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Two postgraduate students drown in Lagos beach


Funmi and Shola

Funmi and Shola

Two postgraduate students of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) have allegedly drowned at the Elegushi Beach in Lagos.

According to their friend, Ginika Okolo, who took to social media to mourn them, the two ladies, Funmi, 24, and Shola, 27, were swept away by high tides on Sunday afternoon while celebrating a friend’s birthday.

The duo, who graduated from Covenant University were said to be on the verge of completing their Master’s in International Law and Diplomacy at UNILAG.

Mourning her friends, Okolo blamed the absence of lifeguards and other safety measures for their death. She said: “Some of us have been awake and have cried our lives out. I shutdown today because of the death of these two. Oh life, what a waste!!!

“Our tears have turned to anger because their lives were carelessly taken away by Elegushi heavy tide. Is there not a rescue team? Don’t people pay to enter the beach? Funmi and Shola had bright future, but all that is gone.

“This is so sad, but we must bring this awareness to public space because their lives were not worthless, to have died carelessly like this. We need wave alarm system, emergency medical unit, patrol unit, good rescue team in all Nigerian beaches,” she wrote.

When contacted, the state command’s spokesperson, Dolapo Badmos, a Superintendent of Police (SP) said the police were yet to establish if such incident occurred.

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  • The problem we have in this country has always been regulation…is there not a body that looks at the operations of all this beaches?.anyways may their souls RIP.

    • Eloho Emubare

      Eric we are thinking in the same line. I’ve often wondered why the beaches do not define restrictions. People go everywhere & anyhow even with their scared children. In times of heavy tides the beaches should be shut

      • Yea you are doesn’t cost much to hire a life guard in Lagos…imagine how many lives they will save on a daily basis.

  • Blunt Arrow

    Looks like somebody’s duty is to just collect “choppings” from those Lagos beaches and that’s all. Nothing in return.
    May the souls of this young ladies rest in peace.

  • nana

    Dear Elegushi beach goers, i often hear the pounding music and ruckus you people emit every weekend peaking at saturday night. At first i was very intrigued at what was making you people so excitable certainly not this steeply eroded beach with wastes spewed all over the place which i thread through whilst taking my dog for a morning walk, so I decided to spy on the night beach goers new years eve and to say i was flabergasted at the stupid behavior of people there is an understatement. The overcrowded beach had people jokingly shoving people into the water and people backing the waves trying to take a sefie or a picture and 95% percentage of all of you do not know how to swim. what is wrong with you people?!!!

    who is that asking for a life guard, you paid for parking space & agbero chop money my dear and you see that red flag flapping in the wind besides the beach that is to tell you the sea is rough which it always is in the evening – night time but you people don’t know these things and you all act irresponsible after you pay your gate fee.

    Now i shudder when ever i walk along that beach and see a washed up shoe or a slipper because I’m thinking does it belong to a dead person that was washed away at this rate someone always dies there every weekend. Dear Nigerians if you do not know how to swim then do not go to the beach and play in the water and even if you can swim never ever back the oncoming wave. It should be made a law now that every resident of lagos should know how to swim as we are surrounded by water.

    RIP Funmi & shola