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A message to voters


Voters queue up on election day

Voters queue up on election day

Sir: The voters should have nothing to do with the politics of deceit and avoid being passive? This country is in ruins because the voters have made poor use of their influence and authority and what has happened? The result is the endless gulf between haves and have-nots.

Today some office-seekers being proactive in their political ambition, set in motion a resemblance of service to the people whilst in reality it’s a scheme to clinch political power and when this is achieved they watch citizens die from diseases that care could prevent. It is now common for people to beg on the streets for alms, and in the newspapers for donations to bring medical care to their loved ones.

People of Rivers State in Nigeria today, are bleeding and wondering how long they would have to wait for their modest dreams to come true?

Now is the time for them to look at the candidates eyeball-to-eyeball and ask them what they can do to stem the tide of rural-urban migration which has only added to the congestion and the problems of high-density living where infrastructure and services remain under-developed.

Now is the time to ask them what plans they have to expand access to quality education? We have our public schools in Nigeria, unsupported and decaying with unqualified teachers and lack of funding.

Ask them what plans they have to lift you out of poverty, to give you decent healthcare, quality life and meet all of your needs.

Do not fall victim easily to promises made, oh! so sincerely, hand-on-heart by those who seek your votes? Seek instead the candidate who can firmly protect
your homes, provide education for your children and regular income for breadwinners.

There is no better time to change Rivers State than now and the burden of change rests on you (voters).

Remember: Only the small-minded keep repeating the same mistakes and hope for better outcomes.

Send this message to successful candidates: “You are honour-bound, duty-bound, morally-bound to keep the pledges that won your office. This great country and its resources do not belong to you, so stop crushing your voters under a burden of despair. Stop bleeding the country and its citizens dry.”

Simon Abah,
Port Harcourt,
Rivers State

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