Monday, 25th October 2021
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Questions over disappearance of 36-year-old father in Lagos

By Eniola Daniel
15 October 2021   |   4:09 am
It was supposed to be a normal routine for Mr. Wisdom Napoleon, the Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Keke, Lagos, when he woke up beside his wife and two kids, on September 28 and left for work.


It was supposed to be a normal routine for Mr. Wisdom Napoleon, the Chief Executive Officer of Corporate Keke, Lagos, when he woke up beside his wife and two kids, on September 28 and left for work.
The 36-year-old father left for office with a promise to be home on time.  
However, it turned out to be a long wait for his wife and family, who are yet to know his whereabout not given up on his return 16 days after.
Also, his sudden disappearance has raised unanswered questions among his neighbours, and close acquaintances, as he was said to have also gone to church for morning prayers on his way to work that fateful day.

Described as a gentleman, his Pastor, Temitope Mogaji of In Him Is Life Ministries, Lagos and others,  who have crossed paths with the Gbagada -based tricycle investor, said Napoleon never showed any sign to suspect  that anything was wrong.   
His wife, Victoria Napoleon, said she saw him last on Tuesday, September 28, when he left the house but spoke with him on phone that same day in the afternoon. 
She said: “A day before the incident, I informed him of someone who placed a call on a business transaction and he told me to ask the client to hold on, that he’s trying to put things in place so that it would be easier for the investor. 
“I called him on that fateful day around 4:00p.m.when I noticed that the gate was not locked, but his car was parked outside. I asked the girl with me if she was the one that opened the gate, but she said no. His car key was not removed which means he was around. So, I called him and he said, he was sorry to leave the gate open and that he went to get something outside. 
“Then, around 6:00p.m.,  I called to ask what he would have for dinner, so I can start preparing  the food. That was when I noticed that his phone was switched off. I thought his battery probably went off, then I sent him a text message around 9:00p.m, another by 10:00p.m., 11:00p.m., 12mid night and 1:00a.m. I came out of the room, looking around the whole compound and looking at the gate to see if there was anyone who looked like him.
“The following day, I went to the police to report that I have not seen my husband and I called his lawyer. The lawyer immediately contacted the Department of State Services (DSS). They started tracking his phone number and the phone was traced to somewhere around Amuwo Odofin as the last place he used his phone. Policemen were deployed to the area. They searched everywhere but they could not find him. 

“I have gotten calls from clients, who are supposed to get their money by the end of September. At one point, I was not picking any unknown number, because I was not sure of who was calling, and I did not know what to say. The police, however, asked me to pick up all the calls and any text I received should be attended to, because they might be trying to reach me with helpful information.”
Asked if she sensed any sign of disturbance when her husband was leaving the house, she said: “Frankly speaking there was no sign of disturbance. Normally, there are times where businesses don’t go well, but even at that, he has been up and doing with monthly payments.
The wife, however, said her husband once sent a text to her that he was contemplating suicide for an undisclosed issue.  

She said: “My husband operates his business in Gbagada, Lagos and Ogun states and when he left home that morning, he didn’t tell me, where he was going to, but normally when he goes out, he goes for early morning prayer in the church or to Keke  (tricycle) park for either inspection or to buy Keke for new investors.
“He just bought 14 new tricycles the day before he got missing. A couple of people called to say they spoke with him that day. 

“ But his lawyer said he was indebted to a company called   Quintessential to the tune of N34 million and another N6 million to Agro Park. I know that Agro Park deals in Agriculture but I don’t know what Quintessential does.

“I am worried. The children want their dad back but we can’t trace his whereabouts.
When The Guardian contacted the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Ifako,  Mr. Isiagwu Joseph, he confirmed receiving reports on the matter.
He said: “They reported the matter. We are on it but we haven’t found him.”