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SIMS introduces UAE’s ‘Burj Khalifa’ smart inverter air conditioner to Nigerian market


One of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions is to make air-conditioners radically better. A number of technological innovations are gradually making AC units greener.
Globally, air-conditioning is one of the world’s great overlooked industries. Automobiles and air-conditioners were invented at roughly the same time, and both have had a huge impact on where people live and work. Unlike cars, though, air-conditioners have drawn little criticism for their social impact, emissions or energy efficiency, eco-friendly air conditioning is becoming more widespread as air conditioner manufacturers phase out ozone-depleting refrigerants in their products to meet new government regulations. A number of technological innovations are also making AC units greener.
One of the brands that appear ready and focused on improving the atmospheric landscape of the world is the royal brand of United Arab Emirate (UAE), owners of the Burj Khalifa Smart Inverter air conditioner.

Marketed by SIMS Nigeria, a distributor in home appliances and electronics products in the country, Burj Khalifa Smart Inverter air conditioner, boasts of innovative aesthetic. It comes with extra fast cooling system, which cools in less than 30 seconds. It has capacity to cut energy cost by as much as 70 per cent and can be powered with 130 volts, the first of its kind.
As the name implies, the AC is built in the reflection of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa of the UAE with modern eco friendly feature. It runs on R410 gas which is regarded the world over as one of the most eco-friendly and efficient refrigeration gases available.
The AC is powered by the latest inverter technology and runs on the lowest power dip in the entire industry. SIMS explained that the Burj Khalifa AC will still be functioning properly when most electronics in the house would have tripped off. The electronic firm stressed that it is presently the only AC that can run on as low as 130v.
With 10-year warranty on the compressor, the AC is self cleaning and easy to install. It comes with four-way swing, which allows long distance and equal airflow supply in a room, while maintaining a constant suitable temperature. It likewise operates with an extremely low noise.
Built with a copper condenser, it is maintenance-friendly, and its spectacular cover and gold fin design with dual filter make it able to prevent contact with dust particles or dirt from the environment.
Speaking on the product, Executive Director, Corporate, SIMS Nigeria Limited, Fab Uzor, said the Royal ‘Burj Khalifa’ air-conditioner is a model designed to give discerning Nigerians the opportunity of enjoying the latest in AC technology and aesthetics available in the developed parts of the world.
Uzor explained that one of the key unique selling point (USPs) of the company is innovation; meaning that the brand would always try to avail its market of the latest technology in the world as it relates to its different products. “It is in this light that the Royal ‘Burj Khalifa’ AC has been introduced,” he stated.
On the cutting edge features the AC comes with, Uzor said the world has become a global village, with its attendant competitive implications; moreso in Nigeria where people can bring in anything they like to try to mimic quality brands.
“Competition will therefore always be there. But as conveyed in the answers to the previous question, what the Royal brand offers in the Royal ‘Burj Khalifa’ AC are completely outstanding and the manufacturers will continue to build on that innovation.”
In terms of affordability, Uzor said the Royal brand as a policy, has been positioned in the market as ‘the best combination of quality and price.’
He stressed that the AC is therefore offered on that same positioning of affordable luxury, moreover, the advantages it come with have also been extended to its very attractive Split-Unit versions in order to accommodate even lower income groups.    
On the 10-Year warranty offer, Uzor said the compressor is the life wire of all cooling systems and “the manufacturers wanted to let all their customers to know that when they buy a Royal inverter ACs they can comfortably go to sleep for virtually the entire life-span of the product. This should be very important to every consumer, especially Nigerians with our unstable power supply and high cost of living.”
On the stronghold of SIMS in Nigeria’s electronic market, he explained that the firm has been the most dominant, long lasting, and most successful wholly Nigerian owned electronics and home appliances company in Nigeria with over 30 years existence and with pan-Nigeria operation.

He said SIMS has partnered Royal for about five years.
He stressed that the firm is also the official representatives of Samsung, Panasonic and Royal in Nigeria.
According to him, the product is already on display at all SIMS Digital Centres across the country and will soon be available at all leading electronics and home appliances stores nationwide.

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