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Climate change and second moon


Climate change

Thanks to UNESCO and also, West African Research Association (WARA) of which I am a member, for alerting the world and intervening promptly as the African cum world heritage, Timbuktu, was about getting ruined.

Some stored knowledge in Timbuktu, where once the surrounding of clean streams and sand mass made it easier to observe the skies than current expenses on great telescopes of now, are worth exploring to understand the Heavens.

In Timbuktu you learn how the behaviours of the stars were observed and put to use for humanity which I doubt, as at today, if any telescope get to that level beyond the moon.


The Timbuktu approach looks down to observe as clean waters and sand display what the heavens have in stock.

And on that approach I sighted, watched and observed from 28th of May till 3rd of June the sun battling with two, well separated, moon-like objects in the sky as it rose around 9 a.m. till 10.30 making sure they cleared the way for humans to continue their existence on earth. Quite awesome and amazing observations for the atheist to recant their stance.

Science instructs us that the moon is 400 times farer from the sun like it is from the earth; that is in between, and that it is also 400 times smaller than the sun in its full moon state.

And, of course, in Africa, sun appears every day to the eyes to notice and it is like the visible ‘masquerade’ human beings see, for now, as THE CREATOR keep distancing ‘ thereto ‘to them like the Mandikans say.

To the Igbos it is one-eyed object as well as a masquerade impossible to be explored right standing on this planet earth alone.

NASA and the biggest telescope stationed in France are yet to relate effectively what they see so as to match it with what the Timbuktu knowledge store has.

For the African who once indicated the stars’ positions, the sun is seen from the one-eyed point of view, for the German it is a ’ mother’ pampering a father – the moon, for the French it is a father directing heavenly affairs as per Romance culture marrying the Jewish one to produce the Apostolic faith, initial Christianity.

Watching a Google Plus upload I saw a posting there showing Angela Merkel and beside her like a lost father is Francois Hollande – German and French respectively personified – observing skyward.


However, while Angela was pointing her finger high to the sky to attract the attention of Francois to the behaviour of strange object in the sky, Francois was merely looking at the finger of Angela and the poster captioned it thus: Angela is calling the attention of Francois to the sky and Francois remained fixated to the finger of Angela.

It is a clue to how people see the planet earth from their different angles and it is also the current quid pro quo on the climate change debate.

In effect every appearance of the moon, a relatively unstable object in the sky compared to the sun and the stars, has something to teach humans who must leave on such constant change whether in the crescent form of the moon or in its full form.

Or even in its movements or colours that are never constantly stable. It is either informing or warning towards new occurrences or towards weather distress points.

And its appearance in May saw many distress phenomena happening from the water ejected lava in the Hawaiian mountains to the dust storms in the eastern hemisphere to the heat waves killing people in the same hemisphere especially Pakistan, Indonesia and India.

Coincidentally, I spotted this new moon – like object at the end of these commotions as if confirming an earlier prognosis in my book entitled “The Unity of the Nudian Race”; that the planet earth is either expanding or internally imploding to accommodate new species that could give humans more trouble to ponder on instead of disturbing the Heavens.

Please I am just a human being trying to observe like Angela so as to draw the attention of powers that be for necessary actions for better humanism.


The point is that the position of the second moon that seems to be close to the Antarctica ocean gives a clue of the expansion direction; either around the Falkland Islands in Argentina, Tasmania in Australia or Cape Town in South Africa, some species are in trouble especially the penguins and the whales.

The new moon is like a new born baby with both pains and joy it occasions.

It goes with what George Washington, the first president of America said.

“The blessing and the protection of the Heavens are at all times necessary so especially in times of public distress and danger” Yes, the world is in its wit end capable of ushering in joy or pain.

Science has been able to map out areas of distress and possible tsunamis as fault lines and molten rocks are quite detectable.

Notwithstanding human beings fail to learn and adjust to mitigate distress and pains.

And African myth would say no hiding place for any evil greatly abhorrent to the Heavens as lightening will strike to unearth it the “Amadioha” way.

It is amazing to hear from science that even water could strike as it is striking to kick out poisonous lava from the Hawaiian lava excretion in days.

Water underneath being disturbed to the point that it sending back to humans what they secretly injected underground.


Like George Washington said the Heavens will always come to humans rescue against their own self-inflicted pains and distress.

So what are humans going to do with the expected expansion even as it was once announced that they have discovered the 8th continent?

The new world, America , emerged as Europeans feared economic suffocation in their own small continent as well as running for their lives amidst the chains set on them by their kings and lords stifling their individual self-actualisation.

Collectively identifiable groups – peasants, petit bourgeois and even miscreants among them knew it was time to move on and leave the space for those kings and lords.

That movement recorded pains and distress but turned out a success for humanity whether right or wrong.

However, the Australian movement as segregated as it remained seems not to be a success and needed to be revisited as the new moon seems to be close there and about creating human migration.

The new moon is also The Heavens telling humans to limit themselves to the planet earth and leave the Heavens alone in line with God still distancing thereto as humans continue to remain more quarrelsome in their attitude and avoiding the part of peace and happiness.

Nigerians say, what you are looking for in Sokoto is right there in your shokoto and so humans should rethink their quest for far Heavens when indeed the far Heavens are observable here on earth as the moons appear.

Ariole is Professor of French and Francophone Studies, University of Lagos.

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