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Anarchy in the house


Sir: Politics is universally tagged a dirty game and hence intrigues, horse trading and shenanigans are not strange to practitioners. But the expertise with which the gladiators maneuver their ways out by sailing smoothly out of the murky waters of politics is another ball game. The current impasse between the executive and legislature can only be deduced from that perspective. Political tussles and brinkmanship are analogous to some sorts of Darwinian survival of the fittest theory. Even in the advanced architypes of democracy once in a while executive versus legislature frictions are common place only sorted out through adept lobbying and mutual respect to the two parties` viewpoints. The current simmering tension between the executive and legislature may escalate into a boiling cauldron if efforts are not made to abort such an unpalatable situation.

One is not very much surprised at current happenings, given that the present government came to power through a coalition of groups with little or no ideological convergence of ideas. The All Nigeria People’s congress was a product of necessity borne out of a common urge to uproot a government mired in all types of misrule and scandals. Having defeated the monster via a huge and unprecedented votes of the people; the task of articulating and implementing programmes that would translate into valuable demands are not forthcoming or come sluggishly. To be fair the government met an empty treasury occasioned by a humungous larceny and add that to the misfortune of facing a recession immediately it took power! No doubt that is a prodigious challenge demanding the understanding of all and sundry.


It is also plain enough that the government hasn’t left anybody in doubt about its avowed corruption stand; and its vow to fight terrorism. In both cases tangible results have been achieved. In the domain of fighting corruption, not many are happy especially those who were in positions of trust before the merger which produced the grand alliance to undo the previous government. What’s more, the grand alliance contains some influential members of the past government most of whom cannot exonerate themselves from the sleaze that made the economy comatose and wrecked the country. Naturally there is bound to be duality of approach and mistrusts between a legislative arm that is not so squeaky clean and a much vaunted executive that has zero tolerance to corruption.

With deep seated mistrust progressive coalition and consensus between the two branches become difficult if not impossible. In the circumstance, it smacks of lack of sensitivity for any of the feuding party to think it can do it alone.
Usman Bulama, Mairi Village Maiduguri.


Thus the quest for solution must be sought within the framework of compromises and the spirit of give and take. It is no use the bickering and grandstanding by both parties escalate. Of course, there is the question whether the corruption fight should be stopped, so as to assuage those who have skeletons in their cupboard? That’s another way of saying the fight against corruption should stop! No far from such a thinking, if for instance it is Ibrahim Magu or Hameed EFCC, and custom bosses are what irksthe Senators, the executive could as well replace them with other competent and trustworthy hand just to allow free flow of work in both outfits.

The two individuals in the saga will easily understand that their rejection does not arise from their incompetence as their Steller performances is the sing song of most Nigerians. However, for the sake of the larger interest of the nation they can give in and say farwell to their pesterers. The houses on their parts must realize that even within themselves the atmosphere isn’t serene and they are bereft of a clement atmosphere to work with each other.

The age old adage that a house divided against itself cannot stand on its own must register within their heads. They should bury their differences and approach the tasks before them bearing in mind that they are there to represent the public. Unfortunately, the latter’s perception of them are in an all-time low. Things should not fall apart and the center must hold so that anarchy is not let loose.
Usman Bulama, Mairi Village Maiduguri.


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