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The future lies in the Trace Metaverse

By Guardian Nigeria
09 December 2022   |   2:27 pm
In the modern age, humans remain relatively immobile. We lie in bed, sit at work, and come home to sit on the couch just to do it all again the next day.

In the modern age, humans remain relatively immobile. We lie in bed, sit at work, and come home to sit on the couch just to do it all again the next day. But what if we didn’t have to waste away our lives hidden away in our own homes? Trace Metaverse has the answer to this.

The team behind the Trace Metaverse project is convinced that there’s a better alternative than the boring daily habits of man. According to them, the Trace Metaverse is a “powerful leap” into the future, allowing people to socialize and explore the world around them in unique and meaningful ways.

The Trace Metaverse team plans to do this using your very own smartphone. Mobile phone augmented reality is easily accessible by people in all areas of the globe and is considered the future of mobile gaming. It’s also easier to develop and implement than virtual reality, which often requires users to purchase expensive equipment for a truly satisfying experience.

Experiencing the Trace Metaverse
Currently, the team behind the Trace Metaverse project is solving problems in the metaverse market by developing a game designed for a mass audience. In this game, you’ll be able to explore the world around you through your mobile phone by looking at the screen. As you move in real life, your character in the game moves with you. This is how you’ll make your character explore the world around it within your phone. Cool, right?

You may hear this description and feel like it sounds familiar. The team behind Trace Metaverse was inspired by the fan-favorite mobile game Pokemon Go, which came out in 2016. The game uses geolocation to let you explore the real world through the lens of the Pokemon universe, catching Pokemon in your own environment. Currently, there are few games like Pokemon Go, but augmented reality continues to expand and is expected to become a major aspect of gaming in 2023. The Trace Metaverse team plans to combine geolocation, augmented reality, and the metaverse into one top-tier game for a truly immersive experience.

In the game, players will be able to choose an NFT CAR from the NFT TRACE vehicle collection. Then, they’ll use energy by walking or driving to earn ACE tokens to upgrade their NFT CAR. These upgrades include new parts, improved features, leveling up, and more. The more energy you spend, the more you earn, and the more you advance in the game.

Staying Safe and Going Green in the Metaverse
The Trace Metaverse team isn’t just focused on fun. The team puts a lot of time and effort into considering the safety of players as well as how gaming will impact the future of the planet. One primary way they plan to use their game for the greater good is by making it optimal to use without a vehicle. Rather than using a car to get money or points, you can earn your points by walking, biking, or scootering. The Trace team hopes that this encourages people to choose greener alternatives of transportation in the future, including bikes and electric vehicles.

To further contribute to the safety of the app, people using the app in a moving vehicle will be given a pop-up telling them to stop playing if they are operating a vehicle. The Trace team wants to ensure that people are using the game safely and being responsible behind the wheel. Even though you can earn points while in a moving vehicle, Drive-to-Earn mode reminds players not to play actively while driving; instead, they can play while being a passenger or when stopped before and after reaching their destination.

The Trace Metaverse also plans to make the game safe for users by thoroughly checking any advertisement partnerships it incorporates into the game. While brand collaborations and marketing campaigns can be beneficial for the companies, creators, and even players, the Trace team is committed to ensuring that all collaborations are with safe and ethical companies.

Trace also hopes that their company will bring a lot of good to Southeast Asia and Latin America. While these areas have not yet bought into the idea of play-to-earn gaming, Trace believes that their project will be able to change that. By establishing themselves in these regions, they hope to expand as a company. This would help provide income to thousands of people by bringing new job opportunities into these regions. Ultimately, the Trace Metaverse strives to make the world a better place in all aspects.

The Champions Behind the Game
Trace is a company known for its technological independence. They developed their own geolocation platform called METAFORA within only four years, an impressive feat for a relatively new company. Crypto experts and GameDev representatives alike are intrigued by Trace’s striking metaverse plans. Their advanced development and focus on community building is something developers appreciate in the modern age.

Trace’s development team is made of engineers with over 10 years of experience in a variety of skills, including mapping, augmented reality, and app development. Many of them were also previously employed by major international corporations, including Intel, Niantic, Wargaming, Gaminsight, Yandex, and Kama Games. Their prior positions gave them significant insight into the proper development of location-based game applications, which they’re now using to help build the Trace Metaverse augmented reality experience.

Official Launch Incoming
All that’s left for Trace Metaverse to do is to finish developing its application for the greater public. In the final product, players will be able to explore the world, track progress, and earn points for additional features. To get the funding needed to continue work on the project, they plan to collaborate with other brands and earn additional revenue through in-app advertising, commissions, and in-game purchases. This money can then be used to distribute rewards, burn tokens, and further develop the Trace Metaverse.

The project will start with an unlimited utility token called ACE and a management token called TRC. Currently, the total TRC issuance has a limit of 5 billion tokens. However, this could change down the line as the project comes to fruition. At this stage of the game, Trace is working diligently with professionals in the global crypto community to get their project ready for launch. India and Brazil are their top markets of choice, as they have excellent specialists, advanced skills, and even better people.

Abhudoy Das, Trace’s first advisor in the Indian market, has years of experience and a number of connections in the crypto community. They hope to use these connections to earn additional advisors in other areas of India.
At the same time, on the other side of the world, in Brazil, advisor Guilherme Monteiro is helping to develop the project. He is known in South America for his skills in crypto trading and many years of experience in unicorns and hyper-growth startups.

If their team remains committed, the Trace Metaverse will be fully prepared for a successful launch of this long-term project with a full alliance behind them.

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