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St Kitts and Nevis offers citizenship to Nigerians


ST Kitts and Nevis are offering citizenship to Nigerians who are interested in investing in the country’s economy.

The offer was revealed during a seminar held in Victoria Island, Lagos state on how to legally invest in a 60 shares Condominium in St

Kitts and Nevis, a dual-island country situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in the Northern American continent.


According to a member of Fairway Group, Chief Anthony Idigbe (SAN) it comes with many benefits such as business opportunities, security, access to travel and lifetime citizenship including their generation.

Idigbe said: “A lot of people think as professionals they are limited to the geographical expression called Nigeria. But if they look at it really, the geographical expression called Nigeria was created by the colonial system at the Berlin conference in 1885 to segregate the market and tie them to specific colonial powers, so it’s all completely artificial.”


“It is closer to fly to Accra than to fly to my village and yet I can’t practice law in Accra but I can practice in Maiduguri which is double the distance,” he decried.

He explained that there are two ways of acquiring the country’s citizenship. One is by investing in the sovereign growth fund, which is giving the money to the government and they don’t pay you back, or you do the investment program where you invest in a project and get returns. You can even sell the investment after some years and get your money back.


He further explained that Fairway group in collaboration with Punuka Consulting Incorporated is offering the second option. You invest in the Condo, get citizenship and after seven years, sell it if you wish and get your money back. You will get 6% on your investment and you will still get citizenship.

He stated that limiting one’s potentials in a particular geographical space is not leveraging on globalisation.


“With the Nigerian market getting more competitive, you need to be able to move your skills across borders. If you have the capital, you can invest anywhere in the world.

“Foreign investors are investing every day. If you look at the Nigerian stock exchange, about 69% of the investments in the Nigerian stock exchange are foreign investors, why shouldn’t Nigerians invest in other places?” he declared.

He added that working outside Nigeria gives a better opportunity to leverage technology, which drives globalization.


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