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Stakeholders reiterate importance of 5G service

By Paul Adunwoke
10 June 2023   |   3:12 am
Stakeholders in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have reiterated the importance of the Fifth Generation (5G) services, especially on the positive use of Internet to easy connectivity

Participants at the forum

Stakeholders in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have reiterated the importance of the Fifth Generation (5G) services, especially on the positive use of Internet to ease connectivity.

They noted that 5G technology has enhanced capabilities that would provide superior communications services for the socio-economic development of Nigeria and facilitate attainment of a national digital economy.

They spoke at the 2023 Nigeria DigitalSENSE Forum on Internet Governance for Development (IG4D), titled “5G Data Governance, Safety and Security in Nigeria,” organised by ITRealms Media Group.

The Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, said “data is critical to the digital economy, and assured that NCC is building robust legal frameworks for data governance.  As we embrace the transformative potential of 5G, we must also prioritise safety concerns.”

Danbatta, who was represented by Head of New Media at NCC, Dr. Chidi Diugwu, said that the amount and speed of data generated using 5G technology was unprecedented.

As such, he pointed out the need to always prioritise consumer privacy, transparency and ethical data use.
Stressing that by cultivating trust and handling data responsibly, in order to unlock the full potential of 5G technology and promote innovation in Nigeria.

“To ensure the security and protection of networks and consumers, the Nigerian Communications Act mandates its licensees to prevent their network facilities or services from being used in, or in relation to, the commission of any offence under any law in operation in Nigeria. In this regard, licensees are required to assist the Commission and other Law Enforcement Agencies in preventing crime in Nigeria.”

President, Computer Society of Nigeria (NCS), who doubles as the chairman of the forum, Prof. Simon Adesina Sodiya, said the internet is a global connection of network, that provides opportunities for people to share information in order to connect to one another.

He also said the internet is like an open space, which anybody can use for communication, connection, sharing resources. Therefore, most organisations and individuals are connected to internet.

Prof. Sodiya explained that in internet the importance of data security and governance cannot be over-emphasized, thus the importance to come up with guidelines, procedures, rules, for realistic usage of internet.

“It will not be done by government alone, it is multi-stakeholders efforts, which include government agencies, civil society organisations, individuals, ICT professionals among others.”

Sodiya equally noted that internet governance is very important because there are lots of criminal activities going on in the internet, however, people who fall victims are not aware of these cybercriminals.

“Apart from criminal activities, we should not forget that our children are in schools and have been given opportunity to use internet. They should use it for something meaningful that will develop their life positively and not negative aspects. For instance, I have seen a father who said he found his 12-year-old child watching porn videos,” he said.

What government needs to do, according to Prof Sodiya is to educate parents on how to provide use of internet for their children. Advising that parents should block some aspects of internet that might endanger the life of their children.

The organizer of the event, Lead Consulting Strategist at DigitalSENSE Africa and Group Executive Editor, ITREALMS Media Group, Mr. Remmy Nweke, noted that 5G mobile network is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G respectively.

Nweke underscored that 5G enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects and devices.

5G wireless technology, Nweke said is meant to deliver higher multi-Giga bits per second (Gbps), peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, more users, higher performance and improved efficiency thereby empowering new user experiences and connecting new industries.

The Business Development Executive, Wizzyhub Technology Limited, Mr. Uzor Francis, said he educated participants on the benefits of 5G, such as speed carrying capacity, how many benefits are inherent and interconnectivity of the devices that internet offers, as 5G enables most of these things.

“I also spoke about challenges of 5G, which is the issue of security and enlightened participants on some of the measures they should take to mitigate the challenges they may face while using 5G mobile services.5G, he said, is a mobile network Nigerians must implement because as of now it is about seven states that have 5G.

“It is important 5G goes round not only to the cities but also in the villages so that everybody have access to it, to enhance connectivity for communications through internet,” he said.

Uzor decries some myths and misconceptions about 5G that it causes virus such as COVID-19, pandemic, which is not true therefore Nigerians should implement it because it is fast and safe.

Another speaker and Principal Consultant, CyberCode Limited, Mr. Olatunji Igbalajobi, said 5G technology has come to stay in Nigeria to enhance internet connectivity and spur development.

Nigeria, as a country, he said, needs to get it right in terms of data governance, urging government at all levels to act fast to ensure relevant structures are in place to ensure data governance and safety.

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