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Changing fateful experiences


As I was saying… Anyone who suffers from unrelenting blows of fate will naturally want to know even if in quiet moments in his closet whether there is the possibility of fate being changed—from a life of pain and sorrow to a life of joy and happiness. The unequivocal answer is, of course, yes. However, a problem cannot be solved if we do not understand it, nor can a disease the cause of which is not known be overcome.

There are countless sayings from different lands and cultures that point to the origin of fate especially the experiences and trajectory that define it. For example, some would say today is a consequence of our yesterday and our tomorrow the consequence of today. A sage says also: “A bad attitude is like a flat tyre. You can’t go anywhere until you have changed it.” Buddha said: “All that you are, is the result of what you have thought.”

There are statements we do not reflect upon at all, yet they demand deep reflection and our unceasing contemplation. The common one is, Man is the architect of his fortune. As you call to the woods so it echoes. A man of unique knowledge and teacher says in one of his essays: “Every moment man gives cause for fateful consequences in the future, and every moment he stands in the reactions of previous decisions from the present and from past-earth lives. Thus, men living on earth today must also be answerable to themselves for what they willed and thought in former earth lives.”


When we talk about fate one element we do not always factor into it is the fact of reincarnation, a phenomenon without which we cannot understand the justice, love and the Grace of the Creator. It must stir up questions in our mind when we see a child born blind or he comes with inexplicable deformity into a family that has all the resources to prevent such in this age with all technological facilities at the disposal of the modern man! If we did factor in re-incarnation, we would realise that life here on earth and the time a man spends in the Beyond is a continuous one uniform existence. The fact of his departure from earthly life does not dispose of his burden. The forms of the burden of faults and weaknesses are tied to him by what are called ethereal threads. If he is granted another opportunity of life on earth, he comes with them and the consequences. A person who participated in gorging out eyes in various lands of turmoil will come back born blind as a baby or a few years after it is born, depending on when the fruits having gone through maturation processes are ripe. Do we think that all those who kill their fellow men will go scot-free? Higher laws are at work which ensure that seeds sown in the soil of life bear fruits and in multiples and they are tied to the actors. A baby boy was born in an area of southern most part of our South East. As soon as he was able to speak at the age of three, he spoke in German to the chagrin of the father. A probe into the child’s life revealed that he was a German General during the Second World War and that his fighter jet was shot down. For reincarnation he was attracted to Nigeria.

What I am getting at is that not confining our recognition of events to one earth life will form the foundation for the understanding of our experiences. There is no one on earth today who has not had several earth lives behind him all of which form a continuous existence for each person.

The Lord Christ said it powerfully and in matchless definitiveness: “Whatever a man soweth that shall he reap.” What the Lord is pointing at is one of the major laws which govern the entire Creation, the Law of Sowing and Reaping. Since the laws govern the whole of Creation and a man’s life is a continuous existence it should then follow that what is sown on earth can also be harvested in the beyond. It is much more serious there especially in matters concerning words and thoughts than it is on earth. These are lighter than coarse physical actions which are visible on earth. Nothing is lost in Creation. Every activity of a man is tantamount to sowing something in the soil of life.

The Laws are primarily objectivised to engender orderliness, beauty, harmony, peace, joy and happiness and development. It should then mean that any deviation from these laws which are expressions of the Will of God must mean deviation from orderliness, with disorderliness as the consequence; similarly deviation from beauty is to envelop ourselves in ugliness, and deviation from harmony to fetch disharmony and from peace to chaos and confusion—personal storms or disturbances in the community or a country.

A casual observation of our environment will reveal how unswerving these laws are by their activities. We can observe that like gives rise to like. Both yam and cassava are tubers and they are similar. However, no matter how hard we may try yam can never change to cassava. The laws work to the minutest details. When we sow corn, we reap corn. One grain of maize becomes a cub with an average of 400 grains. That demonstrates that what we sow is reaped in multiples. The laws work in the same manner on our thoughts, speeches and deeds. When we engage in any of these, we use the power currents flowing through Creation from On-High thereby igniting creative forces. The creative forces produce forms of the same kind and content as the original, be it thought, word or deed. It is such that thoughts of hate will set in motion forces that will produce living forms of hate. The forms get reinforced through attraction of similar thought forms and they create power centres of hate from where through ethereal threads they are strengthened and they even spread to influence some others in moments they are not on their guard. They, too, begin to nourish thoughts of hate. The forms are unconditionally attached to the producer. Through radiation channels provided by the stars, the forms of hate manifest physically. The individual becomes overwhelmed by hate and the attendant consequences of it. He begins to wonder why he has been singled out for unceasing hate. Shakespeare was to say in words to the effect that when misfortunes come, they come in battalions. The vice could be cheating; ill-will for a neighbour; injustice, discrimination, greed; cruelty to a child or a people; envy; gossips; avarice arson and similar aberration of human conduct.

Change of fate is thus possible. It is imperative that fate be changed and human beings are liberated using fate as the instrument for a change of heart and a resolve to have a firm volition for good and what is high and noble. The reinforced acts of goodness work within the law of sowing as well. The effects form a rampart of protection around the person to protect him. The situation is reversed through the same process of law. With the consolidation of good deeds, the terror of fate is broken. The consolidation reduces and eventually eliminates affinity with past evil and wrong deeds and there is a new lease of life. This goes to validate the saying that man is the architect of his fortune. From the foregoing we can see that everything we are obliged to experience— sorrow or pain, hate or love, joy and happiness, all have their origin in us. The Laws of Nature only bring back to us the fulfilment of what we will for ourselves or for others. The Law of Sowing and Reaping, also called the Law of Reciprocal Action or the Law of Retributive Justice; and the Law of Attraction of Similarities, more correctly called the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species are at work—ever perfect, immutable, eternal and incorruptible. The goal of fate is our liberation from evil, faults and weaknesses, and suffocating environment. Isn’t it the case that when a fruit tastes sour, we throw it away? With the change in us we have around us the establishment of an uplifting and joyous environment, and if in the beyond, we are led through knotted threads to a homogeneous family that focuses on what is of high values, great deeds and sublime. With that the purpose of the dreaded fate would have been achieved.

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