Saturday, 3rd December 2022
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Prepare yourself for Miracles: Healing streams program with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome returns

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s upcoming Healing Streams program is expected to be the most powerful

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome hosts the first Healing Streams Live Healing Services program from Friday, March 18th to Sunday, March 20th.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s upcoming Healing Streams program is expected to be the most powerful session in the LoveWorld Nation.

The Christ Embassy president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is returning to your screen from Friday, March 18th to Sunday, March 20th, when his miraculous Healing Streams program is set to take to the airwaves.

The event is scheduled to air at 6 PM GMT+1 every day. It will be broadcast live across all LoveWorld television networks, including the globally available LoveWorld SAT.

You can register for free in advance on the Healing Streams’ website to participate in the event. Participants can also sign up to host a virtual or healing center.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s most recent Healing Streams session took place last year. The program was live-streamed in different languages around the world, making it the largest Christ Embassy event ever.

Expectations for the upcoming March event are already soaring. The co-organizer, Healing School, calls the upcoming Healing Streams session a “special online program designed by the Holy Spirit to bring divine healing to everyone that requires healing for their bodies.”

Pastor Chris heals Marilyn from severe back pain

The Healing School is a healing ministry under the auspices of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy church. Believers from around the globe turn to the ministry for healing from various pains, ailments and health conditions.

The Healing School hosts annual Healing Sessions in Toronto, Canada and Johannesburg, South Africa. The organization has held several online events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thousands of people testified to miraculous healing just from watching the Healing Streams sessions with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Marylin Gabriel from the United States was healed when she watched the Healing Streams program.

She suffered from lower back pain due to degenerative spondylosis of the lumbar spine, lumbar stenosis and disc protrusion at L5/S1 level. The problem also affected her lower limb, causing pain and numbness.

During Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Healing Streams event, the Christ Embassy president addressed Marylin Gabriel directly and healed her through the screen.

“The moment Pastor Chris entered the service, the shaking increased. Then I felt a cracking of my lower back at which time I realized something was happening to my spine. When the man of God, Pastor Chris, called my name, Marylin from the USA, and said, ‘Marylin, you are healed,’ a warmness flowed through my body, and I realized I no longer had the severe lower back pain I was experiencing before. It is a relief and a remarkable experience. A big thank you to the man of God, Pastor Chris, for yielding yourself to God’s call to bring healing to the world. Thank you for bringing God’s word and his love to us,” the woman declared.
Today, Marylin Gabriel does not suffer anymore, and she thanks Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Healing School team for the miracle.

Prosperous avoids surgery because of Healing Streams miracle

Prosperous Nwachukwu from Nigeria was healed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in a previous Healing Streams Live Healing Services program.

She suffered from attacks, loss of memory and growth of fibroid that was blocking the opening of her cervix. The doctors said that she was not going to be able to get pregnant.

The woman decided to participate in the program through a Virtual Healing Stream, and her miracle started.
“When I connected live, Pastor Chris was about to pray for the masses, those viewing from their homes, the viewing centres and those listening or watching from anywhere in the world. Without regret, I quickly joined the prayer, as he prayed and commanded the devil to get out of the oppressed and never return. He declared healing in their bodies, in their homes and in every area of their lives. I felt a chill all over my body, I shouted several loud amens and received my healing with faith. I was healed, I was happy, and I rejoiced at my healing and restoration,” the woman explained.

Today, Prosperous Nwachukwu is completely healed. She does not have to undergo any surgery to deliver babies because the fibroid is all gone.
In addition, she is free of attacks and memory loss.

13 million people follow Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome founded his Christ Embassy church in 1987 in Lagos, Nigeria. He has since risen to become one of the most renowned religious leaders in the country.

His prayers and sermons cross borders. Christ Embassy has an estimated 13 million followers worldwide, with a network of thousands of churches spread all over the globe.

Most of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s followers reside in Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Before the global coronavirus pandemic, he frequently traveled abroad to host sold-out events, spreading the word of God.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has held various online and televised events since the outbreak of the pandemic.
Anticipation for the March Healing Streams program has created a buzz on social media and throughout the wider community of LoveWorld believers.
An unprecedented number of participants are expected to join the televised program.