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Professionals blowing up pipelines, says Buhari


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Pledges to patronise local engineers
President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the destruction of oil pipelines in the Niger Delta, saying the sophistication involved indicated that professionals were behind the vandalism.

Buhari made the observation yesterday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja after his investiture as the Grand Patron of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering (NAE) led by its President, Mrs. Joana Maduka.

According to the president, going into the deep sea several kilometres to blow up pipelines with ease suggests that some professionals with high expertise were involved. He said this required that the professional associations should talk to their members to ensure they were not deploying their skills in a negative way that harmed the country.

“How can an unskilled Nigerian submerge, go under the sea, 70 kilometres or more and blow up oil installations? That couldn’t be an ordinary Nigerian.‎

“So, appeal to your colleagues to make sure that what we have built, they should safeguard it whether they are working with multi-nationals or the government,” he told the engineers.

The President also faulted the delegation’s earlier submission that Nigerian engineers were being under-utilised.

The President revealed that local engineers contributed more than 90 per cent to the design and realisation of two refineries, 2,500 km of pipelines and 20 depots in the country during his tenure as minister of petroleum in the mid-1970s. He added that the success of the Petroleum Trust Fund was largely hinged on their skills.

“Somehow, every time and anywhere I have served in this country, we found it cost-effective to use Nigerian engineers, and we relied on their capacity to understudy, learn and deliver.

President Buhari said individual political leaders should be blamed for Nigeria’s ailing infrastructure, not the engineers who had always been willing to contribute to national development.

His words: “I think that if Nigerian engineers were denied their roles, it is not the fault of the profession, it is the fault of some individual governments.

“Other governments have done their best and found Nigerian engineers competent and cost-effective. Nigerian engineers are very quick in taking up and performing in the field,” Buhari said.

In her remarks, Maduka called on the Federal Government to engage professional engineers to assist the administration in the task of fixing the country’s decaying infrastructure.

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  • KennBest

    Buhari again with another round of generalistic statement. Yesterday, it was Niger-Delta militants blowing the pipelines. Today, is professionals from other countries. Maybe tomorrow, it will be mammy-water blowing up our pipelines. Bunch of visionary-less looters called leaders in Nigeria.

    • Realist

      I guess he meant expert employed by the Militants

  • vincentumenyiora

    It is all good and a commendable exercise for the society for persons contributions to be recognized and honoured but see what Nigerian leaders have not considered germane for the development or progress for Nigeria! I listened to the discussions on the NTA’s Femi Okeowo’s report on the “Three (3) Days: Media Workshop on Anti-corruption in Nigeria!” and you sit back to reflect on the ‘Theme’ and then the presentations/ reactions of the participants, which altogether and often leave you very perplexed! The President has expressed/ pronounced his opinion – he is entitled to do so no doubt but, read the following in reference to my definition of what Country means and with special interest about the activities of the graduates the President talked about! What it is – you are not thinking properly or rationally in Nigeria – that is the main problem and even though solutions have been handed in to deal with the problems that early, very few of you do not see the reasoning and what they are to do in Nigeria, in the solutions this:-

    Consider the first two parts posted earlier if there were (if I had) statements considered incendiary or abusive to the authorities what could have been the reaction of the NDSS about me! Remember that what you are looking for is amongst the obvious, the dept of the (my) concern and the contributions how they impact on what the administrations are doing or have done in Nigeria not forgetting that my solution for corruption ranks high as part of the contributions! In particular consider names featured on the presentation and how these could have passed on or discussed the information in my publications with the officials confirming my claim that my solutions precede the policy declarations and in the other clime, they term the occurrence as an act of telepathy: –

    HOW I WISH WE CAN FIND SOMEBODY COURAGEOUS THAT CAN CONTINUE TO DEAL WITH THE MALAISE IN NIGERIA AFTER THE TENURE OF Buhari – Note that I have single handed provided all these solutions required for Nigeria to deal with it!

  • the_way_it_is

    point of correction: not professionals, but militants doing it professionally. now you should know why you must not underrate the boys.

  • vincentumenyiora

    See the last part of what I sent to the President on the 4th June 2015 – i. e. what I did for Nigeria! Think for a moment if any of the graduates have done my kind of contributions and the Nigerian governments refuse to acknowledge the efforts or contributions to a point that they are using my solutions yet not saying anything to me – think if you were to be deprived in that deliberate policy to ignore me and my remonstration! THINK FOR A MOMENT ABOUT THE NAMES OF THE NIGERIAN PERSONALITIES ON THE LIST WHO COULD WELL HAVE DISCUSSED MY IDEAS IN THE PUBLICATIONS WITH THE AUTHORITIES AND WERE HIRED or given appointments by the Heads of State – i. e to advise them on my solutions yet the owner of the solutions not considered or afforded recognition and the administration is talking about corruption!

    76) 26th April 1993; My maiden petition to the Chairman of NEC and copy sent for the attention of the President, the Chairman Transition Council and the Attorney General for the Federation in connection with the hijack of my proposals for the socio-economic and political advancement of Nigeria and particularly the ‘Option A-4’ approach; discussed other important issues like the better approach for the fuel subsidy – an alternative to the NNPC’s proposal. See the 1994 resolution, which was very significant.
    78) 13th Aug. 1993; Referred to the clarion calls from both the Chairman of NEC and the Presidency praying them about my earlier notes of the 26th April, 1993; considered the De-facto-rights of the Assembly members how they could be co-opted into the new arrangement; attempted to call his (the Chairman’s) attention to my past notes which could still help it if they could be found; reproached his predecessor on his calculated lukewarm about the issues at stake arrogating to himself the best brain on Nigeria politics; reminds it about the dangers in the civil service reform as far as the D.Gs. are concerned; suggested that some of the politicians should be allowed to come back; the bribery and the grafts associated with the 1992 and 1993 elections how they can do something to stop the reoccurrence urging that the Option A4 needs to be retained for Nigeria; the prices of goods and how they can effect some reductions on the phenomena so that it can help in the next elections; harped on the performance traits of the Chief Executives for Nigeria – the common man is having the full effect/impact of their poor performance and we are not doing enough to get this flaws corrected; NEC to get on with the business to start in time to educate the people about the forthcoming elections bearing in their minds the use of the Option A-4 of course; thugs and their effects on the people if something can be done to stop them this time; touched on my first book – Nigeria – survival or disintegration?, which has very close relevance to all that we are doing in the country; finally, copied the Presidency before its exit in the hope they could still do something with the notes, wishing him a Happy Birth Day celebration – he turned 52 then.

    79) 3rd Sept. 1993; Reminded the Head of National Interim Government about the petition of the 26th April and some other notes sent already to his office and his clarion call for more solutions to help bring about an amicable end to the impasse; prayed him to take up the question of accountability and the cost of building; environmental sanitation re-visited – the mind being dim sometimes; how even in his own time, this problem may still be unattended properly; civil engineering works how the Ministry concerned can do more to improve things in the county; petrol subsidy offer for an alternative approach; the general price hicks in the country; the essence of training – the purpose for Nigerian context; the Presidential election and what NEC has to do having regard to the accountability principle vis-à-vis the use of Option A-4; the participatory democracy in Nigeria, what it is all about really; accident on our roads the pitfalls and the retarding effects on the growth here; the Civil Service reform to be reviewed in the light of the new political dispensation; the ‘common pool’ approach for revenue collection; the subvention for the parties; the Plc matter re-visited; how government can get the manufacturing companies to help in the worsening price hicks syndrome in the country and how the effects could be beneficial to the people generally (the intervention) by governments; the Federal Capital Abuja to assume a more neutral delineation to help personify our advocacy for one Nigeria; considered how in the situation of the solution finding somebody in my capacity supplied a good number of such solutions yet was ignored and the interveners in the corridors of power enjoyed the accolades; the news media to be urged to play down their grievances in the whole mix-up politically; the D.G. problem in the civil service reforms; prayed that the U.A.C., the Leventis and such other business houses can be persuaded to help out in the price hicks syndrome; to consider to lift ban on all irrespective of the quarrels and misunderstanding for the amity and comradeship for Nigeria; the derelict position of the Old Headquarters like Enugu, Kaduna and Ibadan vis-à-vis the attention given to Lagos since the beginning of the polity – Nigeria.
    80) 21st Sept. 1993; Concluding the treatise, harped on the economic crunch/delusions as far as vehicle owners (the Mass Transportation Assisted Programme) are concerned, the misnomer in the NNPC circle how this could off-set all that we propose or wish for Nigeria; the budget of January 1993, the expectations vis-à-vis the Bank Rates and the forex parity, their effects on investments generally; fund release to parastatals and government agencies what controls have we applied to show for the accountability talked about often in Nigeria; the alleged political reforms, to lift ban on prospective personalities – an amnesty in Nigeria adopting the Option A-4 approach for both the primaries and the main elections, i.e. if we do fully appreciate what it (the method) means for Nigeria!
    • See Head of Interim Council’s meeting with Governors at Port Harcourt on the 16th November 1993 for the need for prudence in budgetary procedures.
    • By the 18th December 1993 Dr. Idika Kalu announced his policy on Budgets.
    • By the 26th January 1994 the Chief of Staff had meeting with State Administrators on the new approach to budgetary procedures. There was a Workshop on Budget Rationalisation and Implementation in 1994, which the Head of State not only addressed but also participated in the proceedings in the first day of the meeting.
    • And on the 27th February 1994 Mrs. Osomo addressed another Workshop for State Revenue realisation measures at Abeokuta jointly with the Administrator of Ogun State.
    • On the 5th May 1995, there was yet another Workshop; this time, for L.Gs. Chairmen and Senior Officials at Enugu on budget ascertainment, implementation and monitoring. The audience for the workshop should have been made to look encompassive rather than the closed-shop approach to the problems. They should allow the public to attend in that they make up the prospective politicians as the time passes. See clause number 78 and the Enigmas Clause 9. Part of the model discussed in page 169 and 674.

    We noticed a marked concern shown by the Central Government on Budgeting Measures in December 1994. The Administrators spent 10 days in Abuja and at the N.Y.S.C. Unit, 5 days in Ilorin discussing ways and means as it were – was very significant really, for Nigeria.
    The question people continue to ask is, why are there no laws (effective to act as deterrents) to compel prudence and conformity about this subject in Nigeria?
    82) 18th Oct. 1993; referred to my 3rd September letter to the Chairman of the Interim
    Government and urged it to consider when to allow those reprieved to participate actively in the politics, possibly by 1996; the Universities Authorities to re-consider the effects of the strikes in the campuses whether to opt for Correspondence course arrangement as an alternative to full time course if they cannot control and arrange the campuses conscientiously any longer; accountability issue in Nigeria discussed too.
    83) 21st Nov. 1993; a congratulatory letter to the Head of State reminding him about my letter of the 18th October, and enclosed my first book; ‘Nigeria – survival or disintegration? For his appreciation; sort his attention to my numerous appeals to join the government discussed the Constitution; Political Parties formation what to look out for; on the economic front, what we can do more to buttress the efforts; the workers and rents as part of the relief or palliatives; petrol subsidies withdrawals; discussed the ecological problems, erosion for example; environmental sanitation problems and how my design was hijacked in Lagos State; implored the government to consider my application in some specific areas. .
    84) 25th Nov. 1993; Sent the entire resume again to the PRC advisers and aides in the hope to help put the new administration into the picture again on special request.
    85) 6th Dec. 1993; A letter to the Military Director of Public Relations urging him to see what can be done for the people as far as rent and prices of commodities are concerned enclosing an interposition.
    86) 24th March 1994; To the Head of State wondering why the government failed to invite solution initiators to expatiate on their ideals; sent a copy of the Constitution Memoranda for his appreciation; then the Bar-beach problem/situation.
    87) 30th April 1994; To the Head of State as a result of the clarion call by the Chief of General Staff in April, recalled the important notes to the Presidency for reference purpose; How to raise 7BN annually for Nigeria; offered a new Administrative model for Nigeria assuring of the compatibility of the approach to our situation vis-à-vis the WAI & c cynosure.
    88) 15th June 1994; Adressed the Head of State on a personal basis; referring to all my letters to his office since January 1992 (he was the Defence Minister then) and I put to him the New Model for Nigeria, buttressing my claims with further facts and evidences; talked about the refuse and the accident problems for Nigeria in view of the World Cup Competition for 1995.
    89) 20th July 1994; Wrote the Secretary to Government letting him know what I have done so far and how I could still help; praying that they do appreciate what ‘Open door’ policy really connotes for Nigeria in particular in the circumstances of the changes; called his attention to the malaise in the flood water seen always stagnated on the express and high-ways in the country.
    90 22nd Sep. 1994; The Head of State – this is perhaps the more important of all the persuasive notes, very innovative.
    91) 14th Oct. 1994; Wrote the Chairman, National Constitution Conference on the rationale of the debates and discussions copied The Presidency – this is of equal importance too because Lagos
    Bar-beach was discussed in the notes.
    92) 12th Dec. 1994; Constitutional Conference White Paper; decision to review the civil service, the new approach to budgets and the National Intelligence Committee Decree and palliatives to go with the new policies; the Plc problem, prayed for ways to get tranquillity for Nigeria, referring to the British Ambassador’s contribution to the Ota-workshop; talked about the New Model for Nigeria, copied the Information Minister.
    93) 22nd Feb. 1995; Referred to my letter of the 18th May, 20th July, and that of the 12th December, 1994; talked about the reprieves to the politicians; spares to repair the vehicles; talked about the role of women in the situation (economic); effects of the reprieves on the politicians vis-à-vis U.S. and Canada.
    94) 2nd March 1995; Addressed a letter for the attention of the Head of State personally; called his attention to some of the very important notes; Commented on part of the resolutions reached by the Assembly Members and compared South African provisions; how to use the currency differentials to advantages for the people; prayed that the coup plotters be granted some reprieve considering the image making effect of the Decision on the authority; how the forex parity is still not helping the people yet; the effects of the mopping up operations in the country; the new politicians to come from their houses due to cost and possible pilfering of goods; setting meaningful precedents for Nigeria and warning about the danger in being foolhardy at this stage; remind them about the new Model in case they will need it. Ideology and manifestos for parties.
    95) 24th April 1995; nsider why No-party was not accepted; how to stop interventions here; to have a critical look at the Model sent to him; how we could have arrived but for the lift on the ban on the politicians; Nigeria Politicians as Rolling Stones that usually gather no moss; training for would be (prospective) leaders – the Model discussed already. It was not clear here that he had hidden agenda also until 1996.
    96) 13th July 1995; Discussed the entire Model again enumerating the advantages all over again particularly under the open invitation to the people to send solutions to our problems on the 27th June, 1995 in the hope to drive home the points under the new consciousness or awareness in the authority.
    97) 11th August 1995; A follow up to the above also in furtherance of the importance of the whole exercise for us to succeed – very critical!
    99) 14th August 2002 To the Civilian President reminding him about correspondence in page 372.
    100) 5th June 2007 To civilian President congratulating him and sent the entire résumé harping on the need for proper orientation for Nigeria’s work-force.
    101) 10th September 2007 To the civilian President discussed varied points of importance and copied the other important arms of the Administration.
    101) 17th December 2007 Ditto

    Ministry of Works
    23rd Aug, 1982 Ref. WR. 10229/27/V.3 dated 18th Oct. 1982 Regarding errosion problems in Nigeria 17the Aug. 1984 Ref. WR 10229/ wat/17. DATED =13TH Sept. 1984 regarding design and drainage of federal highways/8th Jan 1986 Ref. WR.20604/T/552 REGARING errosion problem on Oji to Onitsha highway/ 25th March 1986 Ref. WR10604/T/74 dated 21st April1986. 14th Oct 1986 Ref. WR. 10604/T//8 dated 12th Nov. 1986
    26th Aug. 1992. Ref. WR. 19229/93/Vol. 1/ 124 dated 26th OCT.1992

    Your politics after Yar’Adua’s death [20th Nov. 2010: You might ask what about Alhj. Shehu Shagari, who the Military ousted or Gen. Buhari who started the (W.A.I.) and he was on course to controlling/tame the Nigerian psyche about in-discipline and corruption with his second-in-command – Tunde Idiagbo, bless him wherever his soul is resting now! What about him (Gen. Buhari), if those leading this new proposal are serious and mean well for us in Nigeria, not to talk about those in the South -south or South East, who have no doubt contributed more politically and economically than any other group in Nigeria! Besides, how much does Mr. Carson know about IBB – or is it going to be the same foisting mistakes? Thereafter on 27th Jan. 2011 – If the consulting is to complete Yar’Adua’s term, or Alhj. Shehu Shagari whom they all ousted in 1983 December, Gen. M. Buhari should be the rightful candidate, ladies and gentlemen!

    To add to what I have submitted earlier; since the PDP wants to complete their term and with the Northern interest as they now aver, I want to suggest that Gen. M. Buhari or Alhj. Shehu Shagari may well take up the baton to complete the term. We don’t forget that he and Gen. Tunde Idiagbon set the stage for us in Nigeria although we do not appreciate the impact of that brief tenure and the advantages that go with it. I am saying this due to what’s on the Northern lips now / interest per-se, folks! Otherwise it should be left to the people to decide who really should!]

    For environmental sanitation
    Dr. R. O. Ojikutu of Fed. Min. of Housing and Environment (Ref. AES.23/289/II dated 17th Jan. 1980 and for
    Lagos sanitation problem:
    17th Oct. 1984 Ref No 12/111I. Sign by T Taiwo dated 9th April 1985
    15th Nov. 1985 Ref. SCR/.291T/Vol.1/ 595 dated 16th Dec. 1985.
    21st July 1986 Addressed to Services Dpt Alausa Ikeja Ref. SCR.291T/ Vol. 1/595 – left a model for refuse dumps not paid for. Samples of the dumps were tried in Epe L.G. areas that year.
    30 6th Nov. 1979 Ref. FCDA/EST. 33/ 11 dated 27th Dec. 1979
    23rd Feb. 1980 Ref. S.172/Vol. XV/T/4 dated 13th March 1980

    I talked about the names that have copies of my publications, thus: –

    Here are the names that have the books “Nigeria – survival or disintegration! to jog your minds: –

    1. The National Chairperson, Better Life for Rural Women, Abuja 14/1/92.
    2. The Vice President, Office of the Vice President, 17/1/92.
    3. The Chief of Joint Military Staff and Minister for Defence, 17/1/92.
    4. The Chief of Army Staff, Ministry of Defence, Lagos 17/1/92.
    5. The G.O.C. 82 Division, Enugu 17/1/92.
    6. The Chief of Naval Staff, Nigeria Naval Base, H.Q. 23/1/92.
    7. The G.O.C., 2nd Mechanised Division, Ibadan 23/1/92.
    8. The G.O.C. 3rd Armoured Division, Jos 23/1/92.
    9. The Chief of Air Staff,. H.Q., Lagos 27/1/92.
    10. The Commandant Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna, 31/1/92.
    11. Prof. Humphery Nwosu Chairman NEC 1988 at the Enugu Press Centre and Murtal Mohammed Air Port Lagos – 2 copies altogether! Mr. Tony Eredua and Mrs. Irukwu could ell confirm or refute this assertion but see correspondence Ref’d; 26th January 1989 – No 28 above!
    12. Prof. Jerry Gana of the Directorate of MAMSER
    13. Dr. Alex. Ekwueme 1992
    14. Prof. Wole Shoyinka at the instance of Int. Exhibition in Enugu 1992 Air Comm Alfa was attending to view the fabrication of a young student.
    15. President Jimmy Cater on his visit to Nigeria 1989 he was camped, with his entourage, at the Nike Hotel complex in Enugu at the period.
    16. Gen. O. Obasanjo one copy was sent to his Abeokuta residence by post
    17. School of Strategic Studies Kuro – Jos in 1992; 5 copies not paid for yet. Prof. A. Jega was an in-mate at the Institution then!
    18. University of Jos Political Science Dept. 3 copies
    19. Prof. H. Nwosu of the then NEC two copies not paid for yet
    20. Lagos University ditto. Just these few otherwise look up page [2] of “How to get at your government and influence it!” under the Contents page.
    21. Abike Dabiri – the Diaspora Minister whilst on a visit to London 2005
    22. Dimeji Bankole on the same day as Dabiri.
    23. Governor Peter Obi first at the PROXY Hall Commercial Road 2008 and in 2009 at the East London University Annexe Mile-End, London.
    24. Dr. Bamanga Tukur whilst on the same visit to London at the Holliday-Inn Edgeware Road. 12th May 2008 I recall that he discussed the contents within that period!
    25. Dr. Y. Gowon on the same visit at the Jesus House Bent Cross London 12th Sep 2008. He suggested for proportional representation for Nigeria – is contained in one of my books I handed to him on that date, implying that he read the books!
    26. BBC Head Quarters London – Hard Talk Dpt. 2008

    MOREOVER these persons also were handed my publications by hand.

    27. Sen. Dr. Ken. Nnamani on his visit to London in July 2005.
    28. Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili 2011 at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre , London
    29. Mr. Nuhu Ribadu at the same Centre and
    30. Mr. Nweke Jnr. At the same date and Centre, London.
    31. Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala at the same Centre and at the Ministry Abuja by hand 2004.
    32. Dr. C. Soludo at the Central Bank H. Qs. Abuja the same day 2004 both left at their offices by hand.

    In all of the books you find the ‘Copy right insignia’ inscribed on the pages! Besides, the administrations from Shehu Shagari to Jonathan’s all publicly requested/ solicited for Nigerians home and abroad to submit solutions, if they have any, for the political and economic problems in Nigeria for all those who deposit that I have no claim on the Government of Nigeria – that there was no legally binding agreement! What I know is that in addition to the copyright indication on the books the public pronouncements from the Heads of State for Nigerians to provide solutions for problems in Nigeria, constitute what is know in legal term an – “Invitation to treat!” The ‘Carbolic smoke ball!’ may serve as a typical example for such advert!

    You can see my reason for the observation thus:- Discussing Nigerian political and economic problem kaman anazuba luwa akai dutse ne!: Like pouring water on top of stone if, in fact, you agree that the contents of this posting are compatible solutions for Nigeria, yet we are where we are in the country! No doubt, they have taken some of it but why not the whole and let the owner of the solutions/ idea be co-opted in the Administrations to help in the conveyance first hand so as to achieve better and successful results!

    Perhaps somebody can tell me what the candidates lined up for Federal appointments did for Nigeria in the process of the political and economic growth envisaged as the Heads of State Shehu Shagari pronounced in 1983 and subsequently up to present administration? You’ll find almost all that we need other than solutions bordering on heath/ medical obviously because I am not trained as such! To say more: Like the child I want to say that I was able to provide solutions required to help solve Nigeria’s political and corruption problems long before now, folks!

    Like the child crying profoundly and pointing finger to a direction – ‘Write the vision/s and make it plain that they may be filled in wonderment when they read it!


    Vincent Umenyiora Bldg. Econ.; wrote from London. If you refute or can challenge this claim or assertion make a contact but the Ref. is published heretofore verification, folks!

    To help you people in a way, since it is not that easy to get at the offices even though you crave for assistance to solve the problems in Nigeria! We have seen that in spite of the funfair in Europe about the siphoned Nigerian funds ‘strewned’ in foreign Banks only the Swiz is doing something presently to help Nigeria – Britain and the U.S even though talked about the ‘fantastical’ size and nature of the culprits we are not yet reaping anything from them and Nigeria is looking for where to get 29 or $30 Billion U.S. Dollars! Back home in the Council of State we have both Alhaji Shehu Shagari and Chief Ernest Sonekan and both over 80 years old and they are both going through medically infirmity, which means that they are not actively useful for the purpose of the Council any more based on reason of retirement age and beyond now and still sitting in the Council we are told earning salaries and not pension! What it means is that only three of the Military officers are controlling the deliberations on the the Council with their own Judges the appointed and these Judges report say are now infested with corruption – more over I had earlier highlighted the chasm that exists between the ex-military Heads all working against the interest of the people of Nigeria – I wonder how many of you have seen or observed this flaw in the arrangement! Yes, recession is on and you wonder further how many of these members in the Council where you could say decisions are made, and how many of them know what is recession and how to deal with the cure? What is happening the ‘First Lady’ happens to have let the cat out, is that the Cabal on the Kitchen Cabinet is left struggling with the problems of Nigeria without experience let alone the right training to not only analyse but to work our an ideal solutions to deal with the policies necessary for the ideals for Nigeria and for the people!

    i don’t know what you think but I feel that I provided the solutions required for Nigeria’s political and to some extent economic the main problem being more about that willingness to act and do so early!