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All in Governor Obaseki’s favour


Governor Obaseki

Let me state straight away that I never intended or meant to dwell on this subject today. In fact, I never wanted ever to dwell again on the current political “crisis” in Edo State since the publication I issued here on Friday, May 24, 2019, on the authorization of the great Masters of Contemplation and Meditation.

Clearly, since I uttered what I uttered in a manner that exposed the camouflaging lies and jargons from the interested factional, fractious and frictional parties relating to the “crisis,” which actually is a kind of non-sequitor since there is really no crisis in Edo State, numerous publications have appeared in our tabloids pertaining to the matter.

Yes, there is a disagreement or quarrel between the previous governor and the present governor of Edo State our Edo State or your Edo State –if you so insist for selfish and greedy reasons(s) – but there is really no crisis in Edo State, I re-state, reiterate and repeat. All (or nearly all) the so-called analyses, articles, advertorials and other releases and commentaries on the subject missed (and still miss) the point.


In any case, if I did not publish what I published in this column at the time I did what we have “known” so far from the big mouths and mighty pens of sundry persons and analysts and political interlopers would not have been known to us. But it is well. Ours is a peculiarly sick nation of plagiarists.

Yet they can never know the little and the much and all we know and are yet to know about what has come, will come and is yet to come. What a riddle from the wonderfully great Masters of Contemplation and Meditation! And the suspense must continue until we deliver a little piece of our new message about the matter we are holding and withholding until near the tail-end of this contemplative and meditative essay.

Before then, let me not restrain my outdoors analysis and focus on the situation. I am doing so from the pure posture and position of neutrality, I being no politician or one with a vested interest in the state of affairs even in the State’s political or economic vestry and vesture.

As I had admitted in the past, I have friends among the fractious parties who are itching to bucket about Edo State. Also, I have buddies in the two major political parties in Edo State. Thus I cannot but be at the forefront of those who are keen to point out the buck fever of the State’s political gamesters and gamblers. Maybe I should begin with those in Abuja as the State’s representatives in the House of Reps and in the Senate.

Bringing your Abuja colleagues, pals and friends to solve what you call a “crisis” or a “problem” is akin to a horse that won’t run. Their undisguised partisanship will lead to only one destination: A dead-end (for you and them). You better believe it, you and your home-based instigators, influencers, interferers and interjectors.


The thing, yes, the thing, between former Governor Oshiomhole and Governor Obaseki is a thing that is not a thing but is also a thing that is a thing. What a kind of riddle from the temple of the deep! The advertorial, however, of Etsako Solidarity Forum in the Vanguard of Wednesday, July 31, 2019, on page 42, for instance, spoke volumes. I don’t wish to go into an analysis of the said advertorial from the perspective or non-perspective of retributive justice that never fails. All I wish to state from my outdoors perspective(s), is that Governor Obaseki nor be mugu or capital mumu. The Governor nor be mugu wey “guy-man” Oshiomhole and im paddy men won wak from. Of course, we all critically-minded persons in the Delta-and-Edo axis know or ought to know that mugu must fall before guy-man go wak. Or if mugu nor fall guy-man nor go wak. Governor Obaseki nor go fall because e nor be mugu.

Ogbologbo pass Ogbologbo. And sense pass sense. Oshiomhole and his hangers-on should embrace and make peace with the Governor of Edo State for their own good and for their own future political stability and glory now that there is still time for them to do so. The dossier Governor Obaseki has on the former Governor na something wey be something. I won’t say much or utter another word on this from the realm of the Masters of Contemplation. Throw not stones O brethren when living in a glasshouse, and don’t live in a glass house if you mean to throw stones!

What we all must know, however, is that all the Governor’s traducers do or do not do will end in Mr. Godwin Obaseki’s favour. In truth, everything is going, has gone, in that direction. You better believe it. His name is Godwin, who is winning and who has won. And do you know what? All his people are with him and speak with one voice as sanctioned by God the Almighty who put him where he is now. The miscreants, for lack of a better term, in Edo South and elsewhere should retrace their steps and fall in line. This is one path and road to their Jerusalem that I have been instructed to say loud and clear.

I have been instructed not to speak too much or to reveal more than necessary in order for me not to violate any spiritual law relating to the matter of Edo State (and to that of the beleaguered central government). So the law of silence must at this point be maintained by the one obeying the great Masters in Nigeria, the Americas, Canada, and in Tibet. Bu, I am allowed to say as follows:
“Silent and un-silent Godwin
Is favoured and remains favoured
By Him the Giver of favours,
Blesser of the favoured
Anointed who must be annoyed no further,
And must be bowed to and before: For
His time this is-
Silent and un-silent Godwin.”


Governor Obaseki cannot be caged and cannot be chained. He is a warrior who is a warrior in spite of his cucumber mien and looks. Former Governor Oshiomhole under-rated and he is still under-rating him at his perilous peril. He does what he does with style and spunk: Godwin Obaseki! He always plucks up at the sight of danger.

My friends, my fractions friends in Edo APC, and my friends in Edo PDP, hear me speaking to you not with my voice but with the collective voice of the supremely Supreme Masters who see what we don’t see and know what we don’t know. The ways of God are unknown to mortals. God’s ways are never known to man or to mere men. Godwin the Godwin of God is the Godwin Obaseki of God. All those who stand by him and with him are nourished already by God.

By the way, did former Governor Oshiomhole know why or how God directed and used him to install Godwin, Godwin the Godwin of God? The ways of God are never known to man, I say and repeated finally. And how many Oshiomholes in and outside Edo State can unseat or halt Governor Obaseki’s re-installation? Are they three hundred of them? Are they one thousand or more of them? Let them be as much as the sand in Edo State, God’s sugar of fine grain will wash their particles from Godwin Obaseki’s direction. Indeed, He has done so already: The Almighty- through the Masters.

The Supreme Masters of Contemplation have spoken – you better believe them. And hear, hear O Oshiomhole, whose time it is to take a bow of peace, and whose turn it is to pledge optimum loyalty before and to God’s favoured and anointed to be annoyed and angered no more!… And blessings and blessings for Edo people… Peace profound…The rest is silence…

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