor? Can one be carefully crafted and the other accidental?
            I am open your honest opinion, use your wonderfully created brain to continue this dialogue. Each time you do, remember it is PROOF I offer to you!

          • Harry McNicholas

            Yes, I suggest you study science and not superstition. Most animals have brains. The human brain is simply more complex than others and nothing more. There is nothing special about it.

          • Elijah

            Good observation one that would only be relevant if they came from different sources. Doesn’t it matter if AMD or Intel create the chip? The technology is similar, the chip just as beautiful. But you do admit something scary, that human brains are more complex than that of animals. Any argument that we came from animals would now require a greater burden of proof on your part. The creation of something complex will require intelligence, isnt that why we are on of food chain? Arent there are many animals faster, stronger, more powerful than humans? How do you explain our dominance? Luck? Survival of the fittest? No, it would only be survival of the most intelligent. If we are didn’t have more complex brains, with higher intelligence, if we ever on the same level of animals we would have been wiped out.
            As for nothing special about the human brain, you speak of things you don’t understand. There is an entire body of science – neuroscience – that would disagree with that hypothesis. I dont need to debate you on that matter.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Yes and so are new chips more complex than older ones. Humans are the result of 4.5 billion years of evolution on this planet. Most higher mammals have complex brains simply because they came from lower animals and evolved into more advanced animals. What works, is kept. What does not is discarded. There was no creation. All the chemicals that make up your body are found in space. Many different types of organic compounds. However, this is not evolution. Evolution does not say how things started but how they evolved. Humans, and all simians came from the same animal. Some evolved into humans and some into gorillas, chimps, baboons, monkeys and others. Your genetic code is 98.5% the same as that of a chimp. That is one way we know that humans and chimps evolved from a common ancestor. I think you need to take some science classes because you simply do not understand biology or organic chemistry.

          • Elijah

            Forgive me, I am not understanding. You said what works is kept and what doesn’t is discarded. If we came from the same source then we are final product (what works) right? It clear that humans work, we are the top of the food chain. Why weren’t chimps, gorilla, orangutans monkeys and all other primates discarded? Will they also evolve into humans later? Where are the intermediate species? Surely everything doesn’t evolve at the same premise moment. It would no longer be evolution it would be transformation.

          • Harry McNicholas

            They work very well in their environment. Humans would have a tough time trying to survive in the environment of other simians. My view of the new stupid Tarzan movie. No European is going to survive in the jungle of West Africa without getting malaria and die. West Africans appear to have at least some resistance to malaria. Many still die but not at the rate Europeans do. Why? Their environment. Over thousands of years they developed some immunity to malaria. Humans have a brain that works well. However, they are not the best developed for their environment. Actually crocodiles are far superior. They have a natural immune system that keeps them from contracting any disease. They have a four part heart. They can survive up to a year without any food. There is no other predator that can harm them as adults. They are a fantastic ambush predator. They have developed an symbiotic relationship with a bird which keeps parasites from chewing on the crocs. Unlike most reptiles, they protect their nests and take care of their young. Humans will go extinct one day because we will not be able to adapt to a new environment. Will crocs still be here? Who knows?

          • Elijah

            Here we agree but from different perspective. Using your point about crocs being better adapted to their environment making them superior to humans you err greatly. Superiority comes not from adapting to your environment but from changing your environment to adapt to you. That part of the evidence of our dominion and why we spread across the entire planet, from the hottest desert to the coldest artic.
            And that difference in perspective is also the reason why we view the Bible differently. You look for errors and find them in taking verses out of context. I look for truth and find it in the harmony of all the verses taken together, here a little and there a little. In the end you find the lie you seek, and I find the truth I desire. But know Harry, that truth stands on its own foundation and cannot be shaken or twisted and remains constant. Therefore, it will be ready to answer your questions whenever you decide to look for it. Nothing further.

          • N Chong

            So… I’d just like to say a couple things. Elijah, my hat off to you. One against how many? Impressive.

            Second, why press this man so far to prove a single point? He offered you one evidence; the human body is amazingly complex, so perhaps there was some intention in its design… His point was very very simple, honestly. If nothing else, understand that God and religion are not the same matter. You can literally disagree with EVERY SINGLE RELIGION… and still hold that there may be an intelligent creator. Such is the philosophy of Taoism, Buddhism, and Stoicism. Religions of non-belief. In spite of this, at least in Stoicism, there is still the idea that there is likely to be a God.

            But I don’t arrive at science as a means to prove religious beliefs… In fact, I started reading religion as a means of understanding scientific phenomena.

            Once, I was speaking to a bar tender… He said to me, “the most difficult question in all of philosophy, is simply; ‘why is there anything?'” This is a pretty good question. A lot of you posit that there is no creator, no God, and no intelligent design… ONLY EVOLUTION and Big Bang. Now, I could ridicule this ideology, just as easily as you’ve all ridiculed Elijah’s stance without fair consideration, but instead; I’ll show you that you are not wrong, while Elijah remains correct.

            Do you realize that, in a very simple way, the ideas of evolution and the big bang theory do not preclude the possibility of an intelligent creator? There is no way to prove that any of these mechanisms exist independent of an intelligent being. Still, we should consider how complex each is, to see what’s more suitable to fathom; random chance, or a possible design. Let’s start with evolution. Evolution is an easily understood mechanism… Though I must ask; have you considered that even cancer cells exhibit the phenomenon of ‘survival of the fittest?’ As their DNA is mutated, they select for the best traits for survival: rapid proliferation, angiogenesis, matrix metalloproteinases and growth factors that support metastasis, so on and so forth. Sure, these ‘evolutionary traits’ are pretty great — for the cancer. Yet, it harms the whole. So, here we have a case of natural selection within a system of natural selection… So far, this is all chance.

            What we see in cancer, on a small scale, however, is like what has happened for all of creation, except over a much shorter period of time. Yes, it takes time to create complex systems that work well, and these systems go through many instances of of trial and error… but, it ONLY works, because it is already based on a sophisticated mechanism. Tell me, how could your DNA replicate and produce proteins, if there were not already the proteins, such as helicase, in place? Helicase, among the numerous other enzymes and proteins that regulate DNA function, is necessary to unwind the double helix in the first place. Without this, DNA could not be transcribed, and proteins would not be made… New cells would never form from their parent cells, and so nothing works. Then, integrally, there is also the ribosome, without which, we could not make ANY proteins from nucleic acids. Both protein constructs depend on DNA to be transcribed… and DNA depends on them for its replication. At the very least, there must be a functional system of RNA, but this yields its own issues of sustainability as well. If these things can be done by chance alone, why is it that, with all of our intelligence, we still don’t understand how it all came to be? We couldn’t even make a cell if we wanted to. Yet we are intelligent. We still don’t have the entire structure mapped… and as we add pieces to the puzzle, every part appears to play a significant role.

            As for the Big Bang, sure… It could have happened… And, indeed, it could have also not been the beginning of time. There are models of the big bang theory that incorporate a perpetually collapsing and expanding universe… where this event you refer to as ‘the’ big bang could have been the 2nd, or 3rd, or even millionth big bang… And we wouldn’t know any different. Apparently, still, time is not the governing element of the universe. For us, it seems to be… But there are mechanisms independent of time, such as quantum entanglement. Switch the polarity of one item in the universe, and another — no matter how far away, instantaneously switches, in kind. It is as though it is dependent on something beyond the space-time continuum. With the space-time continuum being the most fundamental aspect of reality that we can directly perceive… One has to wonder what governs the mechanisms of something independent of even this.

            The point, still, is a simple one. Consider the complexity of things. And then, ask yourself; how could it take an intelligent mind to make a microprocessor chip, but not one to make a mind from a single cell?

          • Elijah

            Thanks. I appreciate the clarity, structure and presentation of your response. I know however, that even though you have helped to bring light to areas I couldn’t explain, many readers will still choose darkness rather light. Many will still prefer complicated theories that obscure rather than the simple truths that reveal.
            May we all be at peace with our decisions.

          • Jon Inge Teigland

            Intelligent Design is another word for the Clock Maker fallacy.
            Sure, there may be a designer. But there is no reason to believe that there has to be.
            Sure, every religion may be wrong, and still there may actually be a god. But there is no reason to believe there needs to be.

            As for your “evidence” with the DNA and so on… There are religions who claim that God made the first paid of tongs.
            Do you know why?
            Simply because you can’t make a pair of tongs, unless you have a pair of tongs.
            And that is the same argument you’re using.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Sorry Chong, no God in Buddhism and for 2,500 years Buddhists did not find it necessary to invent one. The bar tenders question is easily answered by science and I am surprised that if you have studied science why you did not answer him. Your comment is silly. There is no need for a creator. There is no need for design. If there was a design then whomever did the designing of you and i did a very bad job of engineering. Every engineer always has back up systems. One heart, one head, one liver, one pancreas, where are the back up systems? Basic organic chemicals have been found in deepest space. They formed from basic chemicals. Carbon, Oxygen and there is even water vapor. The building blocks of life are here. They existed on this early earth. The question is: Is it possible for these basic chemicals to form amino acids and then amino acids to form a protein. Seems hard and until a year ago we had not been able to make amino acids from these basic chemicals but now we have and then made a protein. Now since we have made them, we can determine now then this would be made in nature. Some scientists think they have the answer and quite likely within the next couple of years they will have their theory. Not bad for a young process such as science to figure out how something happened 4.5 billion years ago. As to evolution. Yes things evolve, some fast, some slow and some very little. All depends upon the environment. Some things seem to work very well such as legs and certain shapes in water. A prehistoric reptile has the same shape as a modern porpoise because it works. As I pointed out to the man from Africa, the croc is an amazing evolved animal. It has survived since the age of the dinosaurs. Why? Well, it only needs to eat once a year if necessary. It has a four part heart. Unlike other crocs of its time it can close its throat so it does not drown. It is totally immune to any disease. Unlike other reptiles, it protects its young. It has developed a symbiotic relationship with a bird which consumes all parasites on its body. It is an apex predator and very efficient at it. It has no known enemy except man and even there sometimes the man wins and sometimes the croc wins. So sorry you and the man from Africa have nothing to offer.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Sorry but our “changing” is temporary. Please note all the buried cities of past human civilizations. Our changing is causing the greatest extinction of animals since the dinosaur extinction. Depending upon your view, we may be causing our own extinction by altering the climate. Crocs adapt very well and have so for 100 million years. Can you live a year without food? Are you immune to all diseases? No. How long would you survive without all the technology of today? Likely within a year you would die from some disease as would the majority of humans on the earth. I take nothing out of context from the Bible. I read out from one end to the other and found nothing of value. Example. Place that sword in its scabbard for he who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword. This of course is not true. Thousands of people have lived by the sword and did not perish by the sword. Chingiss Khaan murdered by the sword roughly 40 million people and died getting drunk and falling off his horse. The love of money is the root of all evil. This again is not true. Love of power, envy, jealousy etc. are all roots of evil. Sorry I have nothing against witches and sorcerers They may be kind of a nut bunch but they are not doing anything to hurt anyone. Is there a purpose for religion? Yes but not in magic tricks. I have found the truth by a man who lived 500 years before your Jesus. For 2,500 years his followers have followed peace with no jihads and no crusades. No Army of God and no ISIS. Jesus died on the cross to take on the sins of the world but said nothing about how to end suffering in this world. My man taught a path to end suffering for you and for everyone. Sorry I will stick to ending suffering and not worry about what could or could not be sin.

          • Kohhran Upa Rangi

            I admire your patience. Elijah has no understanding of science in general and evolution in particular.

          • Harry McNicholas

            I realize that and I hope that he will make the effort to take some science classes in school. Science is such an important part of modern society. It is not necessary to get a PhD in a science but simply some classes to learn the basics. We should try to encourage people to learn something about science. How does science work? What is a hypothesis, A theory. A scientific law? What is a formula? I am guessing Elijah is from Africa and Africa is the origin of all human life. All of us alive today are out of Africa. WOW!

          • Jon Inge Teigland

            Crocs have existed, unchanged for hundreds of millions of years.
            When the dinosaurs were wiped out, crocs lived on.
            There is no reason to think crocs will not live for another hundred million years. Unless humans decide to wipe them out. And maybe even then.

          • sue

            You don’t understand evolution.

          • Jon Inge Teigland

            The fact that you even ask if chimps, gorillas and so on will evolve into humans, means you do not understand evolution. Everyone who understands evolution will instantly and automatically know that this can not happen.

            And why do you assume that chimps and gorillas don’t work? To me they seem to work quite well. They live, they find food, they breed. That sounds like working.

            Nobody ever said that only what works THE BEST is kept.Harry said that what WORKS is kept, and what doesn’t work is discarded.
            Chimps and gorillas work. Thus they are not discarded.

            Is this difficult to understand?

            You also ask where the intermediate species are. What is an intermediate species? You have to explain what this is before we can answer you.
            Hint: There is no such thing as an intermediate species.

          • Daddy Love

            You manage to drag out four or five ignorant and false “questions” about evolution there. Try educating yourself first. Start with your silly misconceptions:

          • Kohhran Upa Rangi

            If a ‘creator’ is required because we are so complex then wouldn’t that creator need a creator more than who created us?
            While you are demanding evidence on one hand can you give one for your tall claims?
            Spoiler alert, you cannot.
            Why are we off of the food chain? Intelligence. The pen is mightier than the sword, remember that saying?

          • Daddy Love

            Humans ARE animals, friend.

          • Chanticleer Hegemony

            “As for proof that God exists, I offer you as my proof. The Bible
            declares that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14).”
            “I did not offer the book as proof,”
            Is your memory faulty, or are you terminally dishonest? Shouldn’t expect any better from a bible believer though, so full of self – contradiction.

          • Elijah

            Oh I see, my apologies, in hindsight, I should have capitalized ‘YOU’. Yet, contextually shouldn’t it have been clear that the “YOU” referred to the HUMAN BODY? Didn’t I develop my position solely on the human brain? Just to be clear, my position is that anyone can see that the brain and the entire being is the handiwork of an intelligent designer. Just as the microprocessor is also the handiwork of the intelligent designer. Can an aeroplane be a masterpiece yet a bird be any less? Who can find any wonderful creation of humanity without finding an inspiration in creation? If man is brilliant for what he creates AFTER studying the handiwork of God, why shouldn’t there be an intelligent GOD?

          • Chanticleer Hegemony

            Why mention the wholly babble at all then, if it’s nothing to do with your argument.
            Nothing about biological systems points to them being designed, from the rather makeshift upright posture of the human spine, to the inefficient positioning of the laryngeal nerve in mammalian creatures, biology speaks rather loudly of evolutionary compromise.

          • Elijah

            Excellent question, the biblical reference is partially used to excite your passion, if I quoted myself you wouldn’t have felt obligated to respond. I am just not that interesting. However, it is also included as science agrees with beauty of the design the human brain. It is for simplicity I limited the conversation to the brain and compared to the microprocessor. I could have easily used the eye and compared to a HD camera. My point is everything is well designed.

          • rw

            There’s nothing perfect about our eyes or brain. If it were perfect, we wouldn’t have autism, Alzheimer, glaucoma, or cataracts. People wouldn’t need glasses. You’re god is a complete failure or it doesn’t exist

          • The fact of bilateral symmetrical features speak more of intelligent design.

          • Harry McNicholas


          • Jon Inge Teigland

            You are presenting the argument of the Clock Maker.
            That argument was proven to be false over 100 years ago, and I can’t be bothered to argue against anyone who still believes in it.

            You are worshiping the God Of The Gaps.

          • sue

            Wonderfully is an adverb that is opinion, not fact. The human body may be a wonderful machine, but 9nly science can give you facts as to why. The bible is a book written by humans and translated and compiled by humans. It is certainly fiction, unless you believe in talking snakes.

          • Kohhran Upa Rangi

            Argument from ignorance and self incredulity.
            It’s so amazing and I don’t know how it can be like this, therefore god must have done it.

          • Daddy Love

            You are not offering proof, you are challenging science to refute a vague value judgment. Everyone can have an opinion about a value judgment; it’s not based in fact or evidence.

            Intelligent design has been refuted many times, most significantly in that devastating crushing of creationism and ID, the federal lawsuit Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District.

          • Elijah

            How ironic that intelligent beings pontificate that they originate from unintelligible processes…lol. The beauty of it all is that it becomes self fulfilling, because they lose all sense of reason and rational.
            If a human were to compete against a monkey in creating small craft items. Would you be able to look at the resulting products and determine which was from the intelligent creator? It is truly a self fulfilling prophecy if you couldnt.
            At best, the monkey could be trained to mimic or replicate the human’s work. It would be impossible for him to conceptualize his own vision, then assemble the raw materials to surpass the creation of the human. Yet, some want to argue with me that they come from monkeys or other primitive primates. Lol. My arguments above show that as humans we have not created anything of our own. Like the monkey copying the human, humans are copying God. Camera WOULD NEVER EXIST if we didn’t have an eye to imitate, nor planes without birds. Even with the inspiration these provide, it still would not exist if we didn’t make them. We simply couldnt sit and wait for a plane to evolve so we can travel from NY to Amsterdam…..stop being silly.

            As to the case in the link. I agree, intelligent design is creationism. Creationism is however not necessarily religious. You can believe in an intelligent designer but not worship whoever that is. In this manner, my personal opinion, the judge erred in concluding a breach of 1st amendment. Nonetheless the case itself offers no discourse to either prove or disprove creationism or evolution. Instead it seeks to state that forcing children to learn evolution is tantamount to indoctrination. It is funny, as forcing evolution could be viewed in the same light.

          • Kohhran Upa Rangi

            I remember reading that story when I was in kindergarten about 20 years ago. I used to be afraid to look at that ugly and evil looking troll.

          • Harry McNicholas

            This is not proof Elijah anymore than a comic book is proof of Spiderman.

          • Tony Boies

            “As for proof that God exists, I offer you as my proof. The Bible declares that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14).”

            Sounds a bit egotistical.

            Let me correct that: sounds a LOT egotistical. And sinfully proud.

          • Elijah

            It is unfortunate that you perceive it to be ego. Note the words are not my own, the scripture reference make that clear. If not me, then are suggesting that author is egotistical? Note that writer is David, speaking of God’s creation. For ego to be present, it would have to be someone speaking of their own creation. That quote could more accurately be described as admiration. One person admiring the works of another. In fact I also share the same admiration and conclude that indeed the body is masterpiece of creation. I made an example of the brain (just one part) and note that an entire body of science – neuroscience – would agree that it is a masterpiece. It is unfortunate if you disagree without evidence and even more unfortunate to misinterpret admiration for ego. My apologies if the quote gave you the wrong impression, hope this clears it up.
            I do note your use of the term ‘sin’, may I ask your meaning? Left alone it would implicitly suggest a belief in ‘God’ and I don’t want to misinterpret.

          • Ann Aldonut

            Oh come on. Good looking girls are beautifully made. Can you and I claim the same? Of course not. That’s proof we are just so full of ourselves.

          • Elijah

            Your response references superficial beauty, based on external features. Please note that the level of my conversation goes much deeper hence I pointed the brain and not facial features. I am speaking to the beautiful design, function and capabilities of the brain.
            If you are uncomfortable or just don’t understand the conversation that’s fine. There is no mandate to comment. Here you can exercise another beauty of the brain – decision making. Enjoy.

          • devnull1

            Elijah, we’re all adults now – grow up, there are no fairies and make believe lands!

          • Elijah

            But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 1Cor 1:27

          • devnull1

            Hahaha, are you really quoting your make believe book to me? Your realise most of the stories in it are based on prior Egyptian mythology right?

          • Elijah

            You don’t have sufficient coverage of the Scriptures to offer a summary of what ‘most’ of the ‘stories’ deal with. The biblical record of Egypts polytheistic idol worship, economic development through slavery, rulership through successful Pharoah can all be independently verified through the country’s history. Archaeological evidence including hieroglyphics writings also verify same.

            In light of above it hardly qualifies as a story. Nonetheless, may I suggest another more important story you should read that is still playing out. Consider the records of Daniel 2, 7 and 8 which deals with world history. The summary is a prophecy of a divided kingdom that no will be able to reunite. Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Charlemagne, Hitler and now the European Union have all tried and continue to try to unite that kingdom, yet the Biblical prophecy stands firm. Brexit being the latest development in that saga.
            Have you ever studied Revelation which prophesies about America and its role in world history?
            Lack of knowledge can destroy, please use your time wisely to study.

            Hosea 4:6
            My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.

          • devnull1

            Elijah, man created god when we didn’t know where the sun went at night or why the mountain was angry with us – we sought an explanation. Later, man crafted god and religion to suit his own needs by way of controlling and unifying the masses. Today, there is no excuse and I’m happy to report that religion is dying out in the developed world.

          • Elijah

            I am happy to report that we agree on something – there is no excuse for ignorance. With such a wealth of information why would anyone be willingly ignorant?
            Some who speak against the Bible wrongly assume that those who support it do so only on faith. They think that the Bible cannot be proven to be accurate. In fact, they hold to their position of ignorance without ever researching or studying the biblical record. I am not here to criticize only to say respectfully, I wouldn’t advise that. I researched many sides before making my decision. Now let’s go deep. Do you know Blaise Pascal? He is a renowned mathematician credited for his work on probability and triangles (among other things). That is taught in schools. What is not taught however, this is where research comes in – is Pascal’s Wager. Pascal argues that everyone comes to point where they must either believe or not believe in God. He claims the rational being would believe in God. From a probability standpoint, if one believes in God but he doesnt exist then he faces only a finite loss (this mortal life). His loss is limited to the extent that he could have partied or pursued happiness in whatever form he pleases for the extent of his short mortal life. Conversely, if one doesn’t believe and God really exist then he faced with infinite loss (eternal life). He misses out on the opportunity of eternal happiness. Faced with a choice between a finite loss and an infinite loss, the rational being will choose a finite loss, i.e. to live as if a God exist.

            However, my first advice to you didn’t reference Pascal. My advice referenced Daniel. Let me help you further. The authenticity of the scripture is anchored in its prophetical record. Only God can accurately predict the future. Men of course can guess and could possibly get some things right; that is basic probability but only God with perfect foreknowledge can predict everything accurately. Now, the writings of Daniel predicted all the world powers from his day to the end of the world. He accurately listed in order, Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome, then the division of Rome into 10 kingdoms which would later concise to only 7. These seven nations will remain divided and now represents much of modern Europe as follows: UK, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France and Switzerland.
            The Books Daniel was written during the time of Babylon and MedoPersia as he witnessed the fall of that Babylonian empire.
            Having said all of that, we dont of course use the Bible to support Bible as that is circular reasoning. You may now use your history books to see verify successive world kingdoms. Ask yourself, how could one man accurately foretell over 2000 years of world history.
            Critics therefore try to say that Daniel was written recently, however they ignore the fact of the Dead sea Scrolls contains Daniel. Carbon dating techniques put it at about 400 BC.

            I could say many more here but the point is clear. Research all angles before coming to a conclusion, I did and now stand firm on the biblical account. Yet each is entitled to their own decisions.

            Joshua 24:15 – ….Choose today who you will serve….as for me, I will serve the Lord.

          • devnull1

            Like I said, most of the stories attributed to the central figure of christianity are far older stories told throughout Egyptian mythology. You are following the wrong idol (if that’s the way you want to look at it) as Horus broke loaves and fishes for the masses, had 12 disciples, died on December 25th, rose 3 days later – there isn’t really any evidence for Jesus of Nazareth either. I recommend reading “Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection” you realise quite fully how early christians just pinched a load of stories they liked and pretended this new idol, Jesus was the central figure of those stories. And here we are some 1600 years later, with people still pandering to the madness. Ha!

          • Elijah

            Everyone approaches with a degree of personal bias. My bias was against the scripture until I understood the prophecies contained and the fulfillment. Now as I mentioned before, I stand on firm foundation in favor of the scripture. I wouldn’t have believed the other stories until I found evidence that the book is authentic.
            I completely agree that you shouldn’t either. However, to be fair, spend an equal (or fair) amount of time researching arguments in favor of the Bible as well. If most of the material you have read speaks against it is no surprise that you conclude against it. With eternity at stake, ask yourself what if I am wrong? Even when you are 99% convinced, what if the 1% you rejected was actually the truth. In that 1%, how will you respond to a God that says you asked for proof, I sent it to you and you refused?
            Again, my advice, for third and final time, study the book of Daniel.

            Nothing further.

          • devnull1

            I was brought up on all that nonsense Elijah, it was indoctrinated into me when I was a child; this is child abuse of course but society currently allows it for some reason, so my position on the matter is a fair one. I support campaigns to ban faith schools but the religious groups have a far wider reaching and sinister grip on persuading the young and innocent to believe their hocus pocus; it’s the least I can do. We atheists will win over the developed world in the end, it’s the poorer nations that will suffer this nonsense longer than they need to. The catholic church put an Argentinian at their head – the first non-European to run catholic club ever – this to boost their numbers in the South American countries as they know they are losing support all over Europe as the advent of technology and ease of access to information results in people walking away from religion in their droves.

          • Old Top Kick

            I read your #BuyBull. From cover to cover. Several versions of it. (Did you know that King James was a RAGING homosexual? Probably not.) Your #BuyBull is why I’m now atheist.

          • Elijah

            KJ wrote no part of the scripture but thats not the point. It would be no problem if he did either. God can and does use anyone to do His work. KJ was not perfect, but no man is. Abraham was a liar and a coward, Jacob a deceiver, Moses a murderer, Samson a womanizer, David a liar, adulterer and a murderer, Rahab a prostitute, I too am a sinner. Should I go on?
            The point is Jesus came to save all. The wages of sin is death BUT the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23)
            Now, I will say nothing more, for fear that my words will only condemn you in the judgment, being more light that you rejected. The Lord is speaking to your heart and your response is being recorded in heaven, either for good or evil. You write your own course, choose wisely.
            In the end, every knee (including yours) shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Romans 14:11).

          • Kohhran Upa Rangi

            Can you prove that there is no flying pigs in the universe? Asking for a negative proof is not how reason works.
            You must not believe in supernatural claims till it’s proven false but vice versa.
            And, no, the bible is neither proof no evidence.

          • Elijah

            How do you know there is no proof in the Bible? Have you ever read? If you have do you understand? Do you understand the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation? Do you know how many have already been fulfilled EXACTLY as predicted? Do know what is currently being fulfilled in the Middle East and the USA? Do you know what is left to be fulfilled?

            Sir, I don’t have a negative confirmation of the scripture. Neither do I exercise blind faith. You didn’t ask why I believe in the Bible.
            The hypocrisy of many here is that they can SEE with with their eyes but they choose to be blind. They choose to reject the biblical explanation in favor of scientific theories. Look up historically how many times SCIENCE had to change its position on a topic while the biblical record remains unchanged. Take for example the number of stars. The Bible declares that it cannot be numbered. Yet SCIENCE had in the past tried to number the stars, each time they had to revise the number. Now they are in general agreement that it cannot be numbered. Yet it has taken YEARS for technology to develop to prove the Bible, many already died believing the lie. Furthermore when when the Bible say that something ‘cannot be numbered’, is not referring to an impossibility as not is impossible with God, instead it means that the number is constantly changing, constantly expanding. To fix a number in time, will only make it inaccurate moments later. The Bible said that the descendants of Abraham cannot be numbered, then compared them to the stars. Now the descendants of Abraham is constantly growing and GUESS WHAT, so are the stars.

            What about diet, how long since the bible declares that the original diet for man DID NOT INCLUDE MEAT. How long since the it showed that a plant based diet brings better health. SCIENCE IS JUST CATCHING UP. Also many ways of treating diseases where actually learnt from what is recorded in scripture.

            I could go on and on it but that’s not necessary. Choose today who you will serve, as for me, I will serve the Lord!

          • Harry McNicholas

            Because El people have tried to prove it and failed. Now if you are looking for religious truth and not scientific facts you might find it there. However, sorry I have read the Bible and most of it was Jelly beans and mirrors. If God exists then he is capable of anything. If a frog had legs like a jackrabbit his butt wouldn’t hit the ground when he jumped. There is no proof of a God. None and there cannot be proof against a God. Why. God is an idea and nothing more. There is no way to measure or to analyze God. I might come up with a great idea but until I provide a way to measure it or observe and analyze it, it remains only an idea. Once there is a way to measure or observe it then I can see whether it exists or not. I can measure the distance from the earth to the moon or to the sun. I can measure the speed of light. I can use math to measure something. I can observe evolution. I dig and I find fossils which I can observe, take chemical measurement etc. i can take data from the machine in Europe and use math to determine things. I cannot with your God. Again the reason being is that God is only an idea. People use to think the rising of the sun was caused by God. We know today that is not the case. It is the earth’s revolution. The rising and lowering of the tides, was caused by God. No it is caused mostly by the gravitational effect of the moon. So is there a God? The answer is: None is needed. We get along very fine without one. If you do not think this is possible El. Buddhists have been doing it for 2,500 years. And, they missed out on all the jihads and crusades carried out by the believers.

          • Elijah

            I suspect you would not believe even if you saw HIM face to face. Why, because you don’t believe what you see. You choose to remain in a constant state of ignorance.
            I have made my case for intelligent design in nature and I have pointed clearly to an Intelligent Designer. The fact is that truth can be interpreted or ‘misinterpreted’ based on the individual BUT it will remain unchanged. There is truth that is ABSOLUTE, though some may choose to disagree, it doesn’t change that fact.
            For example, the law of gravity is ABSOLUTE, whether or not we believe it. You can say you don’t believe and jump off a building, that is your choice but you will bear the consequence of that decision. Your choice toward God is the same, for the heaven and the earth declare HIS intelligent design, you just choose to be ignorant.
            I suspect that you are familiar with the laws of thermodynamics. For simplicity, lets take the first. Energy is neither created or destroyed! Sounds good, many people accept that. However, listen to the hypocrisy, it took them years to discover that law that the BIBLE makes it very plain, GOD IS FROM EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING. He is neither created or destroyed.
            If I use the word ‘energy’ is it acceptable, but if I use GOD it is fiction. Makes no sense to me.
            Moving on to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, objects move from ORDER to DISORDER. Many accept that. The BIBLE declares the same that GOD created everything and it was good, meaning in order. SIN came and it changes things to disorder. Fact is only the biblical record states that the world moved from ORDER to DISORDER. Evolution says the opposite, that things moved from disorder to order. Seems silly to me.
            I could go on and on but the summary is the same. If you go looking for evidence that there is NO GOD, you will find it. If you go looking for evidence that there IS A GOD, you will also find it. The reason for that is whenever ABSOLUTE truth comes your way, whenever is it staring you in the face, you will still seek a lie to cover it up. So, do what you want sir.
            P.S. There is scientific evidence that universal flood actually occurred, you can spend some time rationalizing that away as well.

          • Harry McNicholas

            You are arguing out of ignorance. You do not have the insight to see that what you present is your opinion. There are no facts. I could argue the same thing that Odin exists based upon Icelandic Sagas. Does that make it a fact that Odin exists? Again, there is no proof of a God. God is an idea. People have believed in gods for thousands of years. Yours is just one in a long list of many. The Jewish people, Where your religion came from, did not become monotheists until 1,000 BC. Prior to that they were polytheists like most people in the world. Sorry but you have no argument.

          • Elijah

            I don’t think the laws of nature, also deemed ‘scientific’ laws that I mentioned, would be appropriately classified as my opinion. However, from hereon you will be the ‘learned one’ and I will be the ‘ignorant one’. Surely we can’t both be ignorant.

            Now, it clear that you wish to argue about religion and I wish to talk about an Intelligent Designer. On this point we need not have any further conversation. Your unwillingness to accept religion is leading you question intelligent design. Two completely different topics. If you look around and choose to believe that there is no order in nature, fine go ahead believe that. I see things differently. If you see things moving from disorder into order, go ahead believe that. I see things moving from order into disorder which coincidentally is what the law of entropy notes (just for clarity 2nd law of thermodynamics).
            One can believe in an intelligent designer and still not call that designer God. You don’t have to worship an Intelligent Designer, that’s where religion comes in. That’s your personal choice.

            I will go sleep in my ignorance now, nothing further.

          • Harry McNicholas

            I give up Elijah. Debating a creationist on the topic of evolution is rather like trying to play chess with a pidgeon–it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board and flies back to its flock to claim victory. You understand nothing of science and yet want to debate science. Go back to your silly book and leave science alone.

          • Elijah

            You haven’t begun to debate as yet, no need to give up prematurely. You are yet to put forth a clear response as to why you cannot accept the clear evidence of intelligent design. Let’s us the same source – science – and examine the evidence. I have already shown you that evolution cannot be reconciled to 2nd law of thermodynamics. You are yet to offer a counter apart from saying that I speaking my opinions. Just to be clear I cannot take the credit you are giving to me for the law of thermodynamics. Step up your argument, it is scientific fact. But let’s go another route, do you know what Symbiotic Relationships are? I am not seeking to offend you here, just want find out if you are aware that organisms exist in relationships with each other and with the environment. For evolution to work, pretty much all life forms would have to evolve at the same time and the same pace. For example, bees would have to evolve with flowers with perfect timing or they both die. What about the Panda that only eats bamboo or the koala and eucalyptus? How does evolution explain symbiotic relationships across species? How can the dependencies evolve when neither species would have survived without the other? Life must be created together to even have chance of survival. Now, I know you want further proof, I say just look at the species that are extinct. In all instances a critical symbiotic relationship necessary for survival was broken, leading to their extinction.
            I will stop here. Again I say, you choose to what you want to believe, it is not based on any lack of evidence. Every point I have made I supported with facts, respectfully I ask that you do the same.

          • Old Top Kick

            Well, there are no frost giants, so maybe Odin did/does exist. 🙂

          • kawasaki kev

            Elijah ……where exactly did this SIN that you speak of actually come from ? did it just materialise from somewhere ?…… ah i remember now , the devil did it …. that’s a brilliant response used by believers isn’t it … god is perfect and all of his creations are also perfect because they are made in his own image but when something isn’t perfect blame the devil ……. exactly what does the bible say about the devil , a fallen angel , one of gods perfect creations that obviously wasn’t so perfect .? … how can god create something so perfect as the human brain but inadvertently create something as evil as the devil and not be able to simply click his fingers and destroy him , he is god after all , does he not giveth and taketh away ……. maybe there are two gods , one for good and one for evil ? ah, but that can’t be the truth because the bible states there is only one true god , therefore god must have created evil too .

          • Elijah

            If you really desired knowledge, I could teach you but you don’t so I will be sufficiently brief.

            God is good and as Supreme Creator, He bears ultimate responsibility for ALL things both good and evil. That responsibility is CLEARLY stated in the scripture. In love however, He gives humans and angels free will. Free will cannot be forced otherwise it wouldn’t be free. If God forced His will, free beings would serve Him out of fear and not love. God doesn’t desire robots, He desires free beings who choose to love and serve Him. Those who not to their choice will ultimately be respected and they be return to a state of non existence.

            If you are parent, it is easier to understand the concept freedom of with children. In love you will set certain rules for your child to guide their behavior. If you govern with an iron fist you will never know if they obey out of love or fear. Also, when they do good or bad it is a reflection on you as bear ultimate responsibility. If you child fights at school and damages school property or injuries someone, as a parent you are responsible even though you didn’t commit those acts. Fact is, if you didn’t conceive the child, move in the that neighborhood or enroll in that school that wouldn’t have happened.

            In this regard, God as creator of all, bears ultimate responsibility for everything. If He didnt create beings with a freewill there would be no possibility of disobedience.

            Isaiah 45:7 reflects this as follows:
            I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

            Sin began when an angel Lucifer exercised His freewill to transgress the law of God and convinced other angels to join him. God created Lucifer and therefore indirectly shoulders part of the blame. If you read the text in context you realize that nothing can be done without God.
            Hope this helps, let me know if you have REAL questions.

          • leopardspots

            incontrovertible is the word

          • Jorgen Moore

            You got everything wrong; now you are quoting the Bible but if you were to be born in Iraq, would you be quoting the Bible or the Quran. So according David Doobie Doo, your perception of “GOD” and religion is a function of your environment, just as the Chinese do not know anything about the God you worship because they have their own belief systems which have been guiding them through the years. So according to David, religions are setup for mind manipulation and control!

          • Elijah

            Right and wrong is not your purview to determine, yet I will humor you for the purposes of continuing conversation. If I was born in another region I would have been exposed to another religion first, agreed. Yet, I would have still searched out the doctrines of that religion, then other religions. I hope you haven’t assumed that I believe the Bible because it is the only source of my information.
            I would still have searched for an ‘intelligent designer’ whose fingerprint I can see in the order of creation. But let’s say I didn’t find Him, let’s say I spent my entire life searching and didn’t know of the loving God. Let’s say I died without reading a page, a verse, a line of scripture. Guess what, the same loving God has a plan for me. He has already written His laws in everyone heart. Everyone has a conscience which tells them what is right from wrong even then their society says otherwise. We all know that stealing is wrong, lying is wrong, taking a man’s wife for yourself is wrong, murder is wrong. I would have still chosen to use my little knowledge and just do what my conscience said is right while actively avoiding what it says is wrong.
            The conscience my friend, is independent of religion, of evolution, of belief/unbelief; so that none is without excuse.

          • TheOccasionalAtheist

            A reader could infer that you are not able to comprehend English when you claim that David suggested “that he becomes Muslim”.

            Your “proof” is circular reasoning, since you are pointing to a book as proof of the claim the book makes.

            Whether religion or the “gods” it worships, both are just as dangerous to humanity and unless you regularly stone people for their sins, you are a hypocrite, cherry picking the parts of the bible that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling while ignoring the evil bits that have fallen out of fashion, not because “god” sent down an updated version, but because humanity determined that rape, slavery, and murder are immoral acts.

            Teresa is quite right in ridiculing you by referencing ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’, although she could have just as easily picked;
            ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘tHe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’, Spiderman’,
            ‘Harry Potter’, or even ‘Clifford, The Big, Red Dog’ as any if those books are as much fantasy as the bible.

            The big bang did not create brains, millions of years of evolution did.

            Your inability to understand Science does not make it less true.

          • Steve Bowden

            Hey TheOccasionalAtheist, do you have a youtube channel or something? Your name looks familiar?

          • TheOccasionalAtheist

            I do not, not yet at least. TheOccasionalAtheist is my twitter handle and I was a frequent flier on disqus last year.

          • emma

            Have u read that old book? Most people who talk like u have not read the bible for them self. Why not read the old book so u will know how to stop people from believing the lie

          • Gwendolynn Walsh

            Most atheists have read that old book (of fiction) from cover to cover; that is why they are atheists!

          • Imjustsaying

            Ummm before you correct anyone on anything. Read a good book or have your grammar instructors put on trial for involuntary manslaughter because they have aided you in murdering the english language and how to spell correctly… And by your speech and spelling you couldnt understand green eggs and ham let alone the bible…. So you have a good day

          • Colleen

            Ummm before you correct anyone on anything, “English” and “Bible” are proper nouns and so you should have used capital letters. Also there is an apostrophe in “couldn’t”. Perhaps use English punctuation correctly yourself if you are going to correct other people’s use of it.

          • Guy Nickerson


          • like I CM

            Your turn? Bwahahahaha

          • JINGJING39

            Prove that there is no God 😉

          • Craig McCracken

            To not believe in talking snakes, virgin births, resurrection etc. etc. is fictional and ignorant?!

          • Mack

            I’d rather be an atheist, than believe 2 penguins walked to the middle east from Antarctica to get on a boat, then walked back again. I’d rather be an atheist, than believe that rape and slavery are OK

          • LincsLass

            How can a lack of belief be fictional? Do you have a clue what you’re talking about, because I’m lead to believe not. What is ignorant is following a book of fiction written about 3,500 years ago, that says the earth is only around 6,000 years old, that you must stone your daughrer to death if she gets raped and talks about unicorns as if they’re real.

          • John Twomey

            Where was this pastor’s God as he suffocated, JT?

            Show me God and I will believe. Until then, keep your delusions to yourself.

          • rw

            If god made man in his own image, I’d be invisible. Good grief!

          • sue

            Mythology is for ignorant people! My invisible sky person is better than yours!

          • Kohhran Upa Rangi

            What is atheism by your own interpretation? You don’t seem to grasp what it actually is.
            Best to learn the things before you open your mouth. Like that Muslim clown Dr. Zakir Naik, who asserts that evolution is JUST a theory, don’t be a laughing stock.

          • Jon Inge Teigland

            So not believing in something is fictional?
            Do you believe in unicorns?
            Is your non-belief in unicorns fictional?

          • Simon Hunt

            Try saying that again with a mouthful of dirt 🙂

          • Ross Purdy

            I see what you did there…

          • CE

            Check out this dumbass

          • devnull1

            What’s that Jt – Magic sky wizards? you want us to believe in magic sky beings and if we don’t then we are ignorant?

          • Gene Dooley

            So, to cling to unfounded beief is intelligent, and to NOT believe in something that lacks evidence is ignorant? I think you might be a bit confused. So, until you work that out, maybe you should not comment on the internet; someone might see it. And you don’t want to look ignorant, do you?

          • Hal Barbour

            Really? well you’re going to have to look mighty hard to find an atheists who will have someone bury him alive to be resurrected. In this case, the ignorant one is the one who believed in spirits and devils, and god.

          • Jt

            Nope, the ignorant one is the one believes he got his mind/brain from a none-thinking entity. how stupid is that? Something that can’t think or rationalize can create a world as structured as the one we live in, alone with human beings who think and plan virtually everything. Nope, try again. Spirits and a sovereign being make way more sense. But every fool has a prerogative to think what he wants. It’s a free country.

          • Hal Barbour

            Seven words into the sentence you got your first assumption wrong, I don’t “believe” in much of anything, I don’t need to, the explanations of how the world and universe work are things that don’t need to be “believed” only acknowledged. So far, the interjection of a god or whatever is unnecessary to the explanation of all natural phenomenon, no scientific explanation has ever been abandoned in favor of a supernatural one.
            Until and when someone can prove that thought at whatever level or process by humans or any other earthling is the result of another thinking mind, your assumptions are merely that.
            Spirits and a sovereign being only make it more sense to you, because your post is just one big “begging the question” assertion. It must be awful to be so afraid of what the world tells us that you have to either make up beliefs or believe what someone told you to believe. Dogma is the hand of the dead on the throat of the living.

          • John c

            Atheism is not placing blind faith in works of fiction.

          • Jt

            smh. blind faith is subscribing to theories of evolution where fools believe a none thinking entity can create beings that think. Outright foolishness.

        • rw

          If god made man in his own image, I’d be invisible. Good grief

        • Jangirova

          Not Religion. The late “pastor” had a psychiatric problem. It’ called Grandiose Delusion. The followers didn’t recognize they obeyed. It’s classical !

      • Elizabeth Blaze

        Not quite fictional. “Artistic license” based on real life incidents would better describe it.

      • Patrick Wiley

        Not entirely. It’s a mixture of real deaths, urban legends and fiction. Usually the cause of death is based on something real or a classic urban legend but the skit that precedes it is a fabrication to make the story more entertaining.

      • ashalalalala

        Yeah but some of those stories on 1000 ways to die were reported on the news sooo its not to fictional!

    • Terje Monsen

      Darwin awards?

      • Harold Eugene Quillin

        Gets my vote, may not be top honor but it is up there. have fun q

      • Ann Aldonut


  • Believerinheaven

    Some want to act the messiah!
    But the Messiah was not an act, but a reality.

    • Uko Augustin John

      messiah wasn’t any reality it was a scam, wake up and smell the coffee.

      • Believerinheaven

        but you said your name is John ?
        You are the real scam here boy !

        • Doug

          Wow, your level of stupidity is quite impressive, I’m impressed.

        • Curti Uwuigbe

          I agree.

    • Rectangle

      The messiah is a fairy tale, like the greek, roman and egyptian gods before.

      • Harry McNicholas

        I do not know if the story is a fairy tale but that Jesus was the Messiah is questionable at least by Jewish scholars.

        • Curti Uwuigbe

          That is even written in the Bible itself showing you that the Bible is truth.

      • lodz

        Experience is the best teacher, Christ will appear to you tonight and you will be one of his followers

        • Harry McNicholas

          Hm he never showed and instead Odin showed up in his place.

    • Harry McNicholas

      Nobody knows for sure Be. When you do not have any evidence and do not know for sure, well you fall back on faith. Yes, faith is when you go to Vegas and put all your earnings on 7 black.

      • Curti Uwuigbe

        Science, which you depend on, has proven many passages in the Bible to be correct. However we do not depend on science to prove what we believe, no! Rather, what we believe corrects the anomalies of science. If you say what I contribute is BS, wouldn’t that apply to your scientific versus faith comparisons??

        • Harry McNicholas

          Name one? No you rely on a bunch of silly nonsense and not reason.

  • John650

    At least he didn’t make a member of his congregation to jump into their grave. What a fool he is.

  • taiwo

    Black People sha!

  • Curti Uwuigbe

    Imagine what he would have claimed to be had he ‘resurrected’ after his command!

    • Artful ºDodger

      It looks like you are still giving him the benefit of a doubt, you mean you couldnt tell already the man was possessed? He had psychiatric issues!

      • Curti Uwuigbe

        I could Artful Dodger. What I meant is that he would have been more deceitful (and easily so) if he had ‘resurrected at his command’!!!

  • Prince Ugo

    Ignorance at its peak

  • Luke Dennis Odia

    Sent to an untimely grave by his own misadventure…wish him the best of luck as he crosses the bar to the other side of life. A pure case of power failure.

    • Sal Yarima


    • Harry McNicholas

      The worms crawl in and the worms crawl out. The worms play pinnacle on your snout.

    • Artful ºDodger

      Lol…power failure indeed

  • Fuzio

    The foolish must die.

  • SamPsalm

    Salute to the man’s courage. Dying to help others. Just hope the Court discharges the grave soldiers who were merely following the last orders. More prophets should learn to put themselves – not their members – in situations like that requiring ressurrection

    • Harry McNicholas

      Hm I think more salute to his stupidity. Death by stupidity never helped anyone. Do you think all prophets are as dumb as this bozo?

      • conundrum9



    people must learn be faithful to christ .

    • Doug

      Christ never existed, stop being a child and stop talking to imaginary friends.

    • Harry McNicholas

      No they must not be so stupid.

  • Teejey

    Deola Adebiyi you are so unprofessional in that you use the picture of a popular pastor in zimbabwe to pull in peoplebto read your article. How unethical.Stop using other people’s influence to further your career.You need to sued because of defamation of character.

    • Harry McNicholas

      This pastor or that pastor, all are flim flam artists.

  • They Pastor literally commit suicide with the help of his members.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    Madness and poverty.Only Christ has risen from dead.

    • Rectangle

      In a fairy tale. No one rises from the dead. What’s so awful about this life that people are so eager to believe their is another one after? You’ll turn to compost the same as the rest of us when you die. Fairy tales and folk lore doesn’t make for a good insurance plan.

    • Harry McNicholas

      So the story goes but since rising from the dead is physically impossible, very very doubtful.

  • Rectangle

    Sounds like that worked out rather well overall yes?

  • Susan Szbornak

    Darwinism wins.

  • dufranx

    Could you please state at least 2 lies you discovered or detected in the bible. I will advice you to reason before you click the “Post…” button.

    • DyingLight

      “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” and, “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Didn’t even have to continue reading to find more.

      • Curti Uwuigbe

        What is wrong with those quotes from the Bible? You are not explaining yourself. To help you: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” means the earth and heavens had a beginning. “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the waters.” This means the earth wasn’t as you find it because somewhere down the line as you study the Bible it say… And God commanded the earth (soil) out of the waters….God commanded every types of trees etc, animals etc etc… that God’s Spirit moved upon the surface of the deep i.e. over the surface of the waters. What else do you need to understand so that the truth shall set you free??

        • Harry McNicholas

          The problem is that the earth was not formed in this manner. This is pure silly nonsense .

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Please tell me how it was formed.

        • DyingLight

          They’re implausible at best, outright false at worst, and they’re first two lines of the Bible. Matter came before light? There’s no evidence of that. Light coming into creation after matter, or much less after the earth? Even more implausible. The Earth isn’t even close to the oldest thing in the universe.

          We are set free by inquiry, not grasping onto mythology.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            It is said God is light. But even without that can you prove that light is not made up of matter??

          • DyingLight

            Light is not matter, even if you consider it in its particle form and not it’s wave form, because it has no mass. Matter has mass. We’ve know this since the late 19th century. Light existed before our planet formed, even before our star formed.

            Photons are no more worthy of worship than protons, electrons, or any other subatomic particle. Now, if you want to involve a folklore parable in quantum mechanics, then feel free to do so. Just realize it has absolutely zero explanatory power. No more so than say the flying spahetti monster created the universe.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            You may not believe it now because science is limited to what it knows. Light as particle is matter but its weight seems zero to us. It is like being weightless in space and you say you have no mass!! That light can be blocked or bent means it has matter. In fact, if it didn’t have matter, you wouldn’t feel it or even see it.

          • DyingLight

            No, matter is made of atoms, mass and weight are different concepts you seem to be confusing, and light isn’t matter (it isn’t made up from atoms). It’s a form of electromagnetic radiation – and behaves in similar ways to such forces.

            There are still unanswered questions with light at the quantum scale, but what you’re describing has already been very much answered by physics, and frankly you’re wrong.

            The wonderful thing about science is that it doesn’t require faith. As it changes and grows we alter our theories and change with it. Faith doesn’t do this – it claims to know all already. Not only is this incredibly boring, at least to me, it’s also massively arrogant.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Dying Light, what I just explained is my personal insight to defining light. I am not wrong, even by the standard of physics which you refer. If the mass of anything is zero, what will its weight be, anywhere? Please give me this answer before I continue..

          • DyingLight

            That link explains the differences between mass and weight.

            Here’s a chart explaining mass vs. weight:

            Here’s a link explaining that even zero-mass things can have weight:

            And that such things are still not considered matter.

            There’s no need to continue. It’s clear your “personal insight” isn’t tempered by an education in the sciences. I’m not saying this to be mean, I’m just not sure what it is you’re getting too by comparing “personal insight” to verifiable data.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Dying Light, I understand how you feel. I am an Engineer who understands mass, weight etc. To give you an insight: Energy = F.D = N.m = Joule
            But F = Mass . A
            Mass = quantity of matter.
            So even energy is matter. Whereas you say electromagnetic wave, mostly made up by photons (energy) are not energy. If they are energy, as is known in science, it means they have mass. And this is despite the so called things that are said to be zero-mass but having weight. Don’t you see that if something has zero-mass it should not have weight? How can a photomultiplier detect photons if they didn’t truly have mass?? Anything with zero-mass is not measureable!!! In fact, scientist should speak like engineers by saying the instrument for measuring such zero-mass are not advanced enough; that their accuracy (error margin) can only measure such infinitesimal mass as zero.

          • DyingLight

            “Don’t you see that if something has zero-mass it should not have weight?”

            Because mass and weight aren’t the same thing. I’ve said it three times now and offered a chart explaining the difference. I don’t know any other way to explain it to you. Weight is a description of gravitational force. The link above described experiments that have indeed found zero mass objects nonetheless respond to gravitation. These experiments were repeated and verified, so it’s unlikely to be an issue with accuracy.

            Here’s a link directly addressing the photon/mass discussion. Since you’re engineer you should be able to also follow the mathematical models describing it:

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            DayLight, I have read the doc on You noticed the writer said “Alternative theories of the photon include a term that behaves like a mass, and this gives rise to the very advanced idea of a “massive photon”. Here he talked about the very advanced idea of a “massive photon” which are my thoughts based on faith. The issue is with the current advancement in electromagnetic theory and quantum mechanics which are unable to bring Photons to their rest mass. The writer also said: “An upper limit to the photon mass can be inferred through satellite measurements of planetary magnetic fields. The Charge Composition Explorer spacecraft was used to derive an upper limit of 6 × 10−16 eV with high certainty. This was slightly improved in 1998 by Roderic Lakes in a laboratory experiment that looked for anomalous forces on a Cavendish balance. The new limit is 7 × 10−17 eV. Studies of galactic magnetic fields suggest a much better limit of less than 3 × 10−27 eV, but there is some doubt about the validity of this method.” What the writer is saying may be summarised as follows:

            1) within the current experimental limits of measurements, a photon cannot be brought to rest.

            2) because of the limits in (1) above, science is still unable to determine the rest mass of a photon

            3) if the rest mass of a photon can be determined, electromagnetic theory, quantum mechanics would be in trouble i.e. rubbished

            4) other school of thoughts (scientists) believe that photon has mass.

            5) an upper limit to the photon mass can be inferred through satellite measurements of planetary magnetic fields and that an upper limit of 6 × 10−16 eV was achieved with high certainty. This last part explains that there is evidence photon has mass, confirming my ‘personal insight’.
            So thanks for the referral which has helped to strengthen my points based on the Faith.
            You know, the Bible says: “you cannot be against the truth, but for the truth”. This means science will go round and round but still come around to prove the Bible correct. Remember that the Bible says God is also Light.

          • DyingLight

            The important bit from the article: “Quantum mechanics introduces the idea that light can be viewed as a collection of “particles”: photons. *Even though these photons cannot be brought to rest, and so the idea of rest mass doesn’t really apply to them*, we can certainly bring these “particles” of light into the fold of equation (1) by just considering them to have no rest mass. ”

            What that means is light travels at the speed of light.
            Should they [photons] ever be brought to rest then what you’re saying is complete and utter conjecture. (i.e. rubbish). What you’re saying is like claiming “should we ever be able to taste the number 6 it would taste like strawberries. ” It’s a nonsensical phrase.

            “So thanks for the referral which has helped to strengthen my points based on the Faith.”

            If you really want to base your beliefs on conjecture I won’t stop you.

            Science can also “confirm” a belief in the olympians or native american spirit animals depending on how much you’re willing to twist to fit your own indoctrinated belief system.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            O.K. Dying Light. I will speak as an engineer, someone who has been taught science, and who still practices science. Now, tell me why do you think (or what do you understand by) the writer saying “Alternative theories of the photon include a term that behaves like a mass, and this gives rise to the very advanced idea of a “massive photon.”? And “An upper limit to the photon mass can be inferred through satellite measurements of planetary magnetic fields. The Charge Composition Explorer spacecraft was used to derive an upper limit of 6 × 10−16 eV with high certainty. This was slightly improved in 1998 by Roderic Lakes in a laboratory experiment that looked for anomalous forces on a Cavendish balance. The new limit is 7 × 10−17 eV.”??

          • DyingLight

            It’s disappointing that you have a willingness to trash (experimentially supported) relativistic physics based on conjecture to satisfy your own personal faith.

            Which is exactly what you’re proposing. A massive photon simply isn’t matter in the same way you’re describing or want it to be. Rest-mass isn’t the same as mass or weight. Rest-mass =/= mass =/= weight. It seems you’re confusing these terms. In physics these terms all have strict definitions. Moreover, if you read the article carefully, those limits were calculated based on light particles having *NO rest mass*.

            “Alternative theories of the photon include a term that behaves like a mass..” but still *isn’t mass*.

            I’m sorry, but with each passing comment I find it more and more unlikely that you’re someone who “practices science”.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Dying Light, I am happy you do not resort to abuses, insults in this heated debate. It shows you are a very matured and enlightened person. I am someone practising science but I happen to have a belief that is above science or at least that science is proving albeit unknowingly to the unbelieving scientists. In your submission https://van.physics.illinois.e…, there were arguments about inertia mass and rest mass, agreed. However, even in the formula E=pC, in considering the two types of masses, we see that Mike is even not certain in his explanation: “This one keeps coming up. Weight (gravitational effects) comes from energy and momentum in General Relativity. Light has energy and momentum and therefore participates in gravitational effects. Not only does it move through the curved space-time produced by its neighbors, but it also contributes a little to curving spacetime.

            So your main question is answered, but now we get to the troublesome word “mass”. Does light have mass? That depends on your definition of mass. If you mean the inertial mass m, as in momentum p=mv, where v is the velocity, the answer is yes. That’s the same m which is given by E/c2. Since light has energy and momentum, it obviously has m in this sense of the term.

            If you mean rest mass, also called invariant mass, the answer is sort of no. That’s the m in E2=p2c2+m2c4. Since for a single photon E=pc, that m is zero. As soon as you have multiple photons going different directions, their p’s partially or completely cancel even though their E’s just add up. In case the p’s exactly cancel, you end up with E=mc2, i.e. for that batch of light the invariant mass and the inertial mass are the same and not zero. The inertial mass of that batch of light is just the sum of the inertial masses of the parts, but the invariant mass is completely different from the sum of the invariant masses of the parts. This one keeps coming up. Weight (gravitational effects) comes from energy and momentum in General Relativity. Light has energy and momentum and therefore participates in gravitational effects. Not only does it move through the curved space-time produced by its neighbors, but it also contributes a little to curving spacetime.

            So your main question is answered, but now we get to the troublesome word “mass”. Does light have mass? That depends on your definition of mass. If you mean the inertial mass m, as in momentum p=mv, where v is the velocity, the answer is yes. That’s the same m which is given by E/c2. Since light has energy and momentum, it obviously has m in this sense of the term.

            If you mean rest mass, also called invariant mass, the answer is sort of no. That’s the m in E2=p2c2+m2c4. Since for a single photon E=pc, that m is zero. As soon as you have multiple photons going different directions, their p’s partially or completely cancel even though their E’s just add up. In case the p’s exactly cancel, you end up with E=mc2, i.e. for that batch of light the invariant mass and the inertial mass are the same and not zero. The inertial mass of that batch of light is just the sum of the inertial masses of the parts, but the invariant mass is completely different from the sum of the invariant masses of the parts. Now the gravitational effect of that light can’t depend on whether we call it a bunch of separate photons, with total rest mass zero, or call it a big bag of light, with rest mass E/c2. It’s easier then to just think of E as the source of gravity. (p is too, but that’s a more complicated term.)


            Mike W.
            It is clear that even Mike admits that “(p is too, but that’s a more complicated term)”. This confirms my statement that science isn’t advanced enough to be able to fully understand that photons have mass.
            I BELIEVE THAT AS ENERGY IS A FUNCTION OF MATTER, PHOTONS (ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES) HAVE MASS. How does gravity act on something without mass. Sometimes science strives to be so advanced that the basics are forgotten or taken for granted.

            The mass I am talking about is like inertia mass, even if you say it is rest mass which is different because of the force required to achieve it.

          • DyingLight

            Ok, you’ve basically proven my point here: that’s a fine description of massless particles that have relativistic mass and lack any rest mass.

            I’m not disputing that.

            It seems you are disputing it.

            “How does gravity act on something without mass. Sometimes science strives to be so advanced that the basics are forgotten or taken for granted.”

            Though massless, particles may be affected by gravity through the distortion of space-time by the presence of massive objects. Essentially, a massive object compresses space in its vicinity, and when a massless particle (let’s say, a photon) passes through this compressed region, its path is affected.

            What you’re asking is a natural question based on Newtonian physics. For most daily considerations, classical mechanics (Newton) is adequate to solve problems, but when things get really fast or really heavy, we need to account for relativistic effects (Einstein). Your whole argument is based on an understanding of Newtonian physics, which is fine; but you’re applying it to relativistic concepts, which is the problem. But.. you don’t provide any experiment or evidence for your assertion. Just conjecture. All linked back a belief that it MUST be so because of your own religious beliefs.

            If the photon is not a strictly massless particle, it would not move at the exact speed of light in vacuum, i.e. its speed would be lower and depend on its frequency. This is not what we observe. You are wrong.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            DyingLight, you just came to my point: Science is limited by what it knows and changes/updates itself with increase in knowledge. What we say are from the knowledge giver, from the all knowing God. And that explains why the Faith does not change, and cannot change. God said my word remains forever.

          • DyingLight

            Science does indeed change as new data becomes available. What I don’t think you understand is how science actually works to create near (99.99%) certainty with enough precision we can make predictions; like using a force*mass equation to predict if a bridge falls or stands.

            Here’s a question though: If God’s word remains forever, why did he need a new testament? If indeed it’s the same God of the old testament, why the addition? That’s certainly a change.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            The words of Jesus Christ himself were (Matt 5:8): I did not come to change the laws but to fulfil them. The good book says ‘heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away. and continuing Jesus said ‘For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. So the new testament is simply the fulfilment of the old; same principles applied in two different eras

          • DyingLight

            That seems like a hefty dose of circular reasoning. It isn’t a change because it says it isn’t a change? Why would an infallible creator need a new edition? As I understand it, to this very day that’s a main reason Jews still disbelieve Christians.

            Moreover why would any creator-diety need worshippers at all? Strikes me as being petty and capricious.

          • Teresa

            I believe in GOB The factual history off goblins tells me so

            “Why do they call it Ogrestab Hollow?” said Eyon. “It doesn’t sound safe to me.”

            “Gob would tell Master, but Gob feels that Master seeing it with his own eyes would be best.”

            Ahead of them, the trees parted to reveal a very large ogre, skeletal, in great and rusting armor. He was propped up by a cottage and a lance that he held, one that had skewered the walls all the way through.

            “Goodness,” Eyon said softly.

            “Gob assures Master that the Hollow is quite safe,” Gob continued. “It is in fact one of the great prides of Gob’s people within these borders.”

            “How do you mean?”

            “Ogres are gobkin but often no friends of we the gobs. This ogre was particularly old, and thus particularly large and particularly clever, as Gob is sure Master knows that ogres get bigger and cleverer all their lives.”

          • My2Cents

            Wrong again. Your analogy is completely false. Your scientific knowledge of what Light IS is flawed, and of how it works is completely incorrect. You need basic science classes.

          • My2Cents

            “it is said” is in no way any sort of proof. Not even close. And if god is Light, then stars produce gods. Candles produce gods. Light bulbs produce gods. Now isn’t that just silly logic? You bet it is.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Can you, by scientific means, show that light is not made up by matter??

          • Harry McNicholas

            Light can be measured either as a wave or a particle. The Earth is fairly young compared to the rest of the universe. Light existed long before there was any earth or any sun. Again, I gave you some sites on science but you still come back with ignorance.

          • My2Cents

            Yes. It has been 100% proven that light (i.e. photons) have no mass (i.e. matter). That has been a known fact for decades and every time it was tested since has only ever been reaffirmed. Do whatever test you’d like… whatever your mind can imagine, and you will never disprove that a single time. Not once, ever, because that is the truth of Light. It travels in particles and waves. It is literally the fastest moving thing in the universe. And it has no mass whatsoever. Do ten seconds worth of research and Google it yourself.

            But then, you don’t want to be informed or educated, do you? No, you just want to “win” the argument and proclaim yourself “right” (i.e. righteous), and feel superior to those of us who choose to try and find real, honest, verifiable, provable, testable, repeatable answers for anything and everything instead of being satisfied with it being the unknowable workings of an invisible magic man in the sky.

            There simply is no such thing as the supernatural. If there were, we’d have found some sort of evidence to substantiate it by now. But we have found exactly zip, zilch, nada, nothing, zero evidence to even suggest, let alone substantiate, any such flimsy hypothesis. And by “we,” I mean humans, scientifically minded or otherwise. Not a single verifiable bit of data or evidence at all that wasn’t a lie or a hallucination, or anecdotal. Ever.

            And yet, you still believe what some book written by illiterate goat herders in the middle of a desert says, just because you were told to when you were young and didn’t know anything better anyway. And now you carry that burden into adulthood and try and convince the rest of us to believe in your fairy tales too.

            The irony is that you think WE are the stupid ones, and it has never occurred to you that out of all the times someone has said that you are wrong and your logic and reason are flawed, the only common factor, the only unchanging variable in any of those scenarios is… you. All those rebuttals, and somehow you are the one true believer, and all the rest of us must be wrong/stupid/doomed/etc.

            Put your ego aside for a second and actually try to see the world around you without looking through the veiled eyes of belief. Evidence first, then belief. Never the other way around.

          • curtis uwuigbe

            O.K. You win! I await the future.

          • Palaceviking&themicrochip

            In fear. That is what religion is a perfectly natural response to because some part of you either knows or suspects that when you die there will be nothing……no light at the end of the tunnel, no pearly gates or any of that, just neurons being steadily deprived of electrical charge until your body becomes just another part of the universe again(pretty scary if you ask me!)

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Please ask this question: if the light you refer to is what you say it is, how come it can be blocked off?? Why doesn’t it just go through any object unhindered?

          • DyingLight

            Because matter and energy aren’t polar opposites of each other. Each shares characteristics of one with the other.

            This question has been answered by physics, and if you wish to google it you can. I’m sure you’d find an answer far more eloquently explained than I can offer here.

    • joebobjones

      The notion that Jesus of Nazareth even existed, for one. Among nearly 150 contemporary scholars and historians of the same period, regional no less, there is not one mention of the Jesus character at all. For a messiah, followed by the multitudes, performing miracles as he went, and greatly upsetting the powers that be to be utterly unmentioned in legitimate historical documents is a case closed. Every biblical mention of Jesus is posthumous, by over 30 years in the Epistles of Paul, and 90 plus years in the canonical gospels. Nobody knew Jesus, and he did not exist. He is an amalgam of multiple messianic myths. Sorry to burst any bubbles.

      • Harry McNicholas

        Well,we have no idea the number in “multitudes”. It could have been Sal and his brother in law. Always throw in a few miracles it sells well. I personally think people want to believe in miracles because reality sometimes can really suck. I checked you rat and you burst some of my favorite bubbles.

      • Curti Uwuigbe

        Dear joebobjones, you did not burst any bubbles, rather you have helped explained the multitudes that follow him (at least 2.2 billion people). Many have personal experiences, just like with the disciples, that they are ready to laydown their lives for the faith. And laying down their lives doesn’t mean fighting others to death but preaching and being severely persecuted without giving up their faith. You have also shown the power of the Almighty God to do the impossible by preserving His truth through all ages. Thanks.

        • Harry McNicholas

          To begin your education, you might start with the two following sites: Scientific American. How science figured out the age of the earth. Scientific American. Earth formed from diverse meteorite mix. You will find a number of science sites to help you understand. You should also look up: Scientific Method. The difference between faith and reason. Faith you put all on 7 black in Vegas. Reason you figure the odds.

        • joebobjones

          I’m impressed with the passion of your rationalization, Curti. I’ve merely shown that the Christ never existed, although what does exist is your faith in the myth, and if that helps you, knock yourself out, but please refrain from trying to lay it on other people, or govern through religion. (and I’m not saying that you personally have done this, but so many people in the USA at least do) Thanks!

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Joebobjones, thanks. And I like the fact that you do not curse but argue maturely.

      • Randy May

        There were never any slaves in Egypt, and Moses never existed either.

    • Harry McNicholas

      Waling on water is impossible without water wings. Someone who is crucified is not coming back. Food does not magically appear out of the air and neither does wine without some kind of fruit. 2,000 years ago there was no such thing as artificial insemination. Do you need more?

      • Randy May

        “Miracles” lol

    • Super Mario

      Each of the lines points to a verse in the bible that directly contradicts the original verse. They can’t both be right.

      • SnookyTLC

        Yes. The contraditions in the Bible are what really turned me off of (trying to) believe. That, and conflicts with science. It’s JUST NOT LOGICAL!!

    • SnookyTLC

      Genesis: Calling the sky “firmament,” which means something solid. Bronze-age goat herders didn’t know anything about astronomy (not like other ancient peoples, such as the Aztecs or Egyptians) and thought the sky was a shell surrounding the Earth. And that’s just the first few sentences. Then there are all the contradictions, especially in the New Testament gospels.

  • Flo


  • Tameko72

    Well, he told them to bury him. He deserved what happened to him!

  • robmoore

    The local gene pool rose ever so slightly in quality although summoning a crazy person to cleanse evil spirits from a house indicates the gene pool still needs a good bit more pruning.

    • Harry McNicholas

      I like your eloquent comment and view on this very very stupid act.

    • Jon Inge Teigland

      You mean the gene pool needs more chlorine.

  • Macdonald

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    • Harry McNicholas

      So you are saying you are a simpleton.

  • joebobjones

    Hooray for religion!

  • Nelson

    There is no place in the Bible where Jesus Christ or any other prophet or God directed anybody to be buried alive either for spiritual cleansing or for acquisition of spiritual power. That “pastor” just wasted his life.

    • Harry McNicholas

      “Lazarus come forth” Sorry when someone is dead for a few days, they are not getting up and walking away.

      • Curti Uwuigbe

        Who says so? Even those that have died in our time and came back to life have. You may google as a starter..

        • Harry McNicholas

          Sorry Curti, Nobody has come back to life after being dead for a few days. People who have been at the point of drowning in very cold water say for max of 45 minutes, have come back. A few people in comas but their bodies are not dead. Show me one person who has been dead for 3 days who has come back to life? Not BS, real evidence.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            Well Harry, apart from the Biblical evidences and two soldiers that came back to live days after being killed in Sudan, her is a site I have for you to refer to
            . I hope it helps.

          • Harry McNicholas

            This soldier was in a coma. He had not been dead for a few days. The other soldier likely had a very slow heart beat. Stop believing in BS.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            No, it took days to move their corpses from one region of Africa to another. And both of them are Christians whereas the morgue attendant is Muslim which makes it even more certain.

          • Harry McNicholas

            That is BS and stop spreading it unless you plan to grow crops.

          • Curti Uwuigbe

            The soldiers are alive and well and can be reached even today because they are very close to where I work. No one can change their stories.

          • Harry McNicholas

            There are thousands of people who have seen UFO’s or seen little green men. Anecdotal evidence is not valid.

          • Pamela Beurman

            No one can confirm them either. Peer reviewed evidence is proof, the ramblings of superstitious individuals isn’t.

          • Harry McNicholas

            I saw this and not one was confirmed by anyone with a science background. Most were total BS. This is not a science site but more of a National Enquirer site.

          • Jon Simon

            Hahahaha, biblical evidence? You mean the bible is evidence that it, itself, is true! Just like Harry Potter.

          • Teresa

            This is a satirical site..Oh by the way I have proof of Ogres: From “The book of Ogres” ( not to be confused with the book of Mormon)
            Despite rumors to the contrary, ogres are a species apart and not simply very large goblins or orcs. Like orcs and goblins, ogres posess the ability to conduct photosynthesis through the green hue of their skin. Unlike them, though, ogres tend to be much larger: an adult ogre is usually 10 feet tall and in excess of 1000 lbs. They also have a decidedly simian build, with short and stocky legs to support their bulk but very long arms on which they can knuckle-walk to move faster.

      • summerblossom scarlet

        Oh right, like Lazarus ASKED to be buried ALIVE and even HELPED people dig his grave. This falls under (if you really understood the Bible) “the scriptures say ‘do not put the Lord your God to the test.” This translates to ‘don’t provoke him’ – ‘don’t intentionally bring harm to yourself to gamble if God will save you.’ It’s like this one rebellious kid who always gets himself in trouble and always end up in Jail because he thinks his mom will always come to bail him out. Normal people find that insulting, what more God? – my point is, these are two different things. Lazarus was resurrected because Jesus resurrected him not because he buried himself. Jesus died and resurrected to fulfill the prophesy – because there was prophesy to fulfill – He was just following orders. Also, He is the Son of God so don’t freaking compare Him to that pastor who claimed suicide to resurrect. I am saying this hypothetically, based on the Bible specifically, for the atheists who don’t believe, and religiously for those who do believe. I’m not stepping on anyone’s borders here – I’m just imposing how blatantly wrong the understanding of this “pastor’ is of the Bible – which, even though, presents hypothetically to atheists. You heard the scientific facts, this is even non-sensical when looking at the Bible.

        • Harry McNicholas

          I do not think this falls under “testing God” but rather “testing one’s faith in God”. The preacher had all this faith in God and whoops did not work. Always cover your bet with something like a breathing tube. None of us were around when this “raising from the dead” supposedly happened 2,000 years ago so trying to duplicate it is not the smartest thing to do. So far nobody has demonstrated that faith does much of anything. What this story should teach you is not to be a moron.


      There is also nowhere in the bible that states one should reenact the crucifixion to show their faith in Christ, but sheeple do it all the time.

  • Harry McNicholas

    “A million ways to die in the West uh uh West Africa” What an idiot. “Whoops I knew I forgot something the breathing tube”.

    • Nelson

      Zimbabwe is in Southern Africa; definitely not in West Africa.

      • Harry McNicholas

        I was sure the country of South Africa sits on the tip of south Africa. Sorry pal but if I am on the Atlantic ocean in Africa I am on the west side.

        • Jon Inge Teigland

          West side of Africa is not the same as West Africa.
          Would you say that Texas is in Eastern USA? But it is on the Atlantic side. So by your logic, it must be.

          Also, Zimbabwe is not on the Atlantic coast. So even though your argument is wrong, your conclusion is also based on a wrong assumption.

          West Africa is the western part of NORTHERN Africa. You could say that Nigeria is in West Africa, but that’s as far east as you can go.

          Zimbabwe is definitely in SOUTHERN Africa. Not West Africa.

          • Harry McNicholas

            Your argument is silly. The West side of Africa is part of West Africa. As to which countries constitute West Africa that depends upon geographers. As to Texas, it is considered part of the U.S. Southwest. From there it is the Mason Dixon line that separates the Northern U.S. from the South. The Midwest starts at the Dakota Eastern Border and stretches to East border of Texas. To say a county is in South Africa can also mean that it is part of West Africa or Central Africa or even East Africa. Zimbabwe then can either be considered in South Africa or West Africa. Your argument is the same as” How far does one have to run into a forest before he is running out of a forest?”

          • Jon Inge Teigland

            My argument is not silly. My argument is fact.

            You’re simply factually wrong.
            The funny thing is that you don’t see that you’re arguing against yourself.

            You say that “The West side of Africa is part of West Africa”.
            And then you say “Texas is considered part of the U.S. Southwest”.
            You don’t see that these two claims are not compatible.

            The west side of Africa is NOT a part of West Africa, simply because it’s on the west side. Namibia is on the west coast of Africa. But it is NOT a part of West Africa.
            In your second sentence, you say that Texas IS CONSIDERED part of the US Southwest. So now suddenly the fact that Texas is on the Atlantic coast is not relevant (yes, the gulf of Mexico is part of the Atlantic). So why should the fact that Namibia is on the Atlantic coast be important, but the fact that Texas is on the Atlantic coast is not important?

            As for Zimbabwe, you don’t seem to know where it is. So let me inform you. Even if I should accept your claim (which is wrong), it would be more correct to say that it’s part of East Africa, than to say that it’s part of West Africa. Since it’s MUCH closer to the east coast than the west coast. And it’s VERY much closer to the eastern point of Africa than to the western point of Africa.

            Look at this link:
            Then see if you can find Zimbabwe among the green countries that actually factually constitute West Africa.

  • How I wish some of these thieving Nigerian pastors and prophetesses can follow Kanyama’s example and tell us where to start digging!!

  • Ojiyovwi

    Fatal lesson learned. Understand the death and the process of dying. It is like stopping the engine in a car and allowing the battery to drain empty of power, thus the engine will have no signal to start again even plenty of air. Finally, the earth takes over and the car is just a pile metal and padding. In the case of our dead pastor, The worms will get to work and the bacteria will do their job. A lesson to all religious fools!!!!

  • Ojiyovwi

    Fatal lesson learned. Understand the death and the process of dying. It is like stopping the engine in a car and allowing the battery to drain dry of power. No life means just that. Finished by delusional assumtion of supernatural powers. It is good that the death of this pastor is publicised by the news media to educate the public on the mad consequences of delusions common with religious people of all faiths. Don’t jump off a cliff and expect the angels to catch you before to hit the hard rock bottom. Go and get a job!!!!

  • Artful ºDodger

    The Bible did not send him to bury himself neither did the words therein. The Holy spirits never sent him but the small green people inside his head which the devil has been using to manipulate him in his confused mind. The same small green people controlling the likes of Shekau, Baghadadis, Nnamdi Kalu, Al Zawahiri etc.

    • Randy May

      bahahaha……what is more ignorant than having an imaginary friend? Having an imaginary enemy.

    • rezme

      “small green people”…

  • Curti Uwuigbe

    The Bible is truth. What is your religion, if any?

    • Harry McNicholas

      The Bible is a book written by scribes in ancient Greek from 70 – 90 years after the death of everyone mentioned. There is no way to know whether any part of it is accurate or simply someone’s imagination or misunderstanding of factual events. 1. Sorry it is against the law of Universal Gravitation for anyone to walk on water unless they have water wings. 2. 2,000 years ago a woman could not be a virgin and have a baby. There was no such thing as artificial insemination plus she would still require an operation unknown at the time. 3. People who are dead for a few days do not get up and walk away. 4. Touching someone is not going to cure them of anything and you just might catch what they have. 5. Food does not appear magically out of the sky and the only way to make wine is from some fruit and not just water. If you are crucified, your lungs will collapse and you will choke to death. You are not getting up in a few days to walk around for awhile. The “miracles” were simply made up to give Jesus a better story. Stop asking people who use reason to accept such nonsense.

      • Curti Uwuigbe

        Harry, that is the main difference between the natural and supernatural. All you have described are natural and normal, and I agree. But the supernatural is beyond natural. Therefore, the Bible is correct when it says those were supernatural (miracles). I do not have any other way to explain to you but you will someday understand.

        • Harry McNicholas

          The supernatural is for the ignorant because they lack an education. There is no beyond natural.

      • Onyewuchi Nze

        Mr Harry, ignorance is bad, but half knowledge is dangerous and worse than ignorance. Some parts of the Bible were written by eye witnesses. Almost all parts of the new testaments were written by eye witnesses. The New Testament is divided into 4 parts;the gospels, the acts of the apostles, the epistles and the apocalypse. The whole of the gospels were written by eye witnesses except the gospel of Luke. Luke who wrote the Acts was contemporary of the period he describe and also was an eye witness to some of the events. The whole of the epistles were eye witness accounts. The apocalypse was a vision and not actual events.

        • Harry McNicholas

          Sorry but you are wrong. The Bible was written by scribes in Greek from oral stories told to them by Christians. The Vatican still has one of the original Bibles and sorry pal it is in Greek and not Aramaic. It was not written until long after all the people in the stories were dead. Making up BS is still BS.

        • Billy Smith

          You have bought the religious nonsense hook, line and sinker. So far you have not made one true statement. EVERYTHING you have said has been wrong. There is no such thing as the supernatural. It is something made up by people to control other people. Use your brain occasionally. It’s fun to think, and not just accept nonsense as truth.

      • Monye Ebube

        The Bible is a book written by scribes in ancient Greek from 70 – 90 years
        after the death of everyone mentioned. There is no way to know whether any part
        of it is accurate or simply someone’s imagination or misunderstanding of
        factual events. 1. Sorry it is against the law of Universal Gravitation for
        anyone to walk on water unless they have water wings. [But the One who was
        present with God when He created what Isaac Newton “discovered” as “The Law of
        Gravity” can also know and apply the opposite of it – i.e. anti-gravity! Or,
        don’t reason so, Harry McNicholas? – CFM]. 2. 2,000
        years ago a woman could not be a virgin and have a baby. There was no such
        thing as artificial insemination plus she would still require an operation
        unknown at the time. [The One who received the instruction from the Almighty
        Creator to create humans and other things, and who made it mating as a means of
        procreation, could also be used in the opposite i.e. to be born by a virgin!
        Harry, are you reasoning from God’s supernatural ability and beneficial purpose?
        – CFM]. 3. People who are dead for a few
        days do not get up and walk away. [There you are again, Harry! You are not reasoning in line with God’s
        purpose and power! – CFM]. 4. Touching someone is not going to cure them
        of anything and you just might catch what they have. [But can touching someone by
        magical means cause organ dysfunction, unconsciousness or insanity for the
        person so touched? If so, Harry, then
        the beneficial opposite is possible! – CFM]. 5. Food does not appear magically
        out of the sky and the only way to make wine is from some fruit and not just
        water. If you are crucified, your lungs will collapse and you will choke to
        death. You are not getting up in a few days to walk around for awhile. The
        “miracles” were simply made up to give Jesus a better story. Stop
        asking people who use reason to accept such nonsense. [Harry, your points are
        bereft of logical reasoning, yet you pontificate as if you know. Alexander Hope once said, “Half education is
        dangerous!” Have read reports of fish falling from the sky, or apples falling
        from the sky? History of the Ashanti Empire has it that one King Osei Tutu
        commanded his gold stool down from the sky!
        If these are possible with magicians, how much more with the Jesus
        Christ by whom all things – the elements, the genera, the flora, the fauna,
        humans etc! (Col.
        1:15-17) – CFM]

        • Harry McNicholas

          Your logic is silly. Believing in magic is about as dumb as it comes. Magic are tricks with the emphasis on tricks. I cannot believe that someone living in the 21st century can be so dumb and ignorant. The rest of your comments are no different. If this were the case, I might as well believe in Odin and Valhalla. Much more interesting than something written by a bunch of Jewish goat herders.

        • Sel55

          If god did all that back then why isn’t he doing the same thing now? I see no Jesus walking on water.
          He retired or what?

        • Harry McNicholas

          You give no counter point just a bunch of more BS. Ha ha ha.

      • Linwood

        lol hahahahaha water wings… oh wow… stop…

        • Harry McNicholas

          I love this crap. I could make a fortune on the comedy tour. To be fair, now my favorite Buddhist joke. A Buddhist monk visits his friend in NYC every month. Each time he visits he offers this prayer. “May this house be safe from tigers” This goes on for several months and finally his friend has to ask him “Why do you offer the same prayer, may this house be safe from tigers, every time you show up?”” The monk answers “Had any problems with tigers lately?”. I am not particularly targeting Christians but so many are total nitwits I cannot pass up the chance. Christian are not bad people and most are not mean, but too many are simply very silly. I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. Just what he was doing in my pajamas I will never know. My favorite joke ever.

          • raysot

            Why do you never see an elephant hiding in a tree?

            …because they’re really good at it!

          • Harry McNicholas


  • Kj


  • Wake Up 9ja@Mumu Pple.

    You must be a daft. The Bible did not tell him to bury self alive. Yeye de smell.

  • Onyewuchi Nze

    Where in the Bible was his action sanctioned. It is ignorance like yours that lead people to follow such mad men as this “prophet”

  • Oz

    Harry, some of us one thought like you, but by conviction and experience
    we now know better. Only an experience of the supernatural through
    Jesus Christ can convince you. God created us as free moral agents with
    choice. So you can believe what you like, but i know that only an
    experience will convince people like you. I pray you encounter the supernatural one day. God bless you.

  • Rev

    So you are using one incident credited to a Babalawo prophet to judge a book that has been around for thousands of years and affected Billions and billions of people…changed nations for good…You are a narrow minded mediocre…

    May God forgive you!

    • Kenny Ndove-Mahesu

      A book that has advocated the killing of gays, slavery, incest, malice, etc.

      • Rev

        I perceive you were raised in church, but you have dabbled into wickedness.
        Go and sin no more Kenny.

        • isochronous

          I perceive you failed to address his (completely valid) point, and instead resorted to an ad hominem attack. Good job.

    • isochronous

      You know that “mediocre” is an adjective, not a noun, right? Calling someone “a mediocre” makes no sense.

      Also, you’re confusing “popular” with “accurate.”

    • Harry McNicholas

      Hm you mean like murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslims, Protestants, Catholics so called heretics, witches, Joan of Arc? You need a better education.

  • Randy May

    Natural selection at its best.

  • ita

    Please quote a potion in the bible where this acclaimed prophet took his action from? in the bible there where prophets, which of the buried themselves alive to prove the power of God? May our God forgive you and the spirit that so blind you to hate the word of life (The Bible) in Jesus Precious name Amen.

  • Bob Bryant

    Could put this one on America’s Dumbest Videos…

  • Latunde A. Sapara

    Same religion use during slavery, religion made by slave masters & too many innocent African keep falling for the BS

  • Teri Spencer Kelly

    Who would’ve have predicted this?

  • richard philbrick


  • Awwwww…. poor little prophet baby couldn’t rise from the dead. Religion claims yet another life. At least it was only his own life.

  • Matron Winnie

    Darwin award winner of the month.

  • Guy Williams

    Wow… religious people are so dumb… be it this or simply believing such a ridiculous story…. it’s amazing people are still so dumb… (September Clues)

  • Blank

    Oh Zimbabwe. Isn’t it the same country where another pastor posted a ridiculous video of him “walking” on air.

  • Spartacus Maximus

    Can Pat Robertson please try this next??

  • Danllo

    When religion, stupidity, and scientific ignorance collide.

  • Bill

    Oh what a surprise…

  • wazzel

    Natural Selection at work… Weeding out the stupid.

  • SnookyTLC

    Defintiely a Darwin Award candidate.


    Oh Christians. You so crazy.

  • Freethep

    This how we should be describing what religion is to our children. Literally digging yourself a grave and believing a magical deity will save you.

  • Terry Day

    Didn’t see that coming…

  • James Hyatt


  • Pelue Dennis

    I dont sorry for this idiot !

  • Cindy Suiter

    I wonder why it didn’t work….could it be……oh, nevermind.

  • Abidilagungun

    The limits of zealotry….

  • Peter White

    Darwin Awards!

  • bartonim

    I guess this must have been his first and last resurrection attempt. I really souldn’t make light of the dead, but one can’t help but find some black humour in this story.

  • Old Top Kick

    Religion is a mental disease.

  • Dr. Dhewa

    They should have buried Mugabe instead.

  • David Doobie Doo

    Religious nuts, the level of understanding and thinking doesnt reach farther than their nose.

  • Religion helps against overpopulation. Unfortunately not against evil population.

  • Nele Abels

    I have the very strong suspicon that this idiot’s followership will blame Joseph Taderera that he disturbed the “miracle” and is therefore the one responsible for the “prophet’s” death.


    My two cents. This guy, in technical terms, is a kook. His interpretation of his faith led him to believe he could survive being buried alive. Furthermore, although the term pastor is used, the article lends no evidence to his actual religion. Personally, I would consider this dearly departed death denier a shaman or witch doctor considering the region. If he did happen to be Christian then his interpretation of the Bible is no less asinine than those who practice Santaria or Snake handeling. All of these are bastardinactions of the so called teachings of Christ. Christianity as well as the other Abrahamic religions are just bastardized versions of polytheism and paganism. The bottom line is that religion has and always will be nothing more than a way to control the masses. The Bible, Koran, Torah, Kaballah and all other religious texts are many made. Inspired by, who at would be considered in the modern world, delusions, dreams and nightmares. If there was a God who is omni-everything, do you really think that God would be so insecure and wrathful? Sounds more like a pimple faced teen with a magnifying glass on an antique hill than an all powerful being.

  • Curseless

    This prophet was trying to fool satan and met his waterloo. For it is appointed unto man to die once then he meets with his judgment, he is not the risen Christ.

  • Teresa

    Bahahahaha Believers in imaginary invisible deities are sooooo funny. Rot in peace Pastor!

  • nubeals

    Such a missed opportunity, this. If we didn’t have media like this, a man who looked somewhat alike could’ve popped up with the same bullshit story and formed another new stinking religion. But now the masses know – they are aware – so it’s not easy to bullshit the way we used to, 1000-2000 years ago.

  • Mack


  • Kat ACMilanista

    This is why we need to build more schools in poor areas. Look what happens when they have no education.

  • hoeyegotenz

    Maybe it was the evil spirits that were killing family members that did him in..

  • Antodav

    LOL fail

  • Angelcynn

    African and religious – a double whammy to intelligence

  • Ken Jorgensen

    Stupid is stupid does

  • Paul Olusegun

    Things are happen en. this is so serious.

  • unclened

    YAY, Go Religion!


    He his a Fool anyway from Africa stupid guy .

  • Zaidi

    What can happen when you turn your back on your African spiritual beliefs!

  • John Tosh

    If a percentage of the 7 billion humans do this, population would no longer be a problem.

  • Mwalugha Mshila

    Proverbs 13:16
    In everything the prudent acts with knowledge, but a fool flaunts his folly.

    Proverbs 14:8
    The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way, but the folly of fools is deceiving.

  • Oh well I guess his name wasn’t Jesus after all he didn’t manage to get up. But wait did anyone check 3 days later. Because The Story Goes Jesus died on the cross and then was buried in a tomb and in three days, oh that’s ok. It’s not important that was over two thousand years ago now.

  • Abraham Nyatsanza

    How is Magaya connected to this pastor? The picture up there is Magaya’s and the story has no mention of him.

  • hills_harmzun

    Sorry o!

  • Lee

    God created both human beings and animals. Or else who did? It’s not even a scientific issue since science works with data, facts. So where is the data to prove that God does not exist? You may disagree, but don’t let it sound as if you are being reasonable or scientific!

  • leopardspots

    where there’s intellect there’s mind, and where there’s mind there’s a PERSON. refute if you could

  • Dr. Jegede, Ajibade Ebenezer

    The most powerful. Wonders shall never end. Up Prophet Shamiso.

  • Akinpelu Olugbade

    Many people will die and death will be pronounced “Not Guilty” by the ultimate Judge.


    Fake Pastor fails to resurrect after telling people to bury him alive, so what’s the point of the murder charge.

  • Harry McNicholas

    Serves me right to try to debate parrots.

  • Daddy Love

    No one could have predicted this…

  • Gene Dooley

    Now THAT! Is some powerful stupid.

  • Aius Locutius

    Africans! 🙂

  • Gideon O. Ojei

    The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.

  • John c

    Such faith is to be encouraged amongst the clergy, they should all be buried alive to see if they resurect,good riddance to the scum who prey on the gulible.