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And the winner is… Mr Bubu step forward


President Muhammadu Buhari addressed APC Chieftains after INEC declared him President-elect.

Sir: In the past couple of hours since the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari as the winner of the last February 23rd presidential election, a lot of reactions, both negative and positive has been trailing the announcement.

But the question I am asking is, ‘Are we really a bad loser in Nigeria or it’s just that the winner has a tricky way of making the loser felt they have been cheated?’ The process outcome always gives a feeling of two people staring at an elephant but from two different positions.

One is standing at the back of the elephant, looking at the tail and the backside that appear like a mountain and the other stand in front of the elephant with a full view of trunk and fan-like ears.


Whatever these two give as their view remains valid based on their perspectives. This same ideology can be likened to Nigeria politics. But we must be careful that politicians cannot be trusted.

All over the world, politicians are self centred. There is always a motive behind every statement and actions, so, most of us that are liberal and technocrat must beware of the camp we pick side with.

My conclusion has always been until proven otherwise that all Nigerian politicians are selfish including the new breeds who are parading themselves as the new messiah.

If truly these people really want Nigeria to be better, why can’t they all join league together and support the government? This is democracy and even if the government refused to do what is right when people give ideas, there are many avenues to get it done. But the extent of people influx into politics these days is alarming and it shows there is a motive that is beyond serving their fatherland.

And Mr. Bubu, now that INEC has declared you winner, we need to get Nigeria out of every crisis now.


Like one of the aspirants said during one of the debates that, ‘You don’t close your shop simply because you are fighting corruption,’ it sound satiric but it is true, our economy is not yet operational in her full potential. And sharing money to the masses is not a way to boost economy because what makes people wealthy is not money but knowledge.

So, if the people are not adequately informed and equipped, every penny given will end in wasted investment.

Our people must be trained and mentored properly to be able to manage the economy well.

Now, Nigerians has spoken by giving you the mandate to lead them to the Promised Land and the time is now for you to repay their loyalty with good governance that is not tribe-biased, witch-hunted and one sided corruption warfare.

Every thief must be brought to book irrespective of the party they belong.

Perhaps, this is a good time to remind you of that famous quote: “I belong to nobody, I belong to everybody.” This is the best time for you to live up to this legendary quote.

God bless Nigeria.

Taiwo Peace Oyeniyi, a writer and content developer, wrote from Lagos.

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