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Again, on the ethical side of GMO

By Prince Pieray Odor
23 November 2016   |   1:11 am
In her incisive article titled: “GMO: The Good, the Bad and the not too Ugly”, published on page 19 of The Guardian, November 17, 2017, the author, Yewande Kazeem....
GMO good. PHOTO:

GMO good. PHOTO:

In her incisive article titled: “GMO: The Good, the Bad and the not too Ugly”, published on page 19 of The Guardian, November 17, 2017, the author, Yewande Kazeem, failed to explain the method of development of (RE-engineering of organisms to produce) GMOs, its consequences on the organism that is genetically RE-engineered, and the consequences of consuming foods produced with the RE-engineered organism.

Especially, she failed to note as “The bad” that NO food from any RE-engineered organism, GM food, has been established as safe for consumption by animals and human beings through approved safety study method. She said that the method alters the gene of organisms and failed to explain the consequences of altering the genome of organisms that are genetically RE-engineered to the organisms that have their genomes altered and the effects of consuming foods produced with the organisms. Again, she failed to note that NO GM food produced by organisms the genome of which was altered has been shown to be safe for consumption.

As a means of helping you gain insight into the problem, I ask: Can the blood of anyone be transfused into another person without cross-check on their blood groups? Will transfusion be carried out if they have different blood groups? More relevant and the RE-engineering, can the blood of a cow, goat or any other blooded animal be transfused into a man? The method of genetic RE-engineering is like transfusing the blood of an animal into a human being. Can it be supposed that the alteration or interference will have no effect on the person? NO he will sure die. This explains why NO GM food is safe and why diseases and deaths have been the consequences of consuming GM foods Globally.

She went further to compare genetic RE-engineering with vaccination and failed to compare method of production of vaccine by Banting and best with that of Ely Lilly. She also failed to compare success at trial for cure of diabetes concerning vaccines produced by Banting, Best and Collip, produced through natural process, and vaccine produced by Ely Lilly through genetic RE-engineering method. The former cured diabetes while the latter did not and has never cured any diabetes since it was introduced into the market. It merely manages diabetes until the patient dies.

Vaccine against HPV causes autism: Proven. In fact, NO vaccine has been shown to be safe. There are evidences in the internet based on sound research and public interest that people who get vaccinated comedown with the diseases that they were vaccinated to be protected against or another disease. This is why it is wrong to say that vaccines provide immunisation. Vaccination in Nigeria is criminal for the fact that certification of polio free country now and claim of emergence of new wild polio some time later is strategic for ensuring that no Nigerian child escapes vaccination while no responsibility is taken for the effects of the vaccines and Nigerians trust UNICEF and WHO foolishly.

Her “the good” are NOT true. For instance, more synthetic chemicals are used as herbicides and pesticides and not less as she claimed. Resistance is lost and not gained as crops are exposed to new pests and pathogens that destroy them and make harvest poor – e.g. tomato in the North recently. Adaptation is to climate change is nil.

About the effect of GMOs on soil, GMOs reduce soil fertility. It is noted also that GMOs make non-GM crops GM crops. This happens through the transfer of loose GM genes and loose GM proteins from GM crops to the genomes or cells of same species but non-GM crops (vertical transfer) and transfer of loose GM genes or GM proteins from GM crops to the genome or cells of different species of non-GM crops (horizontal transfer). Birds, butterflies and bees may do the transfer. It is also noted that GM genes and loose GM proteins from GM crops pollute water, get into fishes, make them GM fishes, and cause death of the fishes.

As should be expected, the effects in these two transfers – to non-GM crops and non-GM fishes – are transferred into cells, tissues and organs of consumers of the GM crops and GM fishes and cause deadly diseases.

Let me add that GM genes and loose GM proteins pollute the air and cause cancers long time after inhalation of the polluted air. This is a strong point why researchers and big companies ensure that they wear protective clothing and shields for their noses. I hope the picture inserted shows. Concerning the synthetic chemicals sprays with helicopters or hand sprays, they get into the cells of both GM crops and non-GM crops and, when these are consumed, they causes cancers, allergic reactions and poison to vital organs. This is another reason for protecting oneself as big GMO farmer or researcher in field testing experiments.

Her citations and references show her personal leaning or that she was paid to write the article. Certainly, no good piece on GMOs and GM foods should exclude research and safety study by Arpad J. Pusztai and Stanley WB, Ewen (1999), and by Gilles-Eric Seralini et al (2012 and 2014). The former was the first to show that GM foods are toxic and deadly over short-term while the latter showed toxicity and carcinogenicity over long term safety study. Prince Odor is of The Food-Chain Watch, Lagos. 

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