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Avoiding the power of money during this Christmas


It is a daily occurrence to hear people giving volumes of excuses and reasons why they are not succeeding in one venture or the other. Instead of picking up from where they have missed it to recover from their lost and mistakes, these excuse-givers would prefer to live in self-pity and continually tell the same old stories of failed expectations, lost opportunities, disappointments and rejections, soliciting for sympathy. Tom Hopkins says; ‘what separates champions from failures is the ability to handle rejections and failures’. Louise Boone warns that people should not be so much afraid of failure, but should, try new things. Okey Anyanwu encourages that; ‘it does not matter what has happened in your past or family background. There are many great sons of poor fathers and there are but very few great sons of great men. Just be you’. It makes therefore, no use recounting on poor salary, low economy, devalued naira and poor family background.

Success is easily and commonly evaluated with how much money one has or earns. Money as a means of assessing success gives it a broader meaning from just being what is earned for services or goods offered. This makes money the total cash and property a person possesses. It is this success value attached to money that separates the successful from the failures, the poor from the rich, the affluent from the destitute or the lowly from the mighty. The distance or depth separating these opposite classes or levels of livelihood makes money a very powerful possession.

The power of money has sent thousands of people to their early graves and is still killing more. The HAVE NOTS are dying to get it, while the HAVES are equally dying to keep it. Stories are everywhere showing that man is never satisfied with the money. Imagine a state governor or a nation’s president who has access to, and squanders the state or national money, yet he is never satisfied. One also wonders at a businessman who has many companies than he can personally manage, still buying more companies. A worker who few months back was roaming the streets unemployed, would as soon as he gets a job, do anything from lies, cheating, stealing and rituals to killing the employer to earn money and so much more that he wants to control or own the entire resources.

As true as the saying that ‘Money is power’ is, money on its own cannot exercise any form of power, but by the man who handles or controls. But people have allowed money to control them.

Does it, therefore, mean that man created by God in His own image, has become a slave to money a human creation? The answer is ‘YES’ because human beings have made money so powerful that every problem bedeviling the world today is rooted to money. For instance, money is the reason for bribery and corruption a problem that is responsible for the increasing hardship in Nigeria. Money is the greatest factor that is influencing or luring people to cheat, kill, steal, kidnap and punish others. Traders sell at high prices and fake products, people tell lies and justice is denied. Innocent children are stolen and sold without fear of God, all to make money.

The lack of peace in most countries is also because of money. Certain individuals, group or part of a country would want to be in control of the money in their country at all cost, including manipulating election results, sponsor militants and even causing war.The Holy Bible says that “money (or rather the love of it) is the root of all evils”.

This is never to say that money is evil or to have money is bad. Money is good when it is earned as exchange for genuine work, labour or goods. People should use money and allow money to use them. The most unfortunate is the rate people go after money during Christmas season. In fact, many people get involved in evil activities because they are desperate to get money. People who are not guided by the spirit of God would do all kinds of evil to make money during this Christmas. Why would sane person want to buy a car he ordinarily cannot afford, live in a house above his means, buy expensive cloths not in his budget, desire a bag of rice when he can only buy a few cups, go for a chieftaincy title with low income, want to be rated affluent whereas he is of middle class or show-off as philanthropy instead of a dependent he truly.

Honestly, it is very good to make high aspirations. But for everyone that needs money or wants to be wealthy, please acknowledge that there are many genuine ways to make it without allowing the power of money to take control. Many cases and testimonies have shown that money will come with obedience to God, hardwork, dedication and following the principles that govern financial success. There is a popular orientation music that sings: ‘Time is money, if you use your time well money will come. Money does not fall from heaven. Work hard and pray, money will come.’

In conclusion, Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and appreciating God for the life He gave us. It is not a time to live in evil or make money at all costs. It is also not a time for success competition or desperation for influence. Every individual should have that self-confidence to succeed and not to disappoint self or destroy destiny by committing evil because of money. Have that strong belief that money will come and have the power to control money instead of allowing the power of money to control you. In all things, have a sense of contentment and belief in yourself that you are not poor. Anything outside this is greed and would surely lead to lust for money. As soon as this spirit of lust has taken over, you will definitely be controlled by the power of money and can do anything including evils to get it. Success depends on quality thinking and better mindset.

Finally, as we look forward to the 2016 Christmas Season, let the spirit of Christmas for Christ be in us and not Christmas for money. We should foremost appreciate God for the good things he has done for us in the past years especially life. We do not have to complain or condemn ourselves for failed opportunities and overcome that inferiority complex. Do not fall for the power of money. Work harder, remain determined and continue praying. God will surely visit us at His time and we will all live to celebrate many Christmas.
Happy Christmas in advance! May god bless you!!

Peace Chigozirim Anyanwu is SS3 Student at Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy Secondary School, UmuomaNzerem, Ehime Mbano LGA of Imo State. (I can be reached through my Principal – 08030884228)

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