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A preacher’s atonement

By AbduRafiu
29 April 2022   |   3:38 am
For some years concern has been expressed in many countries over sermons either in churches or on crusade grounds. It is believed that many clergy men exploit human weaknesses and sometimes desperation for material wellbeing to neglect the all-important talk and guidance about inner development...

For some years concern has been expressed in many countries over sermons either in churches or on crusade grounds. It is believed that many clergy men exploit human weaknesses and sometimes desperation for material wellbeing to neglect the all-important talk and guidance about inner development, better referred to as spiritual development which is the development of the inner being. The gaze of congregants is not turned upwards, to what is high and noble. By so doing the multitude are led away from the proverbial narrow road onto the broad road.

I do not wish to get involved in firing criticisms or get judgmental. We are firmly admonished: “Judge not so that thou may not be judged.”

It should also be recognised that each person will act within his limitations and light. What strikes me is the story of a renowned preacher, Benny Hinn I read in the social media. Pastor Hinn is an Israeli Televangelist. In the report captioned ‘‘Prosperity, sowing of seed and monetisation of Gospel,’’ Pastor Hinn said he would like to apologise to his members over his ‘‘false teachings on prosperity, sowing of seed and monetising the gospel.’’

Here is an excerpt of the report on his address to his audience who are also shown in a video: “Pastor Hinn pleads with the entire Christian body to forgive him, saying he does not want to be rejected in heaven on the last day. He also went further to say that he had wanted to say this a long time ago but couldn’t.

“Pastor Benny Hinn says he’s truly sorry for all these years of false teachings.” In his words: “Please, forgive me and do away with my messages on prosperity and sowing of seed.”

It takes a great and humble heart to recognise one’s errors and own up publicly. It takes courage and strength of character to say to the world that he had misled his hearers and they should discard all his teachings because they are false, and forgive him; he was sorry. Mr. Hinn has taken a giant step indeed in recognising he had led his audience into the wilderness. The second step is to lead them out of the jungle. This is possible only if he is well equipped, he has all the strength and all it takes to embark on the task. Those misled too have responsibility for themselves to find their way out of the dungeon which they allowed themselves to get into. They chose freely to follow their supposed guide into the wilderness. The equipment with which the pastor is to fortify himself is true knowledge. His recognition is coming at a time the unique and higher knowledge which answers all questions of life and existence is spreading on the face of the earth, wholly bathed in the Light of Truth. There are two possibilities. The misled audience does not necessarily have to wait for Mr. Hinn to lead them out. They individually bear personal responsibility for their lives. Mr. Hinn, however, must consciously and with the zealousness of his soul lead everyone out of the wilderness and to the right road into which he has plunged them. We learn from the higher knowledge that there is no ascent for anyone until the person he has misled receives new enlightenment and he drops the errors. Those misled also spread the errors, sometimes with troubling vehemence. The errors and consequences are compounded. It is one thing to bring the new light to one who may have been misled; it is another to accept it. Thus the connecting thread remains taut and as inhibitive as ever—as it was before the new enlightenment.

Creation is governed by adamantine Laws of Nature. They bear the Will of the Almighty Creator. It is His Power that unceasingly activates the Laws. They are the automatic and self-enforcing mechanisms with which He governs the whole of Creation. Such is it, we are told, that the Almighty Creator does not at all directly intervene in all small and great cares of men whether it is wars, misery and other earthly matters. This is because His Perfect Laws have been woven into Creation from the very beginning ensuring that they automatically carry out their incorruptible work. In the outworking of the Laws, they permit of no preference, injustice nor prejudice. All is accurately fulfilled, forever taking effect uniformly.”

Words form speeches and make the contents of writings. The words are precipitations from the sacred Word of the Most High. When we use words we are drawing from His Power from which stream these precipitations, and we are accountable for the use to which we have put what we drew. This should suggest to us that we cannot afford to misuse words. We must know fear that we have misapplied the grace. Yet we do so unceasingly such that we speak boastfully that the Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit or even more commonly the Almighty Father Himself has spoken to us, mistaking helpers or guides as the case may be for the Light Beings. Knowledge of the structure of Creation will prove to us how impossible this is and how sacrilegious any such pronouncement is. No one can bear their mere approach. The person can be burnt no matter how faintly we may consider the approach to be. The words we speak have consequences shaping destinies on earth and at the same they are anchored in another sphere of the World of Matter in the Beyond, called Medium Gross Matter awaiting the author’s arrival.

Pastor Hinn can see how much he has to gain retracing his steps and apologising to his audience. He said in the video to show that the spirit of atonement has set in: “Giving makes me sick. Do not give anymore.” The next step would be to genuinely and prayerfully seek the Word of Truth; it is a promise fulfilled in the Law that he who seeks finds! It is the only help he can give to himself!