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Sale of assets: Proponents are economic predators, says Sani


Senator Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani

Human rights activist and senator representing Kaduna Central Zone, Shehu Sani, has condemned calls for the sale of national assets to exit Nigeria economic recession, saying that such decision may worsen the situation of the country.

In a statement yesterday, Sani said: “The call for the sale of NLNG, NNPC and other national assets in the name of raising funds to exit recession stands unreservedly condemned.

“The proponents of such ideas are capitalists rodents, leeches and parasites working towards benefitting from the pitiable state of our economy”. According to him: “Privatization in Nigeria has not delivered the much anticipated efficiency and services other than enrich a few fronts and their masters.

“There is currently nothing to show for the sale of Government houses and firms, the advocates of the sale of our collective national assets simply want to dispossess Nigerians and expand their business empire.

“They call themselves private sector and business men; they refused to invest in agriculture, solid minerals or science and technology, they simply want to buy off profitable public assets.”

He further argued: “There are no captains of industry in Nigeria other than crony businessmen, rent seekers, commission agents who depend on patronage from government than investing in finding oil and gas from Lake Chad and Benue trough, our businessmen prefer to buy off “ready made” oil wells and gas from the Niger Delta.

“Selling our national assets to stem recession is like selling ones lungs to buy food.“Nigeria’s capitalist forces raped Nigeria to recession and now they want to kill and bury it.

“Proponents of sale of our national assets and investments are economic predators and profiteers, who want to take advantage of the situation in the country. “Recession should excite innovation and ideas and not justify roguery. Nigeria’s poor have always lived under systemic recession and depression and on the edge of extinction. Where is the money realised from?

“Privatisation in the past; where are the projects used to justify the sharing of sovereign savings? I call on Nigerians to rise up against any attempt to rob them of their national assets.”

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  • Bankole Thomas

    I thought politicians who stole billions of naira and dollars are the worst enemies of Nigeria. Now I know better. The leeches are they that want to kill the goose the lays the golden egg and take the egg to themselves, leaving Nigeria with nothing but tales of woes and regret. They love Nigeria (because of her wealth) and hate Nigerians. How can one ever think of repeating the sin of Esau (selling your precious gift to satisfy passing hunger)?
    PMB don’t just think about it. Saraki, I respected your intelligence but now, I don’t know what to think.

  • KayEbie

    All these so called individuals clamoring for the sale of the Country’s assets are opportunistic leeches and rodents as expressed by the honourable Senator Shehu Sanni of Kaduna State. Questions Nigerians should be asking the government is, what happened to NITEL and NEPA after privatisation. The existence of landlines drastically reduced if not completely non-existent and the so called NEPA has been going from bad to worse because their cruel intentions was to profiteer and not investment. The leeches now want to use their stolen funds to buy our remaining national assets and pretend they are doing us a favour. Only fools can be sold that kind of dummy. Politicians are always in cahoot with these individuals to defraud the state pretending they are for the interest of the masses. This is all a grand design by the government. We should all shine our eyes to remove any blurry vision in other to see where exactly the Captain is steering the ship.

  • Fada4Life

    Sani is quite right those economic predators are enemies of the masses, What happened to the previous sold national assets like daily times, ajaokuta steel, Alaja steel, Osogbo steel, NITEL, MTEL, NEPA, ETC…… All ended up in colossal lost.

  • solipsistslayer

    Word!!! But will they listened to all he had said? NO.

  • Elder (Dr.) Chukwuma Nwaonicha

    The sale of national assets is unpatriotic and evil because the previous privatization exercises only made few privileged
    individuals to appropriate national assets to the detriment of the general masses. This idea to sell the national assets portrays confusion in leadership: in tackling a host of economic, social, political, educational, health and attitudinal issues. N2.2tn debt in one year, Nigerian Leaders Kleptocracy continues. Mr. President may be honest to some extent but he is not prepared for the job because he is surrounded by sycophants, political gold-diggers, and political jobbers. Some individuals in his cabinet and decision making positions in his administration are under-qualified, incompetent, and lack substance. In addition, most of Mr. President’s cabinet members got their position based on nepotism, tribal and religious sentiments, and not by merit. This is why things are getting worse by the day. Thank you.

  • Mike Igwilo

    Please those national assets should be sold at the stock market with the Federal and state govts maintainning not more than 20% equity shares.

  • abel

    Sales our national assets is uncall for now at this period it will worsen the present situation rather than ameliorating it. It will only make few individual who will buy the assets to be richer than the country and as a result the masses will continue to suffer. The government should embark on agricultural projets that will produce food for the masses, if there’s food for everybody, there would be less crime

  • Osgg Nigeria

    If the APC Economic team decides to sell some assets to fund 2016
    budget, sell some to fund 2017 budget, sell some fund 2018 budget and
    sell the balance assets to fund 2019 budget, how will they fund 2019
    election campaign??? Nigerians pray very well that our national enemies
    will be deaf and dump to these evil proposals to drain our own blood to
    save our own life.