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Buhari is patron of corruption in Nigeria



Sir: In 2015, Nigeria’s President, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) said he had no money to pay the twenty-seven and half millions, charged for nomination form by the All Progressives Congress (APC) and some corrupt persons contributed the money.

Some of the contributors were serving governors who owed workers several months of unpaid salaries and emoluments.

This time again, GMB is claiming not to have N45 million to buy the nomination form of the APC for his reelection.

Someone phoned-in on radio in Ilorin and said that GMB should stop fooling Nigerians, wondering how he could say he didn’t have N45 million, as if he has not been receiving salary and emolument, since May 29, 2015.

I can vow that every sojourn GMB had in London cost much more than N45 million.

What are the sources of income of those who donated N45 million for GMB’s reelection form, including the person who donated whopping N5 million, single-handedly?

Is that of any concern to GMB? Does a church or mosque ask where people get money?

Those diabolical persons have contributed for GMB to perpetuate inefficiency, corruption, carnage and economic destruction of Nigeria.

Those who chose to be insensitive to carnage and economic annihilation of Nigeria, being perpetrated by GMB, will reap what they sowed.

If opposition political parties fail to unite against the APC and PDP (Peoples Democratic Party), they will reap what they sow!

If workers fail to be politically sophisticated and participate in the electoral process, they will continue to reap what they sow!

How can someone perpetuating warfare, terrorist herdsmen, and armed bandits develop a nation?

If Nigerian youths decide to vote for GMB rather than uniting against him, then, they confirm GMB who described them as lazy and cowardly.

With the charges for nomination forms, you can see why people struggle to be the chairman or secretary of the APC or PDP.

What the Police did to Edwin Clark served him right.

Why did he close his eyes to the carnage and economic destruction of Nigeria, only to be praising GMB? He is always supporting anybody in power for selfish reasons.

Instead of blaming GMB and the APC for the exorbitant amounts charged for nomination form, some youths said on radio that if they had money they too could contribute to GMB’s nomination form.

Why should they not have money, in the fourth year of GMB’s presidency, if he has done as he promised before taking over power in 2015?

Instead of begging the APC and PDP to lower the costs of nomination forms, the youths should troop into the Third Force coalition of the African Democratic Congress (ADC).

They say Buhari is not corrupt and that only the legislators are earning too much money.

But GMB and those with him in the presidency refuse to say whether the legislators are earning more money than they themselves, and if so, why. Who is more dubious?

Prof. Oyeniran Abioje wrote from University of Ilorin.

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