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Buhari, a child of destiny

By Muhammad Ajah
03 December 2018   |   3:40 am
I think those fighting Buhari over his reelection bid in 2019 are wasting their time. My candid advice to them is to stop diverting...

President Muhammadu Buhari (Photo by Audu MARTE / AFP)

I think those fighting Buhari over his reelection bid in 2019 are wasting their time. My candid advice to them is to stop diverting the attention of the citizens over their non-ability to present concrete issues to engage the people. They keep on trying to create confusion in desperate attempts to devalue Buhari’s mass acceptability by Nigerians. But the most surprising thing is that each time they prop up any false claim, Buhari’s popularity gains more grounds, leaving them in their obduracy and faithlessness. Simply, Buhari is a child of destiny and no evil fashioned against a child of destiny shall prosper.

Three things the opposition is playing on are exposing them to acute ignorance of the force of destiny and the masses. When God is with anybody, keep off. In politics, when the masses are with a candidate, other politicians should dare not play games with their choice. All what have happened in the last primaries of all political parties especially the APC and PDP to elect candidates for various offices in 2019 are indications of the strength of the mass public. Yet, the opposition has continued to wish Buhari dead. They have been boldly and openly saying it. It is, therefore, easy to imagine the attempts they have secretly been making to see that Buhari is not alive. But the spirits are created by God who is the controller of destiny. Such spirits, therefore, cannot confront destiny. They can only operate in vain against destiny. That is why orthodox proponents believe that man proposes, but God disposes. If the will and wishful thinking of mankind were to prevail over destiny, the world would have been uninhabitable. But God knows mankind and thus has limited his powers over certain things. Simply, it is God who created life and death. He gives life to mankind and He alone takes it, whatever circumstances that may lead to it.

Of recent, the opposition has been circulating on the social media a death certificate allegedly from a London hospital, in an attempt to prove Buhari’s death. This is a very wicked propaganda against a sitting President. I do not know how this can be tolerated in any developed clime. Buhari was flown to London for treatment of an ailment which he has till today not disclosed to Nigerians because he cherishes the peace and unity of Nigeria. If Buhari had announced what happened to him, Nigeria would have been on fire. But he is always as wise as Solomon in handling issues of national interest. Despite his silence over the disease that required several transfusion of blood into him, the opposition which was optimistic of the success of its evil plot, exposed itself. The immediate past governor of Ekiti state proclaimed that Buhari will never return back to Nigeria alive. So, it is not only peddling the rumour of Buhari’s death, but producing a false death certificate from a London hospital is the height of lawlessness and unpatriotism. This false certificate must be investigated and the peddlers must be brought to book.

One thing is clear. Buhari is a Muslim from a Muslim family and Muslim community. Orthodox Muslim faithfuls cannot hide the death of their members, however highly placed in the society a member may be. The best honour Muslims accord their dead members is to offer a congregational prayer called Janazah for the dead and commit him or her to the mother earth to rest. Never are dead Muslims kept in mortuaries under preservatives except for few days maybe to transport them back home. That reminds me of the rumours that ensued from the pre-death period of former late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. Just as was the case during the last minutes of Yar’Adua, my mobile phone was inundated when the rumoured death of Buhari was peddled by the wailers.

Despite the political tension and ethno-religious meandering and maneuvering, Yar’Adua’s death at the Aso Rock villa was announced and the Janazah prayer was immediately organized and offered for him. So, if Buhari is dead as they claim, nothing will prevent his family in particular and the Muslim Ummah of Nigeria at large from giving him his last obligatory tribute by organizing and offering the Janazah prayer for him. That being as it is, there is no truth whatsoever, that Buhari is dead. He is alive and, as a child of destiny on the mission to reposition Nigeria for greatness, will succeed amidst the wishful thinking of wailers and villains. Buhari’s mission for Nigeria is unstoppable. It is not by his powers; God is with him.

The other rumour being mongered by the opposition is alleged Buhari’s prototype named Jubril from Sudan, presiding over Nigeria. With earlier explanations, there can be no atom of truth in this. Except if the wailers want Nigerians to believe in reincarnation, there is no need wasting time on this claim. A country like Sudan will not keep silent if her citizen can attain such height of leading Nigeria. Kenya was excited when her son, Barrak Obama, became the President of the United States of America. I am sure the immediate Obama’s families and the Kenyan people treated themselves to parties to celebrate the great fame attained by their son. I think the Sudanese people would be laughing at the few Nigerians attributing a Sudanese to a Nigerian President. This claim is not only ridiculous, it is character defamation and campaign of calumny.
To be continued tomorrow

Ajah is advocate of humanity, peace and good governance, wrote from Abuja