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Assessment of Nigeria’s 59th  independence anniversary – Part 3



It is known that demographically the youths comprise about 50% of Nigeria’s population which is increasing at the rate of 3.5% per annum in such a way that in the next 20years Nigeria will be more populated than the USA and will be next to only China and India”. Is the Nigerian government thoughtfully working on this project which will have a highly debilitating effect knowing that presently we are the capital poverty of the world! Clear conscience which fears no accusation, dictates that we have a monumental task ahead of us in such a way that we must introduce an egalitarian system of governance which will eliminate the colossal waste which is in built in our present governance retardation. There are countries like Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, China and a few others for us to emulate in such ways as they did to reduce the adverse effects of their so called elite and upper class which had caused the economic retardation of the other classes.

If we imagine that a small country in Scandinavia exports more agricultural products than the totality of the oil proceeds Nigeria gets at the moment with its land space which less than one state in Nigeria, then we can imagine the economic loss factor that we have today. If Nigeria establishes a code of conduct which criminalizes corruption and abuse of offices with a strict system of enforcement as some nation have, we will surely put an end or reduce drastically the current system of plutocracy and abuse of public and developmental institutions in the country.
If Nigeria recognizes a system where developmental strategies are decentralized to the local and state authorities it will certainly enable our energy sector from the sun (solar), wind, water and bio energy to assist and reduce our current dependence on fossil energy. The Head of IMF M/s Christine Lagarde just said that the lack of adequate electricity is costing Nigeria $26bilion for lack of adequate megawatts. In the next decade, Nigeria will become a dumping ground for cars and vehicles based on diesel and petrol engines as other countries are already moving into vehicles with electronic batteries.


Uganda and South Africa entrepreneurs and currently converting thousands of their old salon cars and transport vehicles into electric vehicles with batteries. A Nigerian university department has already demonstrated their capacity to produce an electric power operated vehicle, which our governments are doing nothing about until Nigeria becomes a dumping ground for diesel and petrol vehicle from Europe, America and Asia. What an anathema! The solution for Nigeria as in other countries is leadership, ICT capabilities technical and scientific education to elevate our capacities in the productive sectors for the sake of our present children and children unborn. Wake up Yorubas, Igbos, Ijaws, Efiks, Idomas, Tivs, Nupes, Hausas, Kanuris and Fulanis, Labour unions, youths, women!! Please let us ensure that henceforth we all abide by the fundamental objectives and directives principles of state policy in our constitutions. “That the Federal Government Nigeria shall be a state based on the principles of democracy and social justice.

That sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government derives ALL its powers and authority.That security and welfare of the people shall be the PRIMARY PURPOSE of government and that accordingly, national integration shall be actively encouraged whilst discrimination on the grounds of place of origin, sex religion, status, ethnic or linguistic association or ties shall be prohibited”.  In an EGALITARIAN SOCIAL ORDER it is our submission that the above objectives MUST BE MADE JUSTICIABLE and punishable for us to move forward. The courts shall be liberated from the present shackles, to administer justice without fear or favour, at all levels of the new spectrum at the states or centre of TRUE FEDERALISM. As an African country, we must realize that knowledge and brain power is available to all of humanity who wishes to possess it and implement it beneficially.

It can and shall be done as Nigeria is not an exception in humanity as our own legendary and literary icon Prof. Chinua Achebe said in his “Things fall apart” because “the centre cannot hold” which is pervasive in virtually all Nigerian native cultures. So be it, it can be done, or let your servants depart in PEACE and not PIECES. “SAVE and EXCEPT the needful is done this nation will continue in this odious circuitous rigmarole. It will remain 2steps forward and 7 backwards, because no nation grows watering the trees of injustice, of inequality and of protocols lacking in equity and fairness. Partisanship notwithstanding, until our structural and foundational contradictions are resolved, Nigeria will continue to beat dead horse” Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr. Convener Country First Movement.
Let it be said again that we Nigerians know what is the right prescriptions for our national ailment but lack the will to implement them just as we are not doing much about the ill effects of current climate change! we all must wake up to our current debilitating challenges!!
Ikokwu (Omenife) is a senior citizen of the NBA and Nigerian veteran.


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