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Big Brother Naija violates human protection rights


Big Brother Naija

Sir: I discovered that, in the final analysis, Christianity and Islam are not about God but imperialism and materialism.

The two religions grew out of syncretism of sorts by borrowing heavily from Judaism and some other ancient traditions, not withstanding pretences of sanctimonious sanctity.

Judaism that constitutes their matrix also borrowed heavily from preceding ancient traditions.


While each of the three religions claim to monopolise God, they commit many inhuman and ungodly things in the name of God, such as waging “holy wars” and killing people in the name of heresy, and things like that.

Christian and Islamic stigmatisation of homosexuals led to the killing of many homosexuals in America and other places until scholarship proved that it is not a disease and that there is something natural about it. Even then, discrimination and persecution remain resilient.

In Nigeria, politicisation of Christianity and Islam is the bane of justice, unity, peace and progress, even though Nigeria’s constitution prohibits state religion and grants religious freedom to all citizens.

Worse of all is politicisation of Christianity and Islam in some Nigerian academic institutions, including in some universities where deliberate discrimination against African Traditional Religion is an illegal policy.

I found that hardly is any human being good because of religion but by the grace of God that does not depend on religion.

I am convinced that in heaven not religion but goodness and badness will count and religious peoples who preach otherwise are doing so, knowingly or unknowingly, for materialism and imperialism.


Nevertheless, the television Big Brother Naija 2018 is committing inhumanity by allowing young men and women to couple and sleep together on the same bed if they so choose.

Coupling was encouraged right from the beginning when the inmates were chained; a man and a woman were loosely chained together to move around together, everywhere they went.

Within it, only those with steel minds survive permissive indecency. I am more pained by the stigma of the whole world knowing who actually did it full length, or who was touching or licking manhood, and things like that.

And now, will the couples in the house of Big Brother Naija remain couples outside that house?

I would want human rights activists to think about it. Forgive me if I’m being old school on this matter but inescapably many kids and adolescents could not be prevented from watching, reading, and they may be internalising rubbish and nonsense.

Last year, many people were happy with Big Brother Naija, and so, naturally many parents looked forward to another interesting edition this year.

I’m tempted to conclude that some international prostitute organisations might have a hidden hand in what is going on. Parents should be advised beyond the “rated 18” cliché. Make BigBrotherNaija a no go area if you have underage persons in your home.

Unfortunately, certain things impose themselves on us. How is the moral environment to be protected against pollution?

Prof. Oyeniran Abioje, wrote from University of Ilorin.

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