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While men slept – Part 1

By John Okene
15 November 2020   |   3:36 am
This scripture can be viewed from two different perspectives. First, it talks about the enemies’ activities in the life of men, when they are asleep.

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This scripture can be viewed from two different perspectives. First, it talks about the enemies’ activities in the life of men, when they are asleep. Secondly, it gives an illustration of what will happen at the End Time, which is the dispensation we are in now. True believers and unbelievers shall be seen growing and living together in one place, and we shall not be able to differentiate them. But at the last day, there shall be a separation. Our focus for this study, however, shall be on the first perspective. Sleep here in the physical state, is to lay down to rest and oftentimes, you get some dreams. Sleep can also be viewed as a spiritual state of slumberness. The second thing to consider is the enemy and there are certain things to note about his mode of operations. Micah 7:6 tells us that a man’s enemies are members of his own household. This means that oftentimes, the person who sows the evil seed is well known to the victim.

Similarly today, some of the problems we experience are introduced by persons well known to us. The second thing about the enemy’s mode of operation is that he comes in to do evil, when the victim is unaware. Many people, today, wake up and discover a problem because the enemy sneaked in and planted a seed. I decree to you reading this write up now, whoever has crawled into your life under the cover of the night, may judgement come upon them in Jesus name.

When the enemy sowed the tares, it grew and looked like the wheat and so, they could not separate them. It was contending with the wheat for sunlight and nutrients, until it was harvest time. This explains why people suffer disappointment and failure at the edge of breakthrough. Whatever the enemy has planted in you to contend with your glory is hereby terminated in Jesus name.

Again, the enemy is a long-term planner. He takes his time to strategise and creeps in to strike, when you least expect. It does not matter to him how long it takes to achieve his goals, but I pray for you that God will frustrate every long-term plan of your enemies. A man started ministry at the age of 28 years and did great exploits for God in holiness with a great testimony. At age 75, when he should retire gloriously, something happened. He slept with a 17-year-old girl and was publicly disgraced and arrested for sexual assault with an under aged person. Something he never attempted as a youth caught up with him at the peak of his glory. All his years of chastity and great exploits for God went down the drain.

The first thing to note is that the enemy could be responsible for the sleep, so that he can attack because he can’t operate when his victim is awake. He uses such weapons as sickness and laziness to keep his victim in spiritual slumberness. A man who was once fervent in the spirit suddenly discovered he was spiritually heavy. He got spiritual signals several times to wake up and pray at night, but was too lazy to pray. Barely two weeks after, he travelled and was involved in a ghastly motor accident where he died. He never knew God was preparing him to contend with the spirit of death.

Finally, the enemy can sow seeds similar to what you already have, so you can’t differentiate it until it manifests. You need spiritual eyes to know it. A lady had a dream that something bit her on her breast and when she woke up and checked, there was just a tiny swelling and she thought it was normal. She never knew that something had been programmed into her and after a while, it manifested as cancer. In conclusion, spiritual sleep is a state of idleness and inactivity. And some of its signs are prayerlessness, lack of study of God’s word and the laziness to fast. In 2 Sam. 11:1-11, at a time when kings go to war, David lazily stayed back home and the consequence of this spiritual slumber cost him the loss of 4 sons and other negative downturn in his life. Eph. 5:14 “Awake, thou that sleepeth and arise from the dead and Christ shall give the light”.
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