Wednesday, 4th October 2023

UK firm holds leadership development programme for Nigerian judicial personnel

TEXEM UK, a leading executive education provider in the United Kingdom, has concluded its customised Judiciary Leadership Development programme titled “Strategic Leadership For Success in an unknown tomorrow” for participants from Nigeria.

Sir. James Duddridge KCMG, Member of UK Parliament.

TEXEM UK, a leading executive education provider in the United Kingdom, has concluded its customised Judiciary Leadership Development programme titled “Strategic Leadership For Success in an unknown tomorrow” for participants from Nigeria.

The programme, which took place in the UK from May 15 to May 19, was designed to equip Nigerian quasi-judiciary leaders with the necessary skills to navigate and succeed in challenging and unpredictable times.

According to a statement on TEXEM’s website, the programme featured several unique features, including a tour visit to the Taylor House Tax Chamber hearing rooms.

The participants were hosted by the President of the First-tier Tribunal Tax Chamber, Upper Tribunal Judge Sinfield, and the President of the Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery Chamber), the Hon. Mrs Justice Bacon DBE.

They also visited the Emirates Stadium and ate lunch at the London Chamber of Commerce.

The programme was facilitated by a team of distinguished and eminent thought leaders in leadership, strategy, and diplomacy, including Rt. Hon. James Duddridge, Ambassador Charles Crawford, Prof. Paul Griffith, Dr Alim Abubakre, Prof. Ian Kessler, and Musliu Adeola.

These experts brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme, ensuring participants gained valuable insights into leadership strategies and practices essential for success in today’s volatile and complex environment.

This was done by applying TEXEM’s unique, tested, and proven methodologies.

Delegates who participated in the programme benefited from the diverse range of learning activities and experiences that were provided.

They gained a deeper understanding of the challenges facing judiciary leaders today and learned how to develop effective strategies to address these challenges.

They also had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with peers from different countries and jurisdictions, which helped to broaden their perspectives and enhance their understanding of the global judiciary landscape.

The visit to the Taylor House Tax Chamber was a particularly unique and valuable aspect of the programme.

Participants had the opportunity to observe real-life cases and proceedings, gaining an in-depth understanding of the workings of the UK legal system.

In addition, this experience provided delegates with a practical perspective on applying the principles and concepts they had learned throughout the programme.

Prof. Ian Kessler, Professor of Public Policy and Management at King’s Business School and Fellow of the University of Oxford, one of the faculties at the programme, made the following remarks:

“It was stimulating and enjoyable to work with the Nigerian judiciary on the TEXEM programme.

“We examined approaches to negotiation as a route to influence and success. This included exploring bargaining environments, strategies, and tactics to develop the judiciary leaders’ negotiation skills.

“The session encouraged reflection on the nature and pursuit of negotiation in the tribunal context.

“Participants were able to participate in role-play negotiating exercises.

“And there was lively and insightful discussion on the issues raised, with participants bringing their considerable experience and extensive knowledge to bear.

“I was grateful to be able to contribute to such an excellent TEXEM leadership programme”.

Sir James Duddridge KCMG, Member of Parliament, Former UK Minister who has worked with three UK Prime Ministers, had this to say about the programme:

“It was enjoyable to speak to Nigerian judges about the challenges faced in business, politics and diplomacy.

“Coming together in London provided the space for reflection and independent thinking. The carefully crafted programme facilitated existing relationships to flourish and new ones to form.

“I found the group to be stimulated by the broad-based and inspirational executive development programmes organised by TEXEM under the leadership of Prof. Alim Abubakre.

“TEXEM has developed a formula and a team that is well placed to offer flexible, professional coaching drawing on a wide and eclectic panel of quality faculty”.

Ambassador Charles Crawford, an illustrious adviser to world leaders, articulated:

“This group of TEXEM masterclass judges came with a senior background in taxation law. They presented a lively, interested and astute audience.

“My own sessions covering different Communications Skills techniques featured a lot of vigorous to and fro on the issues and examples raised, making for an excellent learning experience for all of us”.

Also, testimonials from some of the participants in the programme praised the impact and quality of the Judiciary Development programme:

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