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Coiner of PMB and GMB for Buhari

By Tony Afejuku
20 December 2019   |   3:44 am
WHO is/was the coiner of “PMB” and ”GMB” - labels for President Buhari? And why am I asking this simple, innocuous, innoxious question?

President Buhari. Photo: TWITTER/NIGERIAGOV

Who is/was the coiner of “PMB” and ”GMB” – labels for President Buhari? And why am I asking this simple, innocuous, innoxious question? Answer: to inseminate your minds with ideas or attitudes of truth, and why you my dear readers should not be plagiaries.

Very, very recently – as a matter of fact, within the past one week – there was an editorial in a national daily that said that it would hence forwards allude to our president as a General (or better put Major General) in affirmation of Buhari’s nomocracy.

Since that utterance of The Punch the presidency’s spokespersons in the persons of Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu, and some fellow columnists have respectively made jocular, orotund, queer and insightful statements and reactions without the slightest reference to yours truly who coined the usage of the term with reference to President Buhari after the “Apocalyptic Saturday” of his re-election victory on February 23, 2019. (Soon I will re-quote myself with modesty and humility). Before then I had since called him in 2015 on his being sworn in as civilian president “PMB” – my interestingly interesting coinage. Then I was Nigerian Tribune Monday columnist of the In & Out fame.

Now I permit myself to quote myself starting with excerpts from my 2015 essay entitled “President Buhari’s first thirty days”:

“I was in South East London-somewhere around Bermondsey – en route for another distant world when President Muhammadu Buhari – PMB – was making his inaugural democratic speech. (A spiritually wise one, he strategically flew into Abuja from London a day before his historic democratic ceremony unmistakably to the chagrin of some characters of mischief). I saw him live on our once-upon-a-time dear AIT (International) that a few weeks back didn’t give him any enharmonic audience. But how the times have democratically, classically and romantically changed! Despite the fact that AIT (International) did not quite impress me with their international engraving of the inauguration – a message for another time – I was enheartened by the colours of PMB and his Vice (and their spouses I don’t remember AIT giving any courtesy of recognition). I was particularly enheartened by the democratic colour of PMB’s speech, which engrossed my mind’s attention all the pointedly short while it lasted. This is not to say or to suggest that the whole speech engarlanded my large-hearted democratic mind which needed to be enervated that day.

“By the way, PMB – which henceforth shall stay in my journalistic imagination as Public Mail Bag rather than President Muhammadu Buhari – must be fully prepared to enfranchise my mind and that of the class I cry for and write to support in this column. I write totally on behalf of the masses who PMB must enfree from all kinds of oppression and exploitation. This class that my sympathy cherishes owns Nigeria and President Muhammadu Buhari – hence he is our Public Mail Bag that we must engrail with our hearts of democratic love if he does the rightful to and for us. Clearly, we shall engloom him and turn him into a Private Mail Bag of rejection if he turns his back on us and does the needful for the engineers of the needful who always mislive and ceaselessly engineer the engorgement of our land.”

On March 1st, 2019 in this column in my “From PMB to GMB” I stated as follows:
“Indeed, the impetus of the immensity referred to is in the form of our famous PMB who shall be PMB no more. If he bared his fangs in the last four years as a civilian president, in the next four years, if the katakata he and his cabal of intriguers are inducing does not blow them away, he is going to bluster us a “military” president. His presidential fanfaronade henceforth shall be unprecedented. All hail General Muhammadu Buhari, our GMB who shall be PMB no more! He is truly back as 1983 to 1984 General Muhammadu Buhari, or is anyone contesting this?

“Of course, as I write this the major opposition party and its presidential candidate are weighing their options. What are their best interest and the best line of action? Whatever they may be, PMB now GMB, bear of bears in the forest of bears despite his deceptive lean mien, never ever will hand over political power to them. I had said this much and this little here in time past. What happened on Saturday, February 16, and even as from pre-February 16 up to Saturday, February 23 must be paid attention to from this perspective. Indeed, Justice Walter Onnoghen’s ordeal, which by extension is the ordeal of our judiciary, was induced from this line of thought of the current intriguers who have no natural sympathy and unselfish concern for our country. Indeed, the attack on our Supreme Court was well nurtured until we got to where we are now. But a twist in the tale of the well-nurtured attack shall soon hit us all; let the hewers of trouble do as they please. What do I mean? Exactly what I mean!

“Meanwhile, those who are enjoying their ‘victory’ meals and drinks are free to do so as the ‘losers’ are licking their wounds which they will continue to lick until GMB ceases to be GMB. But when will that be? Only those who have eyes that we do not see know. Until then na real baba GMB go be o.”

In my said “Apocalyptic Saturday” which appeared here on March 8, 2019, I wrote thus:
“The apocalyptic Saturday the central government had created would fetch GMB – General Muhammadu Buhari – his own apocalypse sooner or later.

“But I must end this essay with a quotation from the indefatigable Professor Itse Sagay, SAN. In response to a question in the Tuesday, February 26 edition of this paper, pages 30 to 31, on corruption following GMB’s “reelection,” the boisterous professor said as follows: “It will be fiercer. The government will be much stronger and firmer. It will descend more heavily on corrupt people and reduce graft drastically…..People will begin to fear Buhari again…” What I glean from this plain talk is that GMB is truly back as I said last Friday. Run, run, run, all of you out there who have “committed crimes against humanity.” Professor Sagay may be right, but GMB must do what he must do in a piously, expertly and transparently judicious manner before apocalyptic retribution visits him. The rest is silence.”

Do I need to proceed? It is not necessary. But good memories are good memories forever. And truthful truths are eternally eternal. My case that I have made is the case that I have made. I am not angling for recognition. But my due is my due which richly I deserve, and which rightly should be given me. I own what I own.

Merry Christmas.

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