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A Word On Ministerial Slots




Sir: There are consultations among the members of the All Progressive Congress (APC) on who should be or not to be a minister in the in-coming administration that would be piloted by the president elect, General Muhammadu Buhari.

It is no more news that most leaders in the country are always after themselves instead of working for the interest of the masses. Now that the new government is going to take over from the outgoing administration, I would like to advice that the system of “my brother or my friend” should not be used in appointing ministers. Somebody should be given a ministerial position based on his capacity to deliver and not because of one’s relationship with such a person.

I would also like to advice that ministerial appointments should go beyond party members. If there is somebody that is not corrupt and can render a selfless service for the progress of this nation, even if he or she is not in APC, such a person should be given a slot.

Therefore, ministerial positions should not be misdirected. For instance, position of Minister of Agriculture should not be given to somebody who read law in the university, the minister of Art and Culture should not be given to someone who has been spending more of his time in America, and knows little about Nigerian culture. Don’t give minster of Justice to someone who read Chemistry in the university. The positions should be given to people based on their areas of specialisation.
However, political prostitutes should not be given anything in the incoming administration, not even the position of a class monitor.

To our President-elect, we are watching clearly to see and talk where and when needs arise. We can never keep quiet when things begin and continue to happen in favour of political elite at the expense of the poor masses.

We want to see change that is positive; we want to touch change, we want to feel the change and we want to even eat change. Please, give us the change that we have been waiting for.

• Awunah Terwase, Makurdi.

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  • Amaka

    It’s really not a story but facts that needs to be heard but I wouldn’t know the best source to get my messages across to Our President Elect.
    Our dear Country is In need of transformation which we all know. But having creative and innovative ideas which will help this Country generate more funds and create job opportunities for people, and your views can’t be heard simply because some people are rightfully, if I may say are assumed to own particular positions in the government is sad and terrible.
    It’s 2am now and instead of enjoying my sleep as most people are doing now, am awake worried and thinking of how to help my Country and it’s citizens get the better lives they deserve.
    Tourism is the key to one aspect.
    First , the citizens of this country do not have any sort/kind of leisure centers and/activities. Nothing is working, if any it’s almost dead. We need an inspiring environment, fun but creative. Where people can relax, enjoy, think calmly and create mind blowing ideas. People are stuck with beer palors, eateries and very few relate with cinemas. Kids have no adventures to motivate their educational background practically. Before you can attract foreigners into your country for tourism, the citizens should be able to testify to it’s satisfaction.
    Young people are smarter and more creative, we travel out of this country to enjoy what other countries has set up. WHY CAN’T WE SET UP OURS?_???
    There are many talented people in this country, people who have wonderful ideas of things that can be done to elevate this nation from it’s current position.
    But how can the authorities hear us out???? HOW.
    Mr President – Elect, this country will benefit beyond measures if and only if you are willing to hear me out. And am certain of other incredible ideas that my peers have too.
    We are the future, I am the future, we can’t build the future tomorrow, we start TODAY.

  • Salisu Koki

    Awunah, I wish you told PDP this belated advise, why keep mum for 16 years, when you have this great idea of non-partisanship burning in you? Strange!