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A mindless despoliation


BokoHaram-GUNSSIR: I am drawn to tears to read the report that troops fighting the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East are experiencing hardship following the inability of the Federation Government to provide them with minesweepers. It was reported that the terrorists planted mines along major roads and bush paths which impeded troops’ movements.

One is nonplussed to also read of the billions of Naira meant to purchase military hardware being traced to accounts of some so-called senior citizens. These soldiers at the war front are dying needless death trying to use the archaic hand-held mines detectors while these economic malefactors are smiling to the banks.

The nation is inundated with the wailing of some impetuous Nigerians pillorying the president for arresting those behind this cruel heist The question to Buhari’s critics is what should be the priority of any president that finds himself in the Nigerian conundrum? Is he to allow the pillaging of the commonwealth to continue with no attempt to retrieve what have been stolen?

Whatever dividend Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), can contribute to GDP is lost to corruption in double fold. Buhari has prioritised on the most acute national exigency which is anti-corruption, in no time the economic trajectory would fall in line.

Meanwhile, the blood of the fallen soldiers would remain an eternal vitiating element on the patrimony of those who use arms money for politics.
• Bukola Ajisola,

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