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Trump tweets backhanded New Year’s greeting to his ‘many enemies’


President-elect Donald Trump. PHOTO: JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP

President-elect Donald Trump. PHOTO: JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP

Donald Trump sent New Year’s greetings to his “many enemies” in a backhanded tweet Saturday in which he gloated over his political conquests.

“Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do. Love!” the US president-elect wrote.

The message on Twitter, Trump’s preferred mode of communication, caps a year in which he overcame long odds to vanquish 16 other Republicans vying to become the party’s White House nominee.

He then upended Democrat Hillary Clinton in last month’s general election — her formidable political machine and bigger campaign coffers notwithstanding — in a shock election upset.

Trump takes the oath of office on January 20, when he will become the 45th US president.

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  • aerekosima

    Very petty. We are in for a tumultuous ride, the next 4 years. God bless America.

    • Guest

      Very petty? The Donald knows he has to be relentless in attacking Crooked Hillary and all of her supporters and her flying monkeys. There is no compromise with her and her ilk. Pound them into the ground they have caused enough damage already.

      The dems have been the KIngs and Queens of pettiness forever and the camel toe Rinos took it now they are dealing with the Donald who is using THEIR playbook and doing a smash mouth on them LMAO.

      BTW no one beats the pettiness of the bandy leg little rooster Obama. The empty suit is trying to restart the Cold War

      • aerekosima

        One of the basket of deplorable, Guest?

        • barriga bello

          “basket of deplorables” – they sent HRC back to Arkansas instead of the WHITE HOUSE. lmao.

          • aerekosima

            And deported you to Nigeria?

          • barriga bello

            With due respect to your opinion, which you are entitled to – if you can reference or direct me (not innuendos or what was purported) to where President-elect Donald Trump said he will deport legal and law abiding foreign nationals – I will forever and ever renounce my support for DT. like it, hate it or both.

    • Rude awakening

      Awe…little baby snowflake feeling blue?

      • aerekosima

        No, not at all, waiting for the train wreck.