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Trump pushes just ahead of Clinton in new poll


US Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump/ AFP PHOTO / Gaston De Cardenas

US Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump/ AFP PHOTO / Gaston De Cardenas

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump landed just ahead of Democrat Hillary Clinton in a new national poll released Tuesday, which showed the real estate mogul chiseling away at his opponent’s former lead.

Trump beat Clinton 45 to 43 percent in the new CNN/ORC Poll, which showed stark divisions in the way different demographics plan to cast their ballots.

Clinton has mostly maintained an edge over Trump in recent national polls. She has dramatically deeper ground operations in swing states and trounced Trump in August fundraising.

But the Republican flagbearer’s unorthodox White House bid, including his campaign’s apparent imperviousness to criticism about his harsh rhetoric, assures a tight contest leading up to November 8.

The near tie in the latest CNN/ORC results came in sharp contrast to Clinton’s eight-point lead among registered voters in its early August poll following the Democratic Convention.

According to CNN, huge gaps exist in voting preference based on gender, age, race, education and partisanship.

Women prefer Clinton 53 to 38 percent, while men favor Trump 54 to 32 percent, it said.

Voters younger than 45 give Clinton an edge (54 percent to 29 percent for Trump), while non-whites favor Clinton by almost four-to-one, poll results showed.

Enthusiasm for the overall 2016 campaign remains comparatively low. Almost half of voters say they are less enthusiastic about voting this year than in previous elections, with just 42 percent reporting that they’re more excited.

This marks the first time since 2000 that a significantly larger share of voters say they are less excited, CNN polling results indicate.

The CNN/ORC poll was conducted from September 1 to 4 by telephone among a random sample of 1,001 adults. It included results from 886 registered voters and 786 likely voters. For results among registered or likely voters, the margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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  • walter enang

    I want Trump to win so he can send out all the Muslims in the USA to Nigeria to start a new wave of bombings.

    • Deovolente

      Strange wish.

  • larr

    Trump is the president to be.Dictators and jihadists such as Buhari will run for cover but cannot hide. Buhari will get permanent residence in Den Hague prison.

    • james_grim_teacher

      Buhari is not a Jihadist and he is no more a dictator besides Trump does not know enough about anything to even give a damn for African issues.

      He is a local issues minded candidate.

      Buhari also does not give two of hoots about the US elections as long as a lny new administration continues the policy thrust -returns of stolen loot, favourable attitude to trade , investment and defence cooperation.

      Trump is not going to win. Hillary will win more than 300 Electoral Votes. Trump has the possibility of actually leading in total number of votes cast but he will win even less electors than George Bush did to lose to Obama.

  • Deji Fadina

    I decided as far back as the 2008 Elections that Polls are manufactured by the TV Houses and the Press to get candidates to pay up the millions they have.
    TV Houses call the polls, ask the questions, choose the responses they like for voting, own the Advertisement companies, choose the discourse on air and how much favorable airtime candidates enjoys individually and severally.
    The minute Trump came out to say he had $10 million to spend, I asked people around me to watch how the attack on Trump, which was the past time of media house,s was going to change and how fast.
    The tone of the discourse changed in his favor overnight in a 180 degree turn. Trump is now getting close to being the Choir boy of American view of the future.
    Is this not the same man a fat majority said they were not safe with and who could blow everybody sky high?
    Given that he now has a crazy billionare ready to finance him down to the election, the fawning media will contiunue to treat the American electorate as a mindless easily dissuaded and easily persuaded lot.
    Wolf Blitzer is the master of this Cash and Carry system of serving the public need for information. NBC is now close behind with Brian Williams, (remember the not so honest news anchor?). That was why the blacks had to be kicked off the day programs. They cannot be trusted to S-P-E-A-K as the board room money chasing strategies demand.
    My conclusion is to read all these pieces of information with very large grains of salt. It is very dishonest in intent, content and delivery.
    In fact the TV Houses and the Press are looking like dictating to the candidates the types of campaign they should have, or…….

  • Abidilagungun

    In TRUMP we TRUST! Heil Trump!!