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Amotekun critics and the arrogance of ignorance

By Nelson ‘Banji Ifabunmi Fashina
21 January 2020   |   3:49 am
We are aware of some anti-Yoruba statements coming from dregs of inconsequential cohorts. And they are products of juvenile reasonings.

We are aware of some anti-Yoruba statements coming from dregs of inconsequential cohorts. And they are products of juvenile reasonings. Do these layabouts know the Yoruba aphorism that it is only a bastard who uses the left finger to point at his father’s house?  Do they know how far the train’s been gone on these issues before the South-West governors decided to birth the Amotekun security outfit for their region? Do they have statistical data or inventory of the number of innocent Yoruba, including those who travelled from abroad to visit home, but suddenly met their death at the hands of the blood-thirsty killers and kidnappers? The active bearers of the Oodua course will not be discouraged, neither intimidated by coolant statements that are deliberately framed to pour acid of confusion on Yoruba unity and collective resolve to resist enslavery of our people for the second time after the experience of the 1840s. Neither would the strategic power house be dribbled to sell out its plans and readiness for resistance. Let those who are sceptics, let those whose words are grenades of discouragement, and whose mouths are bellows of confusion, be reminded that AWON ALALE ILE O’ODUA NBO LATI GBE WA NIJA! INA ORI ESU N’BO WA JO AWON OTA ILE ATI OTA ODE NI ILE O’ODUA … ASE EDUMARE.

Like others in your negative commentary on Amotekun, you have given us a considerably valid point  – that Amotekun needs to be legislated into law by each state House of Assembly in the South-West. However, may I say that the legal luminaries and elders who challenged AGF Malami’s volatile utterance are very much aware of that possibility. The governors of the South-West are also aware of that possibility. The elders of Yorubaland, and leaders of intellectual and public opinion, including our revered Leader of the Yoruba World Congress, the distinguished Prof. Banji Akintoye, Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka, legal luminary Aare Afe Babalola, and legal Amotekun Femi Falana, are very much aware of that option. But, I like to inform you that the option is a short range of reasoning on the matter. The Yoruba people and leaders are not ignorant. There are longer range of reasons and deeper implications for the legislation of Amotekun into law. The implications would have created a more aggressive implosion of suspicious reactions. However, it is sufficient, for now, to note that the Yoruba nation is imbued with the wisdom and resilience of the ancients. Here is another attempt to derail the course of sound judgement and reasoning over the survival strategy for all Nigerians and foreign nationals in the South-West amidst the dread of killings and kidnappings, and the forced incursion into people’s farmlands. Your reference to Biafra is itself a negation of your personal ideologies and an ironic positive underscore for the just effort to protect our Commonwealth in the South-West. Amotekun was not created to invoke secession of the South-West from Nigeria.

It is meant as a support vigilance network that’ll provide surveillance and intelligence to the police and other formal security agencies to monitor, detect, report, prevent and possibly arrest crime and criminalities in the South- West region. As such, your equation of our constitutional rights to self protection and peace to the Biafra agitation of the South-East is malicious and notably sad! But, there’s no plea bargain here. Tell your political masters to go back and study the historical chemistry of Nigerian politics of presidency. It’ll surprise you that no one who sells his own race and people has ever attained that apex position of governance in Nigeria. It is unfortunate that your arsenal of words in attack of the Yoruba common course is even more lethal than the AK- 47 riffles of the Boko Haram and the deadly insurgents in Yoruba land. Even though our people are helpless and have no weapons of war, we are backed up by the spirit of truth and commitment to the ideology of development and the emancipation of our race. We’re resolute and resilient in our search for freedom to life, religion and economic development. We’re in partnership with history. And we’ll not be deterred by a fanatic minority of leftocrats who rob their own mothers for a rebate of morsel crumbs from the adversary’s dinner table. Finally, let the AGF rage with consternation of resistance to our human and constitutional rights to protect ourselves. Let the cohorts of hate and the desperate army of genocide against the Yoruba line up against the race. We shall surely see to the safety of ALL NIGERIANS AND FOREIGN NATIONALS IN THE South-West! We shall ensure that peace makes her dwelling in the South-West, so that all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria and all foreigners and economic, scientific and ICT Investors will feel safe to invest here!

In this essay so far, I have deliberately avoided to mention Fulani. But, I’m so pressured to offer my opinion on the so much orchestrated Fulani saga. I like to note here that our problem in the South-West or even in Nigeria as a whole is not the Fulani. There are thousands of Yoruba born Fulani, Hausa and Igbo in the South-West. They speak Yoruba ‘pombele’ and they are well immersed in Yoruba culture, language, and discursive poetics. These creams constitute a generation of Yoruba intra-nation peoples. And they are symbiotically wired into the Yoruba course. From this premise, I like to awaken the critics of Yoruba self defence that there are hundreds of Yoruba born Fulani, even Miyetti Allah, in the Yoruba self-constitutive mechanism of resistance to the carnage against all peoples of the South-West and of the Yoruba stock and extraction in Nigeria. The spirits of our patriarchs, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief S.L.A Akintola, and our matriarchs – Moremi Ajasoro, Efusetan Aniwura, and valiant spiritual mother-figures like Osun Osogbo, Oya, Oronsen, and spiritual father-figures and war heroes like Sango Olukoso, Ogun Abibiman, Ogedengbe Agbogungboro, King Ajaka Ekun of Owo Kingdom, and Basorun Ogunmola of Ibadan and Afonja of Ilorin, shall all rise up from their silent graves to protect the Yorubaland from the  killings and kidnappings  in the Oodua region.

Elemona Ajapo (3ce)
Ajaguna Ajaguna Ajalu po po po!
A kii sa Aganisasa lo’gbe
A kii ta Aganisasa lo’fa
Eni kan kii ko Ile Olowo fun Esisin …
Ee  wo Orisa!!!

I take a walk away from your rantings and insinuations. You erect the attempt to secure the region as a bid to secede? Wow! I need not drag the matters any more. I think I need a glass of cold water to rehydrate myself after listening to your malicious homilies of war, hate and division. Personally, I don’t need to put on the light on the darkness of your ignorance about political ideologies and economic survivals. We need a united Nigeria. Yes. But, the genocide in the North-East and North-Central, which is replicating itself in the South-West itself cannot be the conveyor belt to that unity!  For the unity to be achieved, we need to have a safe and secure country where we can all go about our duties in search for a better living condition.  Think about that! Omo Iya! Lo ronu jinle gidi gidi.

Prof. Fashina wrote from University of Ibadan, Oyo State.