Wednesday, 30th November 2022
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RevolutionPlus launches instant allocation for Nigerians

For the very first time in the real estate sector, leading property company, RevolutionPlus Property is introducing instant allocation on every landed property.

Managing Director of Revolution Plus, Bamidele Onalaja

For the very first time in the real estate sector, leading property company, RevolutionPlus Property is introducing instant allocation on every landed property.

The company’s Group Executive Director, Tolu Onalaja, made the announcement at its Ikeja corporate office.

She hinted that in this month of March, the firm is offering instant allocation when buyers make full payment into any of the properties.

RevolutionPlus has a record of initiating new ideas for other real estate companies to follow. The company introduced fencing and gatehouses in properties around the Ibeju Lekki axis a few years ago but has now been generally accepted by other real estate brands. Their peculiar creativity, innovation and long-standing integrity have attracted thousands of prospects to the company and has made RevolutionPlus a template of study for other real estate firms.

Speaking on the new innovation, Onalaja described instant land allocation as a lasting solution to major real estate challenges that may create doubt in the minds of prospects. She stated that the idea was borne out of intense brainstorming sessions that lasted for many weeks considering all the bottlenecks in acquiring landed documents from the government.

She stated, “We have all our estates on layouts right now, buyers will get allocation immediately once payment is complete.”

Stressing more on the instant allocation, the executive director stated, “from the moment you enter into our office with your money and your preferred estate you intend to subscribe to, we issue you a letter of allocation immediately, with the plot and block number allotted to you. Every other document gets to you within one month.

“How do we achieve this? Get a subscription form for any of our properties, and choose your payment plan between six months to one year. Once your payment is full, you get your allocation letter immediately, and by the time you pay all other statutory fees within 90 days, the allocated land will be released. Statutory fees include the survey, the deed and the developmental fees.

“And for the house, once you have paid at least 70 per cent of the cost, you will be allocated your unit in the estate. From now, there is no more waiting after payment, it is ‘cash and carry”.

She reiterated the mission of the company to develop affordable housing to make those who don’t earn so much, own a home they can call their own.

In the bid to execute a coordinated subscription process, Revolution Plus has also introduced an automated Customer Relation Management portal to communicate to the client regularly on the payment progress. There is also a proper call centre, where customers can speak to any of their representatives in any language of the customer’s choice. There is also a dedicated email for customers. This email has been built with the call centre to attend to any resolutions, questions, enquiries or complaints, and a representative will take it up and respond to customers.

And for existing customers who have made purchases, or made the payment but has not gotten allocation: there are three categories of clients: those who have fully paid, those who are still paying and are still within a contract, and those who are out of contract, which our clients who are not able to pay within the contract period.

“What we have done is that we give them options. One of them is that we tell them that, if you are still interested in the property we give you 30 days to pay up and you will be allocated.

“For those who are still within the contract to pay up and when through with the payment they would be allocated immediately.”