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Stella Oduah’s ex-spouse raises concern over child’s safety


 Stella Oduah

Stella Oduah

Senator Stella Oduah’s ex-husband, Lt. Col Satachie Ayomike Etoromi (rtd) has raised concern over the safety of another child he had with the former minister of aviation.

The boy, Tuoyo Etoromi Oduah recently released a statement on his father, warning him to keep away from him.

In the statement, Tuoyo was alleged to have disowned his father, saying that he would rather be a bastard than be called his son.

He was also said to have accused his father of being an attention-seeker when his brother died.

But the retired army officer, while speaking to journalists yesterday in Asaba asked his son to retrace his steps.

He said: “Eyituoyo my son, they have misled you. When Omabuwa came home last year 2015, Stella your mother told me to call you to come home, she gave me your phone number, she said you were in the United States of America and don’t answer calls. All calls to your phone were not answered, I believe Omabuwa was killed, that is why Stella refused to tell me.”

“I’m not a nonentity as you were made to believe,” he added.

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  • Deji Fadina


    Why didn’t you steal too when you were in the army? You would have remained relevant..
    I have a feeling you are not a bad father. you are JUST NOT RICH LIKE MUMMY.

    • Omooba

      Good comment. Money talks. Kids of nowadays only recognize you as parent if you can back it up financially. This is unfortunate that is the reality of our society. However, I believe the boy will come back to his senses as he advance in age. He just need more time to mature and see the big picture of live.

      • Deji Fadina

        Abi o.
        Diezani children and children of some of our priests who ride around the world in private jets are now the model for these children
        Thank you Omooba.
        Your very wise words are worthy of the elders.
        Thank you

  • BigMa

    This man must be a fool for washing his dirty cloths in public. Someone who rose to the rank of Lt. Col should be wise enough not to discuss such domestic issues in the press.

    • chukwudozie duru

      You don’t say something like that because you do not know if this man has exhausted all the quiet options or simply he may not even have any option .
      No matter what happened during their marriage , the children belong to both and in case of death he ought to have been contacted and informed.

    • ecd201

      I think you sound like a bigger fool here to say that a father has no right to know that his son is dead and where he should be buried. Are you married or have your own children? Think again if the role is reversed in your own marriage what options do you think you have?

  • Wetin Naija

    Simply daddy not rich like mummy. The boy is playing to the tune of rich mummy. When a father is not informed of his son’s death he has the right to cry out.

  • Daniel Dalon

    Now how many husbands did this woman have?

  • Why is the man conducting his affairs in public? He supposedly is not expecting to be taken seriously that retired officer, his wife would be mourning and he should be comforting her and not seeking undue attention on the back of his and her bereavement. Are there no elders in their community?

  • loveontopover

    This mister is one big fool trying to grab attention by all means even through the death of a man he had never seen in more than 20 years. What kind of father is that? I know the Odua are powerful people but when these ‘kids of yours’ turned 18, you should have tried to meet them. Sadly, you never tried at all. If you did see Chinedu while he was alive, what will you do with his corpse?

  • Kekedu

    Brain of Nitendo Wee.