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What should a parent know about Esports


Are your children showing a keen interest in esports, and you don’t know whether to support them or not? If that is the case, you need to pay attention to every detail shared here. As a parent, you might not be able to make any concrete decisions if you don’t know anything about esports.  So, what is esports?  It is referred to a competitive video game played by two or more opponents; expert gamers usually play these games for cash rewards in front of massive spectators, either online or offline.

They are well-organized events, and they are usually multiplier games that involve combat, sports, and strategy with audiences, referee, and unique sets of rules guiding the game.

What Kinds of Games Qualify as an Esports?

There are several types of games you can play as esports.  Generally, there are two main types; the FBS and the MOBAs.

The First Person Shooters, also known as FBS, include the Call of Duty while the Multiplier Online Battle arena (MOBAs) consists of the world’s most recognized League of Legend.  MOBAs generally comprises of two teams playing against themselves with their unique strength and ability. To be a win in the game, a team has to destroy the opponents’ base.

Esports also include strategy games, fighting, cards, as well as sports.

What Happens When My Child Develops Interest in Esports?

Many children are passionate about esports games because it is an exciting video game that involves different strategies and reflexes.  Apart from that, the game’s prospect may also excite them as it attracts substantial cash prizes, fame, and the possibility of traveling to different countries.

Considering these benefits and other perks, a child is likely to develop a passion for the game and pursue a career in esports. If that happens, you should be supportive as a parent. Let your child known that you are in support of its quest.

Preventing Your Child from Accessing Inappropriate Games

It is quite simple to do, check the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) rating of the preferred games of your child. You can control the games your child can play through easy-to-follow steps.

How to Know If your Child is Addicted to Gaming?

Several telltale signs can show that your child is addicted to gaming.  Some of what you should watch out for are personality or behavioral changes, emotional changes, number of hours spent watching, or playing the games.  These symptoms and many others will tell you if a child is addicted or not.

How to Manage your Child’s Gaming?

As a parent, you can manage and control the amount of time your child spends gaming; this includes the games they can play and whether they can chat with other gamers.

When their time is almost up, give them a five-minute warning to wrap up their gaming activities. By so doing, they will finish up their game and complete their current level to avoid any argument.


With adequate guidance and support, your child can become a successful esports player without adversely affecting their academics and other aspects of their lives.

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