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Rework academy to empower Africa’s youth and bridge skill gap in the tech industry

By Cyril James
25 August 2023   |   1:31 am
In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, Rework Academy is taking bold steps to transform individuals

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, Rework Academy is taking bold steps to transform individuals with limited tech skills into exceptional talents. Founded with a strong vision, Rework Academy aims to address the glaring technical skill shortage in the
burgeoning technology sector.

Led by the visionary Co-founder and CEO, Rework Academy is on a mission to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, one student at a time. Onengiyeofori Stephen George, a seasoned computing graduate with over a decade of experience in developing tech talents, understands the vital role that skilled professionals play in propelling Africa’s youth to success. His commitment to creating a robust talent pipeline has driven the academy’s success.

“At Rework Academy, we are not just teaching tech skills; we are shaping dreams and transforming careers,” said George. “Our goal is to nurture the best hands for the technology industry, cultivating the top 10% of developers who are ready to make a meaningful impact.”

What sets Rework Academy apart is its innovative approach to education. The academy offers practical, project-based learning, coupled with collaborative sessions and personalized mentoring. This approach creates a dynamic learning experience, empowering students to master tech skills that are immediately applicable in real-world scenarios.

“Africa is a young continent, as the population of youths increase in the continent so is the Youth unemployment, which is on the rise in Africa and currently standing at 60% across Africa.

This is constituted by lack of proper skill-based education, resulting to lack of skilled talent. Tech is the future of Africa, and if we as a continent want to rise faster, we need to massively empower our fast-growing youth population with core tech skills that will translate into powering other sectors.”

Rework Academy’s curriculum covers a wide range of tech skills, including Full-Stack Web Development with React and Nodejs, Frontend Web Development with ReactJs, Cyber Security, Data Science and Machine Learning with Python, Data Analytics with Excel and Power Bi, Mobile App Development, and UI/UX Design. With a commitment to quality, the academy delivers training that matches global standards, transforming beginners into highly employable tech experts.

“Our success story speaks for itself,” added George. “Ninety percent of our graduates secure jobs soon after completing our training, solidifying our position as one of the fastest-growing tech institutes in Abuja.”

Nigeria is the economic power house of Africa and Africa is the future of the world. I always wonder how every youth can be independent and contribute actively to the society, with this, I always find ways to refine the process. To generate new ideas, I find ways to pay attention to the environment and spend time with every young person to hear and learn from their stories and experiences

Rework Academy caters to a diverse audience, including youths, fresh graduates, career changers, and corporate clients seeking specialized training. The academy’s physical presence in Abuja allows for onsite training, while remote instructor-led classes cater to those outside the region. Additionally, Rework Academy is actively working to introduce self-paced training, ensuring that their high-quality education is accessible to all.