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The efficacy of chosen prayer as testified by governor Diri


Governor Douye Diri testifying during the church programme at Chosen Revival ground, Lagos

My situation is known to everyone in Nigeria and beyond. Last year November 16th was the date for the governorship election in Bayelsa and Kogi states. As you are aware, the outcome of that election was criticised both inside and outside Nigeria as one of the worst elections ever conducted in this country. At the end of the day, winners were declared and I was alleged to have lost that election. And so, the only thing I could do was turn to my Father in Heaven.

Before that election, several people were killed at a place called Nembe on November 13th, when I went to campaign in that local government area. That day, we saw people shooting sporadically with AK-47, and it was only God that saved me. I was able to get out of it. In fact, the sitting Governor at that time called and told me not to enter Nembe; that I should take another route, so that I would be safe.

But I told myself that generals don’t run away. All the people that came along with me were in Nembe, and if I was the only person that survived, then what happens to the hundreds and thousands who came with me? So, I decided to go into Nembe and moved out of the area where there were shootings inside of Nembe. Thereafter, we went for the election. However, it was not an election. It was a military garrison and everywhere was taken over by soldiers. Later, the election results were announced, and it was alleged that I lost the election. I consoled myself and said there’s God that rules in the affairs of men. 


Though I went to court, I also wrote a petition to the Almighty God through His representative here on earth. And so, while they trusted in their chariots, I trusted in God and potency of the prayers of His generals here on earth. 

Before then, let me just add that the Chairman of my local government area is a member of the Lord’s Chosen Church. He was by me, when all these things were happening. One day, knowing that I have understanding and believe in God, he came to me and said, “Your Excellency, if you will permit it, the state pastor of Lord’s Chosen Church wants to pray with you,” and I said, “Okay, but I don’t go to places where they demand human heads for sacrifice. I only go where we can kneel down or lie down and worship God. So, it is permitted; let us go and see him. But before I could do that, we picked dates that didn’t work. One day, I told him to let us go and see the state pastor, but he said that the state Pastor said he was coming to see me. And before I knew it, one early morning, he came with the state Pastor, Dr. Joseph Okpera.

They came and prayed with me. This was building up to the election. From then on, the Pastor took up my plight as though I was a member of the Lord’s Chosen Church. He started praying with me. He started communicating with me until the election was held and all that happened afterward. Thereafter, they told me that there would be an international prayer programme at Mgbidi, and that the General Overseer would be at the event. They said if I didn’t mind, they would like me to go and see him for prayers. I told them I wanted to see him for prayers. 

While the court cases were going on, my petition was also going on in God’s own court. And so, they went ahead of me and were there before me. Precisely on January 6th, I went to Mgbidi and was ushered in as if I was already a Governor. By February, power was supposed to change hands in Bayelsa. Power was supposed to be handed over on February 14th in the state. So, those that allegedly won the election were already preparing to be sworn in as the 5th Governor of Bayelsa State. I was at Mgbidi and finally, the hour came for me to meet with the anointed man of God, Pastor Lazarus Muoka. I went to meet him in a Caravan, as the crusade was going on. And there, it didn’t take him up to five minutes prayer and he said he was through with me. Well, I had experienced very short, but very efficacious prayers and so, I took it as one of them that would surely work in my life and in Bayelsa. So, I returned to Abuja where I was staying. This time, I returned to the Senate as a lawmaker, having allegedly lost the election.


Precisely on February 13th, which was just two days to the swearing-in of the alleged winner, the miracle happened. Recall that on November 13th, my supporters were murdered in cold blood. Why? Because they went with me to campaign in the local government area of my opponent’s running mate. However, when they came to my own local government area, nobody raised a finger on them because we believe in God. But when I went there to campaign, my supporters were murdered, including the journalist working for Radio Bayelsa. 

So, on that 13th, while they were warming up for inauguration ceremony and how to takeover, the Almighty Who rules in the affairs of men came down at Supreme Court, which is the highest Court in Nigeria. And the Supreme Court ruled that the people who allegedly won that election didn’t participate in that election. And INEC was ordered to go and remove those who said they emerged winner, because they didn’t participate in that election. Whatever votes they got were useless. Furthermore, the Supreme Court directed that INEC should go and determine who came first out of the remaining political parties and declare that person winner of the election. 

Brethren, the following day, I was called by INEC. And when that was ongoing, the chairman of my opponent’s political party then, challenged God and said, if their party would not be there again, then there would be no governor for Bayelsa State. However, when I went to INEC, they said: “You have the highest number of votes and also have the spread across all the local government areas, we hereby give the certificate of return to you as the Governor-elect.” So, on that February 13th, everything was lost on the other side. The next day, I was in INEC’s office and received the certificate of return against those who said there would be no governor for Bayelsa State. From there, I took a chartered flight to Yenegoa and was sworn-in in the evening as the fifth Governor of Bayelsa State. 

Brethren, as if that was not enough, my opponent hired the best lawyers in Nigeria and returned to the Supreme Court and asked them to review the judgment that made me the Governor against the ruling party’s wish. My brethren, guess what happened at the Supreme Court? One of the Supreme Court justices told the lead lawyer, “When I was still in the university, you were already a lawyer. I respect you so much, as you are one of the best brains in this country. But I am surprised that you, knowing that the Supreme Court has given judgment on this matter, and you have been a lawyer for many years, came back for a review in the Supreme Court.” Then she spoke like god and said, “What the Supreme Court has said is final, and there is no power on earth that can upturn the pronouncement of this Supreme Court.” You will agree with me that God is the only One that can speak like that, not any human being. So, God was using her to speak to people who thought they were the best lawyers in Nigeria. And so, I told myself and God that after all the waiting, after going to very few men of God of which our General Overseer is one of them for I am one person who doesn’t move from North to South. And I told myself I got to give this testimony before all of you.


Psalm 35: 18 says, “I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people,” and I am happy I am giving this testimony at this big congregation. I am very glad that our father in the Lord is also here. I want to state clearly that the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka is serving a living God. And you know what? Those who don’t know God will continue to fight me and will be moving from one court to the other, but in all, God is giving me and will continue to give me victory. 

So, I walk with so much confidence and people keep asking what gives this man so much confident. While some say he is bribing the judges, others say he doesn’t even have money to bribe judges, but why is he always winning? Well, the secret is only known to you and me, but to those of them serving other gods, it is not known to them. Let me conclude by saying again that the General Overseer is a man of God. So, come this January and every other January, I want to be at Mgbidi. But above all, I have adopted him as my father.

Please, don’t forget to pray for me and Bayelsa State, which is one of the smallest states in Nigeria. Besides, always go in the confidence that God is here and you are serving a living God. To God be the glory. Thank you!


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