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Buhari may not redeem Nigeria




SIR: Why are Nigerian rulers, President Buhari inclusive, the Senate and the House of Representatives dodging the question of how Nigeria arrived at a point where the Boko Haram community that started as a peaceful community is now a terrorist group?

When a people are dodging the truth, only to be covering up with propaganda, will God side with them? Hence, I have never doubted the prophecy of Orunmila, that war will never end Boko Haram. Boko Haram is affecting Buhari, psychologically. Note how he has been running around since the second day of his installation till now seeking international assistance against Boko Haram.

Was it the international community that foisted politicisation of religion on Nigeria, or fanatical politicians who must spend public funds on religious festivals and Christo-Islamic pilgrimages? Fanatical Christian and Muslim politicians want to protect their caliphate, emirate, archdiocesan and diocesan hegemonies. They foist religious terrorism on Nigeria.

Why is it that GMB who is a Nigerian and has been living in Nigeria all his life has not been able to assemble his presidential cabinet of ministers, more than two months after his installation as the President? Is he not traumatised by Boko Haram?

He had more than a month after his election to put his acts together. What happened? His thoughts were focused on Boko Haram and money for pilgrimage-makers.

• Pius Abioje,
University of Ilorin.

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  • The Nigeria Future Project

    Is this an article? Is the Guardian short of quality work?

  • Mazi JO

    If he did not, the alternative is doom. The Country is so polarized that the next explosion will be a class war which is already creeping in through insurgency, kidnappings, armed robberies and hired killings. If delivery in the probes are made, Buhari’s administration will be wrapped up in Gold. If that is the only thing he accomplished, that will do.

  • Paul Nwaogu

    Your thoughts are well noted. We have been asking the rulers
    of Nigeria to tell us how Boko Haram sprouted in the nation’s environment.
    Obasanjo said that it was lack of education that gave rise to Boko Haram. He
    accused the north eastern governors of failure to contribute towards Nigerian
    basic education fund. This explanation is partially inadequate. We need to hear
    from the politicians from the north since this menace is about religion. Buhari
    is our President and we hope he will end the Islamic insurgency in the north
    east of Nigeria.