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What opportunities for active trading are available in Metadoro?

By Guardian Nigeria
06 September 2023   |   2:26 am
Different approaches to trading are practiced in financial markets depending on the goals. Some people are interested in long-term investment...

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Different approaches to trading are practiced in financial markets depending on the goals. Some people are interested in long-term investment perspectives, while others engage in active trading and strive to earn as much as possible per unit of time. Comfortable conditions are required for this because there are many nuances in trading that can affect the final result. Let’s consider the opportunities for active trading offered to its clients by the fintech platform Metadoro.

Features of active trading and what is needed for it?

Markets are structured in such a way that they spend most of their time in sideways movements. After these periods, there is dynamic growth or decline, and the situation repeats itself. If you look at charts within a trading day, these moments will be very noticeable, but on a daily and especially weekly timeframe, everything looks like a trending movement.

Such fluctuations allow for good earnings, but the behavior of the price varies depending on the trading instrument. Accordingly, assets that will show large ranges of fluctuations are needed. It is precisely the constant up-and-down movement factor together with the general ranges in the short and medium term that allows for much greater profits compared to traditional investments. Of course, this requires corresponding preparation of the trader.

Trade costs and technical equipment are also important factors. Scalping traders primarily assess these parameters. In trading on small ranges, the speed of executing trading orders and low costs per trade are critically important. For example, a 2-point spread with a 10-point target size eats up 20% of the profit. And if a stop-loss is triggered, these 2 points are added to it. In general, the situation arises where literally every point and every second counts.

What does Metadoro offer to its clients?

Let’s move on to what the platform offers and what trading opportunities are provided to users. In recent years, companies have been competing with each other in terms of the range and quality of services, offering increasingly favorable conditions. Let’s see what Metadoro offers.

  • Over 3,000 trading instruments. The main currency pairs, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies are crucial for active trading, and all these categories are presented in the company. Additionally, commodities and energy, which have shown high volatility in recent years and are attractive for speculation, can also be highlighted.
  • Fast execution of trading orders with delays of no more than 20-30 ms. Stable connectivity is ensured by high-level technical equipment.
  • Commission costs from 0.004% and spreads from 0.1 pips. These are relatively low indicators, suitable for making multiple short-term deals.
  • Metatrader platform. The most popular trading terminal that has been used for over 10 years and has a vast array of analytical tools. Additionally, thousands of user-developed applications are written explicitly for this program.
  • Leverage of up to 1:500.

Metadoro reviews indicate that the broker is in line with industry leaders, as well as offering some additional features. One of them is the option to familiarize oneself with the broker’s trading conditions without risking the loss of funds. This refers to a bonus program, under which new clients can receive up to $100 and trade for 7 days. This period is more than enough to fully evaluate the trading environment and the features listed above.

Advantages and disadvantages of trading with Metadoro

To sum up, let’s highlight the main pros and cons of active trading with Metadoro. Let’s start with the advantages that can be unequivocally called such, when it comes to this type of trading:

  • Trading conditions.
  • Wide range of classic trading instruments.
  • Technical equipment and comfort in trading.

In principle, this is all that is necessary. The company’s clients have the ability to trade intraday and use any analysis tools, algorithmic trading. All of this can be attributed to the advantages and key parameters that are of interest to speculators in the market. Even in conditions of high competition, these conditions can be considered in line with industry leaders. Now let’s move on to the disadvantages.

  • Lack of copy trading system. It often becomes one of the sources of signals that a trader considers and can use in trading.
  • Not a very large variety of cryptocurrencies.

The last point is partly compensated by the fact that for truly active and focused on digital asset trading, it is more logical to use corresponding cryptocurrency exchanges. As for the major coins, they are all present and clients of the company have the opportunity to trade them.

Overall, the trading environment of Metadoro can be considered attractive for active trading. Many indicators are at a high level, while others have no analogues in the industry. The mentioned drawbacks can be considered conditional, besides, the platform is developing and constantly improving its services.

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