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An international conversation – Part 2


Boris: The Americans have finally opened an Embassy in Jerusalem much against the advice of and the position of the Western alliance.
Helmut: I notice that your country was not represented at the opening ceremony.

Boris: Yeah. Her Majesty’s First Minister developed the balls and stood up to the bully from America and instructed us to stay away!
Pierre: You mean she really had the balls?

Boris: Do you mind?
Helmut: I beg your pardon!

Boris: I mean gumption!
Pierre: Say what you mean please!
Boris: Too much blood was spilled on that day. I shuddered as Israeli snipers fired live bullets at unarmed protesters, killing over 50 souls. The eight-month old baby’s corpse was the killer for me! How do those soldiers sleep at night?


Helmut: Do they ever sleep?
Pierre: Terrible slaughter of innocent souls in the name of protecting the home land. Israel employs excessive force while dealing with civilian protests. I wonder how they will deal with internal protests within that country when an alternative internal narrative develops! It’s just a question of time!
Helmut: That’s saying nothing new. Netanyahu is a war criminal!

Boris: I beg your pardon. I take exception to that. Coming from you, it has double meanings. Just mind what you say.
Helmut: No insults intended no puns, no references to the past please!

Boris: It’s the irony that galls me! A German calling a Jew a war criminal! Boy o boy! We are in the new world already!
Pierre: Aldous Huxley already pronounced the Brave New World decades ago.

Helmut: Who then is the enemy in the brave new world?
Pierre: America is the outlaw on this matter. By unilaterally moving its embassy to Jerusalem Trump has defied the world, has made enemies of us.

Boris: I guess that’s one of the privileges of a superpower!
Pierre: Great that the Western alliance minus Trump met in Sofia to reaffirm their commitment to the Iran deal
Helmut: Excellent meeting if ever there was one. It’s a strong message to Trump. Hey boy, you can’t bully us!

Boris: We are no banana republics, if we must call a spade by its name!
Helmut: A spade is a spade in the hands of a digger!
Pierre: Let’s return to the core matter please: the two-state solution to the crisis.
Helmut: I guess we have to keep working on something. We cannot disappoint the Palestinians just like that!

Boris: I’m glad that most nations avoided the ceremony.
Helmut: Yeah, only some hungry nations like Albania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine attended the ceremony.

Boris: Nigeria and Bolivia and a few others from Africa were also there!
Helmut: The Nigerian government has said that Nigeria was NOT represented at the opening ceremony. The Ambassador has been queried acting on Al Jazeera report!
Pierre: Alternative truth may be!

Boris: Really? I had read somewhere that the incumbent pro-Islam President wanted to please Donald Trump so he permitted representation.
Pierre: You should know better. Nigeria is your territory.

Boris: Not sure anymore. America and China are grabbing everything
Pierre: The South Africans have recalled the country’s ambassador to Israel for consultations!

Boris: Turkey dramatized the treatment meted out to the Israel ambassador to that country.
Helmut: Most unfortunate! I hope no one has foreclosed discussions!

Boris: No, the doctrine of diplomatic discussions must continue!
Pierre: Yes. We must continue to hold talks even if nothing comes out of it. And you Boris, I guess you recognize the level of your culpability!

Boris: I refuse to understand you. Let me just say that because of Balfour we shall do more than the ordinary and make up. But our hands are tied because of the Western alliance!
Helmut: We may have to look beyond Trump, after Trump.
Pierre: I believe the Palestinians will accept the two-State solution then, anything to give them land!

Boris: they don’t have a choice. Wish Arafat had used his head at Camp David and in the talks that followed during the years!
Pierre: The Arabs, particularly the Palestinians are not known for being level headed.
Helmut: Well, what do you expect of people who have always fought for everything. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Boris: Wish the Security Council could influence things positively!
Helmut: Not in our generation. Except the ultra-right party wins in my country! I expect them to make a lot of trouble for America.

Pierre: In what way?
Helmut: Developing its own Army and demanding a permanent seat in the Security Council.

Boris: Welcome to the new world! I suppose an African nation will be elevated to that status too!
Pierre: Naaah! They are not mature enough to be elevated!

Boris: What do you mean? Nigeria or South Africa could always represent the African continent on the Security Council!
Helmut: Nigeria? With its unsettled nationhood matter or South Africa with the likes of Zuma?

Boris: Zuma is off the seat!
Helmut: How could any nation have produced a character like Zuma after Mandela and Mbeki?
Pierre; How could any nation produce a character like Trump after Presidents Clinton and Obama?

Helmut: Apples and oranges!
Pierre: We do not know for how long the American people will tolerate Trump!

Helmut: Forever, may be!
Pierre: That would be a nightmare!

Boris: He’s being sarcastic
Helmut: The Mueller investigation is growing feathers and other body parts, including a long neck.
Pierre: That is one of the consequences of taking on the intelligence services!

Boris: They are bent on nailing him; almost all the important aides from the early days have been sacked!
Helmut: Trump is the last man standing.


Pierre: Of course he is the Commander-in-chief! It’s just a question of time though.
Helmut: I hope the summit between Trump and his friend from North Korea will still hold.

Boris: Well, that’s another matter completely. The baby face Kim Jong Un is threatening to call off the talks.
Pierre: Indeed, it had to happen. Baby Face Un certainly had every reason to be upset.

Boris: Let’s continue the dialogue next week. I’m wanted in Parliament for a debate on the forthcoming royal wedding.
Helmut: You Brits! It seems there are no subjects that are off limits in your parliament!
Pierre: Next week friends. Ou voir!

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