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Troops kill 5 militants, arrest 23 others – Army


Nigerian Military

Nigerian Military

Military authorities on Saturday said troops of the 133 Special Forces of the Nigerian Army killed five militants and arrested 23 others in an operation in the Niger Delta.

According to a statement by Col. Sani Usman, Acting Director, Army Public Relations, this happened when the troops carried out precursor operation to exercise `Crocodile Smile’ in Rivers.

“The operation which was conducted on Aug. 26, 2016, was carried out by the Special Forces at the militants’ camps.

“Items recovered from the camps include 2 AK-47 rifles, 11 pump action guns, a locally-made revolver pistol, 292 cartridges of live ammunition, 199 rounds of AK-47 rifle ammunition, four electricity generating sets and a camp gas cooker.

“The troops also recovered an abandoned engine boat left by the fleeing criminals,” the statement said.

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  • Akin Malaolu

    The militants cannot eat their cakes and have them. Those who can give DEATH can get DEATH too.

    No Nation all over the world would give an ATMOSPHERE of Christmas to its ENEMIES both within and without. . Government have always existed to make laws and enforce obedience to her laws.
    If Asari is dead , then the good LORD and ALLAH wished it so. Criminality is not a VIRTUE but a CURSE.
    GOODNIGHT ASARI if only you are dead.
    Enough is indeed ENOUGH.

    • St-Kenny Mudiaga

      While u all vituperate righteously about the criminality of the avengers, ask yourself how your nation got to this juncture; of criminals and fighters in every nook and cranny. Ask yourself if u truly have a nation. Ask yourself what court these aggrieved elements would cry to for justice. Nigeria is dead, long live Nigeria.

  • juliusonny

    “A LESSON FOR NIGERIA” mainly these Niger Delta agitators. The so-called Niger Delta Scavengers and all the putrid selfish greedy stupid backers and politicians who sponsor them. I doubt it if all these gullible brain-washed and mentally cheated by Mother Nature riding about in speed boats blowing up pipelines can afford one single decent meal per day. They are being funded by these old Deltan VULTURES who feed on the carcasses of their brothers and sisters. These common hard working farmers, traders and fishers are the ones who will bear the dire consequences, should there be any civil war. A group of criminals sponsored and funded by these unscrupulous politicians, cannot be stronger, more equipped more prepared more determined more willing than a nation´s military setup. The scars of the last civil war have not been completely healed.

    “South Sudan is “poised on the brink of an abyss” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council on Thursday”.

    “Ban has called for an arms embargo and sanctions to be imposed on those who fail to observe the peace agreement in South Sudan, but the council has yet to endorse his call”.

    “In 2015, the UN and the US imposed sanctions on the main players in the conflict, with the State Department reiterating its warning that “those taking actions threatening the peace, security, or stability of South Sudan… may be subject to
    sanctions under UN Security Council Resolution 2206 (2015).”

    The South Sudanese are sitting on trillions cubic of crude oil too, what have they achieved after obtaining break away? Nothing but inter-tribal wars and confusion. This is exactly what is going to happen to SS and SE. These regions are not only Ijaws and Igbos, rather many other tribes and sub-tribes will start agitating for their own rights soon after breaking away therefore, they will never know peace. Dialogue remains the wisest, the safest and the cheapest way of solving grievances no matter how long it takes. You see, God feeds on Satan and when Satan vanishes, God will die of hunger.

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    Wayo military under the Daura illiterate. Election re-run is coming up in Rivers State and actions are being taken against the same tugs Amaechi and his gangs have empowered before. How many pipelines are being blown up in Rivers State? 2 AK 47 and 11 bump action recovered from 28 fighting militants. Where 15 of them fighting with bare hands? Shameless illiterates!